Turn On Your Success Switch

Make All Your Greatest Dreams Come True Every Single Time
Turn On Your Success Switch
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Turn On Your Success Switch

What you’ll learn

How to stop self-sabotage
Easy ways to become more successful and less stressful

Turn On Your Success Switch


An open mind


In this course, you’ll learn from Dr. Agrios why & how your sabotage switch “protects you” from success. And why – even when you think you’ve got it licked – it rears it’s destructive head whenever you need to be the strongest – in times of challenge or stress. BUT… you’ll also learn how to turn it off. For good.Discover how to…1) Find the INNER CRITIC that is destroying your body, mind and life.2) Get the GUARANTEED SOLUTION to stop it dead in its tracks.3) Use TWO POWERFUL WORDS that will neutralize any situation. This has been used successfully by teenagers to CEO’s.4) Turn any HORRIFIC EVENT into a BENEFIT. Thousands of people have done this and I will show you how.5) I’ll also show you how the people you don’t like, are a part of you that you can’t stand. CHANGING YOU, CHANGES THEM or they leave your life FOR GOOD.6) Try my new 9 MINUTE MEDITATION that enhances your specific SUBCONSCIOUS SOLUTION to silence your inner critic.7) Create this ONE LITTLE LIST and you can transform your life and business/career dramatically.Your life will never be the same when you learn how turning off your sabotage switch will help you achieve massive success in every single area of life. No longer will you be at the mercy of your head, heart, or anything in between or below. You’ll be free. Free to live your best life. Free to enjoy a life you will love.RelationshipsGive and get a love you’ve only dreamed about. When you quit holding out and holding back because your sabotage switch is in gear (and trying to “protect you” from a relationship that could truly make you happy & fulfilled) you’ll have THE LOVE of your life.BusinessYou no longer have to “wish” your business or career will take off somehow. When you learn to turn off your sabotage switch, you’ll finally realize how you can accomplish everything you desire in your career or business.LifeStop sitting on the sidelines, jealous, wishing you could have the success you see others having or getting. No more feeling envious or depressed because you’re missing out. You’ll at last understand what it takes to – and how you can – “have it all.”Enroll today!


Section 1: Sabotage Your Way to Success

Lecture 1 Quick Start Video (VERY IMPORTANT TO WATCH FIRST)

Lecture 2 Sabotage Your Way to Success

Section 2: That’s Interesting

Lecture 3 That’s Interesting

Section 3: Change Horrific Events Into Benefits

Lecture 4 What Would You Have Lost

Lecture 5 Real Life Examples

Section 4: How Others You Don’t Like Are You

Lecture 6 “You Stupid Jerk”

Lecture 7 Five Things A Person Does That Cause You Stress

Section 5: The Gratitude List – Never Forget Again

Lecture 8 The Gratitude List – Never Forgive Again

Section 6: Deep Breathing

Lecture 9 Meditation Technique 1

Lecture 10 Enhancing Your Antidote Meditation (Technique 2)

Lecture 11 Director’s Antidote Enhancing Meditation

Lecture 12 Supplier’s Antidote Enhancing Meditation

Lecture 13 Communicator’s Antidote Enhancing Meditation

Section 7: Wrap Up

Lecture 14 Wrap up

Businessmen and women who do not have the success they want,People who want to stop sabotaging their success,People who want to neutralize their stress with immediately with powerful techniques.

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Created by: Scott Paton

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