Therapeutic Qi Gong

Move your way to better mental and physical health with Qi Gong.
Therapeutic Qi Gong
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Aihan Kuhn


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Therapeutic Qi Gong

What you’ll learn

Learn Qi Gong
Increase Joint Function
Increase Blood Circulation
Increase Flexibility
Increase Immune Function
Have a feeling of Enlightenment
Increase Coordination
Improve Internal Organ Function

Therapeutic Qi Gong


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Qi Gong was an exercise that was developed in China over 4000 years ago. It is used as a natural medicine to prevent illness, sickness and disease and used as an ant-aging method. It is a series of slow, methodical movements that incorporates breathing and mindfulness. It is said to be a form of moving meditation. There are many types and different forms of Qi Gong. For Example, the video to the left shows Dr. Kuhn performing what is called “Eight Brocade” Qi Gong. These Qi Gong forms differ in movements, however any Qi Gong form has the same benefits.This course includes multiple instructional videos on Qi Gong and self-healing, as well as multiple lectures about Qi Gong so that students gain a better understanding and its many benefits.Members of TQHI (Tai Chi Qi Gong Healing Institute) Receive a substantial discount on Dr. Kuhn’s programs and courses. To become a member of this non-profit organization that seeks to improve well-being through Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Please google search Tai Chi Healing or TQHI.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 About Qi Gong

Lecture 3 About Dr. Aihan Kuhn

Section 2: Therapeutic Qi Gong

Lecture 4 Instructional Video Part 1

Lecture 5 Instructional Video Part 2

Lecture 6 Q&A With Dr. Aihan Kuhn

For anyone who is looking to improve their life quality and stress free living.,For those interested in Qi Gong and Natural Healing,For those interested in Holistic Medicine,Anyone in the health and fitness industry

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Created by: Aihan Kuhn

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