Time Management Productivity Stress Less Accomplish More

COMPLETE Course (7 hours!) for Busy & Stressed People. Get Better Results Now. Regain Control & Make Big Things Happen.
Time Management Productivity Stress Less Accomplish More
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Jimmy Naraine • 380,000+ Students


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Time Management Productivity Stress Less Accomplish More

What you’ll learn

Published in October 2022!
7 hours of Professionally Produced Video Lectures
Reduce Stress in Spite of Chaos
Reduce Overwhelm and Gain Clarity
Increase Your Productivity
Get Crucial Things Done instead of Wasting Time on 100s of Unimportant Tasks
Discover Proven Time Management Strategies, Tools, Hacks
Adopt the Mindset of a Productivity Hacker
Get Better Results in Less Time
Get Your Official Certificate of Completion to Boost Your Resume

Time Management Productivity Stress Less Accomplish More


If you feel overwhelmed, procrastinate, struggle to get important things done on time and want to elevate your career – this course was made for you.


Gain instant access to this Top-Rated & Most Complete Productivity course on the web with 79 professionally produced video lectures.What if productivity could be hacked?… but firstly, why choose Jimmy Naraine (Official Udemy Instructor Partner) as your instructor:(testimonials from celebrities & leading experts at the bottom)Udemy Partner with 65,000+ TOP  Udemy Reviews!Course Published in October 2022Over 335,000 people from 194 countries enrolled in Jimmy’s coursesFeatured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FoxNews, and Business Insider magazinesDelivered corporate training for Fortune 500 companies such as Chemours (6,500 employees) and Westpac (40,000 employees)Mindvalley Author, co-created an educational program with Mindvalley’s CEO & NYT Bestselling Author – Vishen Lakhianiformer Goldman Sachs and Allianz employee turned location independent entrepreneur (10 years of full-time travel)Winner of the first Udemy Innovation AwardTop-rated Speaker at prestigious conferences such as DNX, Afest, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, MindvalleyU, DNX Global, and Digital|KExplored 78 countries while running entrepreneurial venturesDo you have moments when you wish that you could be in 10 different places at once? You may be feeling stressed and completely overwhelmed just thinking about your day…Sometimes, it just seems like there is not enough time to complete even the mere 30% of your TO-DO list, right?If you resonate, you are not alone. In fact, the vast majority of entrepreneurs and business professionals experience chronic stress at work. Unfortunately, a lot of it spills into our private life.However, what if I told you that productivity could be hacked? What if I told you that there are strategies that can make 2+2 equal 222?You see, most things that we were taught about time management are wrong. After all, it’s not merely about MANAGING your time. How can we manage something that’s broken in the first place?Instead, it’s about getting the fundamentals right and becoming ULTRA-SMART about how you spend your time & manage your energy. It’s about adopting the mindset of a Productivity “Hacker,” consciously optimizing for the best results with the least amount of effort. It’s about using the power of leverage so you can consistently trigger the snowball effect and get incredible things done.This is exactly what this course is about. “Time Management & Productivity: Stress Less, Accomplish More” is a blueprint designed to teach you the most powerful mindset shifts, strategies, techniques, and hacks that will allow you to reclaim your time.You are about to learn how to:- Get Better Results in Less Time- Lower Your Stress, even in Times of Crisis- Reduce Overwhelm and Gain Clarity- Adopt the Mindset of a Productivity Hacker- Get Crucial Things Done instead of Wasting Time on 100s of Unimportant Tasks- Discover Proven Time Management Strategies, Tools, HacksHere is what celebrities, leading entrepreneurs, and experts say about Jimmy Naraine:”Jimmy Naraine is a true teaching savant.” – James W. Skotchdopole – Oscar-Winning Director (Birdman, Django Unchained, The Revenant)”Jimmy is authentic and inspiring, but most importantly, he is relevant to both 18-year-olds and 60-year-olds alike.”- Mark Vergnano, Retired CEO and Chairman of the Board of The Chemours Company”Jimmy pulled together an amazing tailor-made session for the team at Lion, targeting productivity and alleviating the feeling of overwhelm, drawing on his best-selling Udemy courses. Jimmy is an absolute joy to work with: his passion for learning, his boundless energy and enthusiasm, and his genuine interest in helping people be the best they can be, ensured that this session was a success.” – Jennifer Kozanic, Capability Director at Lion Corporation”Having had several extended conversations with Jimmy, as well as watching some of his online courses on productivity, I can say with full confidence that it is IMPOSSIBLE to not feel completely fired up and inspired after spending some time with his content. Thanks for all the inspiration Jimmy!!”- Harry Mack, Viral Hip Hop Artist with over 200 million views“Jimmy is not just amazing at what he does, he is an amazing human being to begin with.” – Erwin Benedict Valencia, Director, Training & Conditioning, New York Knicks (NBA)“Jimmy is an energetic, engaging speaker who easily holds the crowd’s attention. He is passionate about his work, which comes through in all conversations with him.”- Amy Beltz, Senior Talent Leader, Chemours”Jimmy teaches confidence inside-out. He understands the subtleties that make an effective, confident leader and speaker. He helps nurture confidence within, which then shines when one leads and speaks publicly. Highly recommended”.- Founder of Neema, Libra Trade and SFB TechnologiesJimmy has helped me to take my business to the next level. He pushed me to adopt a sharper business mindset with an emphasis on taking bold action. I’m grateful for all the things he has been teaching me.- Helena Houdova – Humanitarian, Global Teacher & Miss Czech Republic“Jimmy delivered masterminds to an audience of 500 entrepreneurs at my event and has totally exceeded my expectations.”- Johannes Völkner, CEO at NomadBase”When I was considering going on BBC show Dragon’s Den he convinced me to do it, which in turn took my company to the next level. Jimmy is a person I would recommend to run a powerful team training”.- Alex Buzaianu, Serial Entrepreneur, Secured Dragon’s Den Investment


Section 1: Course Introduction, “QUICK-WIN” & Fundamentals

Lecture 1 Introduction & Best Practices

Lecture 2 Update about late 2022/2023 Productivity & Time Management EXTRAS

Lecture 3 “QUICK WIN”: Double Your Productivity Right NOW before even watching the course

Lecture 4 Quick Heads Up about Udemy’s System

Lecture 5 Overcome One of the Biggest Challenges: The Decision Paralysis

Lecture 6 The Fundamental Productivity Exercise: The TIME LOG

Lecture 7 Multi-Tasking Controversy: Does it Actually Work?

Lecture 8 Different Types of (WANT) TO DO Lists

Lecture 9 Simple, yet Crucial: The Power of Batching

Lecture 10 Getting Things Out of the Way: The 2-min Rule

Lecture 11 Simple Can Be Powerful: The Power of Reminders

Lecture 12 Optional: Why I Choose Exotic Locations to Make Videos for You? (FAQ)

Section 2: November 2022 EXTRAS

Lecture 13 November 2022 (Black Friday) EXTRAS

Lecture 14 EXTRA: Don’t Invite Emergencies

Lecture 15 EXTRA: Don’t Dwell on the Wrong Things

Lecture 16 Is Your Meeting Even Necessary? (More Videos in Section 7)

Section 3: Fundamental Mindset Shifts for any Aspiring Productivity Wizard

Lecture 17 Reverse Engineer Your Goals & Targets for Better Results

Lecture 18 The Common Trap You Need to Avoid

Lecture 19 The “Breakthrough” Factor: The WHY & the HOW

Lecture 20 How To Identify and Prevent Costly Mistakes?

Lecture 21 Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Learn the Secret of an Olympic Coach

Lecture 22 Your Negative Identity May Be Killing Your Productivity

Lecture 23 How Your Vision Impacts Your Productivity

Lecture 24 ROT and Sense of Urgency

Lecture 25 EXTRA (Sept 22): Be Honest About Prioritising

Section 4: Blueprint for Overcoming Procrastination and Getting Uncomfortable Things Done

Lecture 26 The Silent Killer of Productivity

Lecture 27 My 2-Step Process to Fight Procrastination

Lecture 28 Your Action Step to Kill Procrastination

Lecture 29 Using FEAR To Kill Procrastination

Lecture 30 The Truth About Procrastination

Lecture 31 The Parkinson’s Law

Lecture 32 Overcome Toxic Perfectionism

Lecture 33 The Trap You Need to Avoid & The True Power of Habits

Section 5: The Most Powerful Productivity Principle: Diving Deep Into 80/20 Principle

Lecture 34 The Most Powerful Principle You NEED To Know

Lecture 35 80-20 Principle Your Action Step

Lecture 36 Taking 80/20 to the Next Level

Lecture 37 The Power of ONE Thing

Lecture 38 EXTRA (Sept 22): The Best Way To Develop New Positive Habits

Section 6: How To Eliminate Distractions, Get Better FOCUS, and Accomplish More

Lecture 39 Introduction to Distraction Section

Lecture 40 Become Self-Aware: Identify Your Internal AND External Distractions

Lecture 41 Creating Powerful Systems for Avoiding Distractions

Lecture 42 How To Train Your Focus

Lecture 43 Counter-Intuitive Strategy for Managing Distractions

Lecture 44 EXTRA (Sept 22): The Golden Rule of Email

Section 7: Productive Meetings: How To Conduct Team Meetings for More Productivity?

Lecture 45 Why Making Meetings More Productive is Important

Lecture 46 What About Small Talk?

Lecture 47 Hitting the Wall

Lecture 48 How To Finalise a Meeting in a Productive Way?

Lecture 49 Gaining Clarity

Lecture 50 What About Latecomers?

Section 8: Outsourcing & Delegation Blueprint: Why & How To Do it to MAXIMISE Results

Lecture 51 Introduction

Lecture 52 Why Outsourcing is so Powerful

Lecture 53 Why Delegating with Help You to Become THE BEST

Lecture 54 So… what to Outsource?

Lecture 55 If You Are a Control Freak, Watch This

Lecture 56 Why the Initial Investment is Worth It

Lecture 57 Trust or Not To Trust, That’s The Question

Lecture 58 Communication Skills & Systems for Productivity

Lecture 59 How To Make People Honour Commitments

Lecture 60 Your ACTION STEP

Lecture 61 EXTRA: Best Practices Part 1

Lecture 62 EXTRA: Best Practices Part 2

Section 9: Automation, Optimisation & Hacking: Taking Productivity to the Next Level

Lecture 63 The Power of Automating Small Decisions

Lecture 64 FREE Doesn’t Always Mean FREE

Lecture 65 Use Chunks of Free Time to Level Up

Lecture 66 Automate Small, yet Important Decisions

Lecture 67 Optimise Your Energy Cycles in a Clever Way

Lecture 68 Elimination Will Set You Free

Lecture 69 EXTRA (Sept 22): Use Audio Cleverly

Lecture 70 The Art of Not Finishing

Section 10: Your Final PUSH for More Productivity: MORE Lectures & EXTRAS You requested

Lecture 71 The Why & How of Your Morning Ritual

Lecture 72 The Power of Your Evening Ritual

Lecture 73 Counter-Intuitive Prerequisite to Be Faster

Lecture 74 The Easiest Way To Reclaim More Time!

Lecture 75 How To Read For More Productivity

Lecture 76 Become 2x Faster

Lecture 77 Create Space for Embracing Golden Opportunities

Lecture 78 Simple, yet CRUCIAL Action Step

Lecture 79 EXTRA (Sept 22): Value Exchange with Friends and Colleagues

Lecture 80 Productivity Hacks Used By TOP Performers

Lecture 81 CRAZY, Counter-Intuitive Productivity Tool that Requires COURAGE

Lecture 82 EXTRA (Sept 22): How To Deal with Burnout

Lecture 83 Thank You & Announcement

Lecture 84 Get Your Official Certificate & BONUS PDF Lecture

Those who feel overwhelmed and stressed due to workload,People who lack clarity and concrete priorities,Professionals who want to advance their careers by getting more results in less time,Entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level, but feel stuck,Anyone who wants to learn how to “bend time” to their will

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Udemy | English | 7h 12m | 14.56 GB
Created by: Jimmy Naraine • 380,000+ Students

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