Top Five Wage and Hour Traps for Business

An overview of the most common payroll mistakes made by businesses.
Top Five Wage and Hour Traps for Business
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Top Five Wage and Hour Traps for Business

What you’ll learn

Understand the proper types of deductions that can be taken from an employee’s pay.
Identify and apply the correct overtime exemption to employees.
Avoid Major Business Liability From Paying Employees Improperly

Top Five Wage and Hour Traps for Business


There are no specific prerequisites for this course.


This course is about how we pay employees. It is intended for business owners, operations managers, and human resource professionals that are involved with making critical decisions regarding whether and how much to pay employees. This course is beginner/intermediate level with an emphasis on highlighting common problems that typically create liability for the business. No special materials are required for this course, which will include lectures and handouts describing important information concerning best practices in paying employees. The course is structured to provide extensive discussion and guidance on avoiding the top five wage and hour traps that businesses frequently experience. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 governs most of the employee pay practices in the United States. However, most of the applicable legal landscape is tenuously evolving. Furthermore, managers are frequently unsure of their specific payroll responsibilities and create liability for the organization. We will review developing regulatory activities that will continue to shape the legal landscape surrounding employment pay practices in the workplace for many years to come. In the meantime, employers need to assure managers are properly trained and understand the basics of wage and hour law. Besides identifying the five most common traps that ensnare employers regarding payroll practices, we will also discuss regulatory enforcement activities that help employers understand and mitigate legal liability. This will include, the latest legal developments e.g. pending changes to the overtime exemption regulations.


Section 1: Top Five Wage and Hour Traps for Businesses

Lecture 1 FLSA History and Overview

Lecture 2 The Obligatory Legal Disclaimer!

Section 2: Mistake No. 5: Unlawful Paycheck Deductions

Lecture 3 Unlawful Deductions from Employee Pay

Section 3: Mistake No. 4: Improper Deductions from Salaried Exempt Employees

Lecture 4 Docking Pay of Salaried Employees

Section 4: Mistake No. 3: Misclassifying Employees as Exempt

Lecture 5 Misclassifying Employees as Exempt – OVERVIEW

Lecture 6 The Executive Exemption

Lecture 7 Executive Exemption Checklist

Lecture 8 The Administrative Exemption

Lecture 9 Administrative Exemption Checklist

Lecture 10 The Professional Exemption

Lecture 11 Professional Exemption Checklist

Lecture 12 Additional Exemptions

Lecture 13 Computer Employee Exemption Checklist

Lecture 14 Employer Protections from Misclassification

Section 5: Mistake No. 2: Improper Calculation of Overtime Pay

Lecture 15 FLSA Basics on Overtime Calculation

Lecture 16 Travel Time, Meetings and Training

Lecture 17 Breaks, On-Call, Changing Clothes

Lecture 18 Calculating Regular Rate with Bonuses

Lecture 19 Calculating Regular Rate with Commissions

Lecture 20 Calculating Regular Rate with Piece Rate and Salaried Employees

Lecture 21 2020 OT Exemption Threshold Changes!

Section 6: Mistake No. 1: Inadequate Recordkeeping

Lecture 22 Inadequate Record Keeping

Section 7: California: A challenge for employers

Lecture 23 California: Where the law is just different

Lecture 24 California: Definition Differences

Lecture 25 California: What is work?

Lecture 26 California: Overtime Exemption Differences

Section 8: Thanks and Stay Tuned!

Lecture 27 Thanks and Well Done!

This course is designed for business owners, operations managers, human resources managers, and payroll personnel to help them identify and avoid common mistakes concerning how employees are paid.

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