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V R D M Kausik Agastyaraj


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Thermodynamics Concepts for Semester Examinations and Competitive Examinations



11th Standard Physics


In this course the following topics will be discussed1. Introduction to Thermodynamics2. Laws of Thermodynamics3. Pure Substances4. Air Standard Cycles5. Gas Turbines6. Introduction to Refrigeration and Refrigeration Cycles7. PsychometricsAfter enrolling to this course students will be able to get good understanding of the concepts and ample number of examples. New examples and more concepts will be added once in a while.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 System, Surroundings, Boundary and Universe

Lecture 2 Macroscopic and Microscopic point of View of Thermodynamics

Lecture 3 Thermodynamic Equilibrium

Lecture 4 State and Property

Lecture 5 Process and Types of Process

Lecture 6 Quasi-static Process

Lecture 7 Cycle, Point and path functions

Lecture 8 Sign Conventions for Heat and Work

Section 2: Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

Lecture 9 Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Temperature Measuring Instruments

Lecture 10 Scales of Temperature

Section 3: Ideal Gas Laws

Lecture 11 Ideal Gas Equation

Lecture 12 Relation Between Specific Heats

Section 4: Construction of Pressure- Volume and Temperature- Entropy Diagrams

Lecture 13 Construction of Pressure- Volume Diagram

Lecture 14 Construction of Temperature- Entropy Diagram

Section 5: First Law of Thermodynamics

Lecture 15 Introduction

Lecture 16 I Law applied to Non-Flow Process (or Closed System) and Isochoric process

Lecture 17 Work done in a Closed System

Lecture 18 Isobaric Process

Lecture 19 Isothermal Process

Lecture 20 Isentropic Process

Lecture 21 Polytropic Process

Lecture 22 Example 1- GATE

Lecture 23 Example 2 – GATE

Lecture 24 Example 3- GATE

Lecture 25 Example 4- GATE

Lecture 26 Example 5- GATE

Lecture 27 Example 6 -GATE

Lecture 28 Steady Flow Energy Equation (SFEE)

Lecture 29 Applications of Steady Flow Energy Equation

Lecture 30 SFEE Example 1

Lecture 31 SFEE Example 2

Lecture 32 Work Done during a Flow Process

Section 6: Second Law of Thermodynamics

Lecture 33 Statements of II Law & Perpetual Motion Machine of II Kind

Lecture 34 Heat Engine

Lecture 35 Heat Pump

Lecture 36 Refrigerator

Lecture 37 Important Points

Lecture 38 GATE Problems on Heat Engine, Heat Pump and Refrigerator

Section 7: Entropy

Lecture 39 Birth of Entropy and Clausius Inequality

Lecture 40 Change in Entropy during a Process

Lecture 41 Change in Entropy in different processes

Lecture 42 Change in Entropy of Universe

Section 8: Availability and Irreversibility

Lecture 43 Introduction

Lecture 44 Availability of Closed System

Lecture 45 Availbility of Open System

Section 9: Pure Substances

Lecture 46 Part 1

Lecture 47 Part 2

Lecture 48 GATE Problems

Section 10: Thermodynamic Relations

Lecture 49 Fundementals of Partial Differentiation

Lecture 50 Review of Laws of Thermodynamics

Lecture 51 Thermodynamic Relations

Lecture 52 TDS Equations

Lecture 53 Clausius- Clapeyron Equation

Lecture 54 Joule- Thompson Porous Plug Experiment and Joule Thompson Co-efficient

Lecture 55 GATE Problems

Section 11: Air Standard Cycles

Lecture 56 Introduction

Lecture 57 Carnot Cycle

Lecture 58 Otto Cycle

Lecture 59 Condition for Maximum Work Done and Maximum Work Done

Lecture 60 Intermediate Temperatures and Efficiency for Max. Work Done

Lecture 61 Diesel Cycle

Lecture 62 Dual Cycle

Lecture 63 Comparison of Otto, Diesel and Dual Cycles – Part 1

Lecture 64 Comparison of Otto, Diesel and Dual Cycles – Part 2

Section 12: Gas Turbines

Lecture 65 Brayton Cycle

Lecture 66 Condition for Maximum Work Done

Lecture 67 Maximum Work Done

Lecture 68 Intermediate Temperatures and Efficiency for Max. Work Done

Lecture 69 Isentropic Efficiency

Lecture 70 Intercooling

Lecture 71 Reheating

Lecture 72 Regeneration

Lecture 73 Perfect Regeneration

Section 13: Rankine Cycle

Lecture 74 Rankine Cycle

Lecture 75 Conditions Part 1

Lecture 76 Conditions Part 2

Lecture 77 Important Points

Lecture 78 Reheat Cycle

Lecture 79 Regenerative Cycle

Section 14: Refrigeration

Lecture 80 Simple Vapour Compression Refrigeration System

Lecture 81 Conditions of refrigerant entry to Compressor Part1

Lecture 82 Conditions of refrigerant entry to Compressor Part2

Lecture 83 Actual COP and Relative COP

Beginners, Engineering Students

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