This is Consciousness

Understanding ourselves as conscious embodiments of the living, breathing, creative, growing universe
This is Consciousness
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Matt Sturm


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This is Consciousness

What you’ll learn

Learn about the states of consciousness all the way up to nonduality, and learn tools to begin to access expanded states.
Discover the paradigms of consciousness and how humans evolve through sequential worldviews toward greater complexity and wholeness
Connect with the Archetypes as the living symbolic language of Spirit.
Learn how initiation and sacred space are the core tools for a mature, well-functioning civilization – tools we desperately need today
Receive the Mysteries, a transmission of the living spirituality of Western Consciousness

This is Consciousness


No experience necessary, just an open mind and open heart


The Living Kosmos Mystery School presents a series of lectures and transmissions on topics in consciousness studies. Join Matt Sturm to explore our cutting-edge understanding of how consciousness works, how it interconnects with science and spirituality, and how to grow – both personally and on your path of realization – through these topics. Part I: States of Consciousness (lecture & guided meditation)Part II: Paradigms of Consciousness Part III: Archetypes and the Self Part IV: The Western Mysteries Exploring how consciousness works is the most direct way to expand your consciousness. In this series we will examine consciousness through the lenses of spiritual practices, integral theory, psychology, the archetypes, and western mysticism.Is this for me?You are curious about inner-growth, spirituality, personal development, mysticism, and understanding “who am I”You have an open mind and an open heartYou are interested in a modern Western approach to spiritual practices that are not tied to any specific traditionNo prior experience or training is necessaryYou are invited to step into a self-worldview that is vital, alive, evolving and inter-connected!This is an invitation to experience living beyond dualism, beyond materialism, and beyond secularism. We recognize that the universe isn’t simply out there, but that it’s also in here… which is to say, we are an embodiment of the living, breathing, creative, growing universe – the kosmos in its process of becoming. Welcome!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 States of Consciousness Discussion

Lecture 2 States of Consciousness Meditation

Lecture 3 Paradigms of Consciousness

Lecture 4 Archetypes and the Self

Lecture 5 The Mysteries

This is for anyone who has felt *the call* to discover the truth of who you are and a richer appreciation for your place within the Kosmos.,Philosophers, psychonauts, psychologists, mystics, and everyone curious to delve into the deepest mysteries of consciousness

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Udemy | English | 4h 28m | 4.52 GB
Created by: Matt Sturm

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