Transformational Leadership

Ways of enhancing your leadership skills
Transformational Leadership
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Transformational Leadership

What you’ll learn

Key principles and practices of transformational leadership
How to develop the skills and mindset of a transformational leader
Practical tools and strategies
A comprehensive understanding of transformational leadership and its impact on organizations

Transformational Leadership


No any previous experience in leadership is needed.


Transformational leadership is an approach to leadership that allows an individual to transform an organization, by improving its performance, culture, and customers. The goal of these leaders is to inspire employees to be more motivated, competent, and proactive. The Transformational Leadership Style is the most effective leadership style to develop high-performing leaders and cultivate an innovative working environment that drives higher productivity and employee engagement. Transformational leadership sets the direction for an organization and inspires others to share the vision. This approach engages employees in the process of self-development, paying particular attention to the motivation of staff members. It is the pinnacle of leadership development and the most effective style of leadership. The transformational leader helps followers find meaning in their work, inspires them to reach their full potential, and encourages them to take personal responsibility for the outcomes of their actions. Transformational leaders help organizations achieve higher levels of performance by creating a climate where employees are engaged and motivated to do their best work. It is also a model of leadership that is characterized by high levels of openness, positive influence toward change, and positive interactions with others. These leaders are typically recognized for their ability to create a vision for the future, engage others in this vision, develop strategies for achieving it (often via change), and inspire strength, courage, and hope in those who work with them.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Meaning and History of Transfomraional Leadership

Section 2: Course Objective

Lecture 3 Objectives

Lecture 4 Objectives

Lecture 5 Overview

Lecture 6 The Importance Of True Leadership

Section 3: Key Concepts of Transformational Leadership and historical background

Lecture 7 Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Lecture 8 Key Concepts of Transformational Leadership

Lecture 9 Key Factors of Transformational Leadership

Lecture 10 Case Study

Lecture 11 Case Study (ii)

Section 4: Characteristics of a Transformational Leader

Lecture 12 The Traits Of Transformational Leaders

Lecture 13 Overview of the Strategies

Lecture 14 Strategies for Transformational Leadership

Lecture 15 What kind of Leader are you? 9 Leadership Types and Their Strengths

Section 5: Importance of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.

Lecture 16 Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 17 Implementing Change & Delegating Tasks

Lecture 18 Challenges faced by a transformational leader and how to overcome them!

Lecture 19 Challenges of Leadership

Lecture 20 The importance of TL as a skill on the entrepreneur

Section 6: Implementing Transformational Leadership

Lecture 21 Building Trust and Empower Others

Lecture 22 Developing a Transformational Leadership Style

Lecture 23 Strategies for Building Trust with Team Members and Empowering Them.

Lecture 24 Evaluating Transformational Leadership Success

Lecture 25 Coaching Techniques and Mentorship

Lecture 26 Legacy And sustainability

Lecture 27 Final Thoughts on Successful Leadership

Beginners on their Leadership journey!

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