Thuluth for Beginners

Everything you need to know about Arabic Calligraphy Script Thuluth for Beginner to Pro
Thuluth for Beginners
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Thuluth for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn Arabic Calligraphy
Arabic Calligraphy
Learn Calligraphy
Islamic Calligraphy

Thuluth for Beginners


Bamboo Qalam
Calligraphy Ink
Paper or Glossy Sheet


Upon subscribing to this course, an immediate and lifetime access will be provided to you for 250 video lessons. These give you a complete insight starting from the very basic details of the script, information about materials and supplies, pen dynamics, rulings of scales and measurements, basic strokes, anatomy of a letter, exercises and guidelines on practice, and much more! A digital file comprising of ample practice material will also be provided.This course is designed to start your journey with Arabic Thuluth script calligraphy. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or an amateur calligrapher, this course is for you. By taking this course you will be able to write in Arabic Thuluth script writing style like a Pro in no time. Don’t delay and master this art now.As we are aware, the world is currently going through a difficult phase where on one hand we are all struggling with teaching and learning challenges and unfortunate news from the surroundings and on the other hand it’s an equally challenging situation to be confined at home. It has been broadly observed that the current situation is making students much uninterested due to the stagnant and monotonous routines. It is therefore suggested to keep the tradition of being a pioneer of innovative ideas and tackling challenging situations in a very positive and healthy way, and introduce the beautiful art of Calligraphy virtually. This will offer the students an opportunity to glance at the mesmerizing world of Calligraphy and will also provide relief from the current depression and boredom. Course Description.• Script: Arabic Thuluth• Venue: Online• Previous Knowledge: None• Materials Needed: Qalam, Ink, Paper•  Full-time instructor support and exercise correction•  Certificate after evaluation


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Stroke Practice

Lecture 3 How to make Arabic Calligraphy Pen (Qalam)

Section 2: Alphabets

Lecture 4 Alif

Lecture 5 Baa

Lecture 6 Jeem

Lecture 7 Daal

Lecture 8 Ray

Lecture 9 Seen

Lecture 10 Saad

Lecture 11 Taa

Lecture 12 Ayn

Lecture 13 Faa

Lecture 14 kaaf

Lecture 15 Laam

Lecture 16 Meem

Lecture 17 Noon

Lecture 18 Waao

Lecture 19 Haa

Lecture 20 Yaa

Section 3: Baa Joining Letters

Lecture 21 Baa Alif

Lecture 22 Baa Geem

Lecture 23 Baa Daal

Lecture 24 Baa ray

Lecture 25 Baa Seen

Lecture 26 Baa Tauwy

Lecture 27 Baa Aain

Lecture 28 Baa Fay

Lecture 29 Baa Qaaf

Lecture 30 Baa Kaaf

Lecture 31 Baa Laam

Lecture 32 Baa Meem

Lecture 33 Baa Noon

Lecture 34 Baa Waao

Lecture 35 Baa Haa

Lecture 36 Baa Yaa

Lecture 37 Baa Laam Alif

Section 4: Geem Joining

Lecture 38 Geem Alif

Lecture 39 Geem Baa

Lecture 40 Geem Geem

Lecture 41 Geem Daal

Lecture 42 Geem Ray

Lecture 43 Geem Seen

Lecture 44 Geem Saaud

Lecture 45 Geem Kaaf

Lecture 46 Geem Laam

Lecture 47 Geem Meem

Lecture 48 Geem Noon

Lecture 49 Geem Waao

Lecture 50 Geem Haa

Lecture 51 Geem Yaa

Lecture 52 Geem Laam Alif

Section 5: Seen Joining

Lecture 53 Seen Alif

Lecture 54 Seen Baa

Lecture 55 Seen Geem

Lecture 56 Seen Daal

Lecture 57 Seen Ray

Lecture 58 Seen Seen

Lecture 59 Seen Saaud

Lecture 60 Seen Tauay

Lecture 61 Seen Fay

Lecture 62 Seen Aain

Lecture 63 Seen Qaaf

Lecture 64 Seen Kaaf

Lecture 65 Seen Meem

Lecture 66 Seen Waao

Lecture 67 Seen Haa

Lecture 68 Seen Yaa

Lecture 69 Seen Laam Alif

Section 6: Saad Joining

Lecture 70 Saaud Alif

Lecture 71 Saaud Baa

Lecture 72 Saaud Geem

Lecture 73 Saaud Daal

Lecture 74 Saaud Ray

Lecture 75 Saaud Seen

Lecture 76 Saaud Saaud

Lecture 77 Saaud Tauwy

Lecture 78 Saaud Aain

Lecture 79 Saaud Fay

Lecture 80 Saaud Kaaf

Lecture 81 Saaud Laam

Lecture 82 Saaud Meem

Lecture 83 Saaud Noon

Lecture 84 Saaud Waao

Lecture 85 Saaud Haa

Lecture 86 Saaud Yaa

Lecture 87 Saaud Laam Alif

Section 7: Tauy Joining

Lecture 88 Tauy Alif

Lecture 89 Tauwy Baa

Lecture 90 Tauwy Geem

Lecture 91 Tauwy Daal

Lecture 92 Tauwy Ray

Lecture 93 Tauwy Seen

Lecture 94 Tauwy Saaud

Lecture 95 Tauwy Tauwy

Lecture 96 Tauwy Aain

Lecture 97 Tauwy Fay

Lecture 98 Tauwy Kaaf

Lecture 99 Tauwy Laam

Lecture 100 Tauwy Meem

Lecture 101 Tauwy Noon

Lecture 102 Tauwy Waao

Lecture 103 Tauwy Haa

Lecture 104 Tauwy Yaa

Lecture 105 Tauwy Laam Alif

Section 8: Aain Joining

Lecture 106 Aain Alif

Lecture 107 Aain Baa

Lecture 108 Aain Geem

Lecture 109 Aain Daal

Lecture 110 Aain Seen

Lecture 111 Aain Saaud

Lecture 112 Aain Tauwy

Lecture 113 Aain Aain

Lecture 114 Aain Fay

Lecture 115 Aain Qaaf

Lecture 116 Aain Kaaf

Lecture 117 Aain Laam

Lecture 118 Aain Meem

Lecture 119 Aain Noon

Lecture 120 Aain Waao

Lecture 121 Aain Haa

Lecture 122 Aain Yaa

Lecture 123 Aain Laam Alif

Section 9: Faa Joining

Lecture 124 Faa Alif

Lecture 125 Faa Baa

Lecture 126 Faa Geem

Lecture 127 Faa Daal

Lecture 128 Faa Ray

Lecture 129 Faa Seen

Lecture 130 Faa Saaud

Lecture 131 Faa Tauy

Lecture 132 Faa Aain

Lecture 133 Faa fay

Lecture 134 Faa Kaaf

Lecture 135 Faa Laam

Lecture 136 Faa Meem

Lecture 137 Faa Noon

Lecture 138 Faa Waao

Lecture 139 Faa Yaa

Lecture 140 Faa Laam Alif

Section 10: Kaaf Joining

Lecture 141 Kaaf Alif

Lecture 142 Kaaf Baa

Lecture 143 Kaaf geem

Lecture 144 Kaaf Daal

Lecture 145 Kaaf Ray

Lecture 146 Kaaf Ray (2)

Lecture 147 Kaaf Seen

Lecture 148 Kaaf Saaud

Lecture 149 Kaaf Noon

Lecture 150 Kaaf Noon (2)

Lecture 151 Kaaf Tauy

Lecture 152 Kaaf Aain

Lecture 153 Kaaf Fay

Lecture 154 Kaaf Meem

Lecture 155 Kaaf Laam

Lecture 156 Kaaf Waoo

Lecture 157 Kaaf Yaa

Lecture 158 Kaaf Kaaf Laam

Lecture 159 Kaaf Laam Alif (2)

Lecture 160 Kaaf Laam Alif

Section 11: Laam Joining

Lecture 161 Laam Alif

Lecture 162 Laam Baa

Lecture 163 Laam Geem

Lecture 164 Laam Daal

Lecture 165 Laam Ray

Lecture 166 Laam Seen

Lecture 167 Laam Saaud

Lecture 168 Laam Tauy

Lecture 169 Laam Aain

Lecture 170 Laam Fay

Lecture 171 Laam Qaaf

Lecture 172 Laam Kaaf

Lecture 173 Laam Meem

Lecture 174 Laam Meem

Lecture 175 Laam Waao

Lecture 176 Laam Noon

Lecture 177 Laam Haa

Lecture 178 Laam Yaa

Lecture 179 Laam Laam Alif

Section 12: Meem Joining

Lecture 180 Meem Alif

Lecture 181 Meem Baa

Lecture 182 Meem Geem

Lecture 183 Meem Daal

Lecture 184 Meem Ray

Lecture 185 Meem Seen

Lecture 186 Meem Seen (2)

Lecture 187 Meem Saaud

Lecture 188 Meem Tauy

Lecture 189 Meem Aain

Lecture 190 Meem Fay

Lecture 191 Meem Kaaf

Lecture 192 Meem Qaaf

Lecture 193 Meem meem

Lecture 194 Meem Laam

Lecture 195 Meem Noon

Lecture 196 Meem Waao

Lecture 197 Meem Yaa

Lecture 198 Meem Haa

Lecture 199 Meem Laam Alif

Section 13: Haa Joining

Lecture 200 Haa Alif

Lecture 201 Haa Baa

Lecture 202 Haa Geem

Lecture 203 Haa Daal

Lecture 204 Haa Ray

Lecture 205 Haa Seen

Lecture 206 Haa Saaud

Lecture 207 Haa Taauy

Lecture 208 Haa Aain

Lecture 209 Haa Fay Haa

Lecture 210 Haa Kaaf

Lecture 211 Haa Qaaf

Lecture 212 Haa Laam

Lecture 213 Haa Laam

Lecture 214 Haa meem

Lecture 215 Haa Noon

Lecture 216 Haa Haa

Lecture 217 Haa Waao

Lecture 218 Haa Yaa

Lecture 219 Haa Laam Alif

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Created by: Okasha Sahil

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