Throat Chakra Master Healer

The Ultimate Guide For Master Healers
Throat Chakra Master Healer
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Throat Chakra Master Healer

What you’ll learn

You will be able to recognize and explain all the meanings of the Vishudda
You will understand the basic function of the throat chakra
You will be able to identify the areas of the body governed by the throat chakra
You will be able to differentiate between a balanced and unbalanced throat chakra
You will be able to identify indicators and characteristics of an overactive, underactive, or blocked throat chakra
You will have a strong, in depth knowledge of many healing, strengthening, and balancing techniques
You will assess your own throat chakra and determine issues and then derive a healing course of action
You will experience a throat chakra meditation, sound bath, and affirmation meditation
You will be given a demonstration on using pendulums in assessing the throat chakra
You will be given a demonstration on the use of tarot and oracle cards in assessing the throat chakra
You will be able to download material to use in your own spiritual practice

Throat Chakra Master Healer


Have a willingness to learn


CERTIFIED ~ THROAT CHAKRA MASTERBe the BEST throat chakra healer you can be!This course comes with a certificate of completion from Your Natural Healer and The Lotus CenterAre you tired of shoveling out your hard earned money for course after course on the same subject only to get minimal information? Are you tired of having to sift through a copious amount of information via books, videos, lectures, podcasts, etc. just to learn everything you need to about the throat chakra?Well look no more. The Throat Chakra Master class is everything you need to know about the throat chakra and more!Our chakra system is a century old system of seeing our physical bodies. Within this system are our seven main chakras, where energy flows freely. When our chakra system is balanced, our entire body works in harmony. At this point we are our optimal selves, feeling happy, energized, secure, enlightened, centered, relaxed, and so much more.Our chakra system has such an immense impact on our daily lives. It affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We encounter so much energy every minute of every day of our lives. At times, it can be quite overwhelming.In today’s world, we suffer from so much anxiety, stress, confusion, ego, materialism, etc. When energy blockages and imbalances sabotage our chakras, this can lead to many emotional, physical, and mental issues.Our throat charka is the most vital to our relationships and our everyday lives. And you, beautiful soul, are about to learn everything about it.Everybody’s spiritual journey is different. Whether you are interested only in healing yourself or want to help others, this course is for you. From not having a clue to what a chakra is to being a seasoned professional, you will gain a plethora of knowledge from this course.Sign up for the Throat Chakra Master Class today and begin your journey to supercharge your throat chakra and unleash the full power and potential of your pranic life force. Namaste.Love and Light,Tammy


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Housekeeping

Section 2: Throat Chakra Basics

Lecture 3 Intro

Lecture 4 Chakra Refresher

Lecture 5 Vishudda and Its Symbolism

Lecture 6 Basic Knowledge of the Throat Chakra

Lecture 7 Throat Chakra Purpose

Section 3: The Balanced vs Unbalanced Throat Chakra

Lecture 8 Intro

Lecture 9 The Throat Chakra and the Physical Body

Lecture 10 The Balanced Throat Chakra

Lecture 11 The Unbalanced Throat Chakra

Lecture 12 The Overactive Throat Chakra

Lecture 13 The Underactive Throat Chakra

Section 4: Other Ways To Assess the Throat Chakra

Lecture 14 Intro

Lecture 15 Assessment

Lecture 16 The Pendulum

Lecture 17 Tarot & Oracle Cards

Section 5: Healing, Strengthening, and Balancing

Lecture 18 Intro

Lecture 19 Food

Lecture 20 Essential Oils

Lecture 21 Sound Healing

Lecture 22 Sound Bath

Lecture 23 Yoga

Lecture 24 Affirmations

Lecture 25 Crystals

Lecture 26 Other Methods

Lecture 27 Throat Chakra Mudra

Lecture 28 Throat Chakra Guided Meditation

Section 6: Closing

Lecture 29 Closing

Section 7: Bonus

Lecture 30 Bonus

This course is intended for anyone who wants an in-depth understanding on the throat chakra, how it correlates to the human body, and to ensure that it is in optimal health.,You can be a complete novice or a seasoned pro. This course is beneficial to all.

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Created by: Tammy Brugger

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