Time Management This Is How I Work 300 Percent Faster

Increase productivity and kill procrastination with proven time management principles for work and home.
Time Management This Is How I Work 300 Percent Faster
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Sebastian Glöckner


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Time Management This Is How I Work 300 Percent Faster

What you’ll learn

You will have 85% more outcome from your work – guaranteed!
You will work faster than 95% of all people!
Enjoy having more fun at work
Finally get things done
Kill procrastination!
Take your life to the next level!
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Time Management This Is How I Work 300 Percent Faster


You should have an open mindset to try out new things. These hacks work, guaranteed!


SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND HOBBIES! Most of us struggle with too many tasks at their jobs. In these modern times we are all exposed to various distractions and requirements. Usually we have to (or we want to):Answer emails 24 hours per dayWork for more than one project at the same timeSpending quality time with your familyEngage in our personal hobbiesAlmost everybody will cut one or more of these engagements (‘I will take care of them later.’) and try to at least focus on the other ones. Which is not always fulfilling but better than nothing right?In this course you will learn A TON OF of the top productivity hacks! Kill procrastination! Have your own agenda! Take care of every requirement and get back control over your personal and business life.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Teaser Video

Lecture 3 Overview of the Course

Section 2: Understanding The Problem

Lecture 4 The Good Feeling of Having Everything Sorted Out

Lecture 5 Do You Also Feel Like A Juggler?

Lecture 6 Time is Money! Or Not?

Section 3: Proven Productivity Methods: Work Much Faster & Get Things Done

Lecture 7 Give Your Tasks a Number

Lecture 8 Forenoon vs. Afternoon

Lecture 9 Find the Leading Domino

Lecture 10 The Wall Calendar Method

Lecture 11 The 20 Minutes Speed Run

Lecture 12 Bonus Notes about: The 20 Minutes Speed Run

Lecture 13 Cold Start: 3 Tricks to Reset After You “Shut Down”

Lecture 14 Think from the Other Ending

Lecture 15 All-Day Events in Your Calendar

Lecture 16 Slicing Work into 30 Minutes Blocks

Lecture 17 Extra: Cumulative 30 Minutes Blocks

Lecture 18 Bonus Notes about: 30 Minutes Blocks

Section 4: Personal Development to Set Your Path to Success

Lecture 19 The Idea of a Flight Plan

Lecture 20 Discipline: Learn to Start and to Stop!

Lecture 21 Motivation is Overrated!

Lecture 22 Fake It Until You Make It

Lecture 23 The April Fool Method

Lecture 24 Challenge the Status Quo!

Lecture 25 Reward Yourself

Lecture 26 Bonus Notes about: Reward Yourself

Section 5: Working With Others

Lecture 27 Do It for Others: Part 1

Lecture 28 Do It for Others: Part 2

Lecture 29 The Columbo Method

Lecture 30 Let Nobody Stop You!

Lecture 31 Wrap Your Complaints into Something Positive

Section 6: Audio Section – Download Full Course as Audio Book

Lecture 32 Part 1: Understanding The Problem (Downloadable Audio Book)

Lecture 33 Part 2: Proven Productivity Ninja Tricks (Downloadable Audio Book)

Lecture 34 Part 3: Personal Development (Downloadable Audio Book)

Lecture 35 Part 4: Working With Others (Downloadable Audio Book)

Section 7: Bonus: Preview Lectures of New Project Management Course

Lecture 36 Why Bonus Lectures?

Lecture 37 How to Use Parkinson’s Law for Yourself

Lecture 38 Work on One Thing You Hate Every Day

Lecture 39 How to Manage Your Emails

Lecture 40 Don’t Waste Your Final Hour

Lecture 41 Definition and Advantages of Bulk Work

Lecture 42 Why You Need 2-Dimensional To Do Lists

Lecture 43 Think Big, Act Small – Mini Habits

Section 8: Story Mode – Read My Productivity Blog Posts

Lecture 44 How I Form Multiple Habits with the Wall Calendar Method

Lecture 45 Why I Hate Prioritization Methods

Lecture 46 Why My Motto Is: Work Hard, Play Hard

Section 9: BONUS

Lecture 47 Check this out!

This course is for you if you want to achieve much more in your precious time.,This course is for you if you want to achieve more in less hours.,Take this course if you want to have more influence in the work environment.,You don’t need this course if you get all important things done already.

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Udemy | English | 5h 9m | 1.28 GB
Created by: Sebastian Glöckner

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