Twitter Clone with Flutter Appwrite Riverpod Full Guide

Master Flutter, Appwrite – The Firebase Killer & Riverpod by building a Full Stack Twitter App! Explained for Beginners
Twitter Clone with Flutter Appwrite Riverpod Full Guide
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Twitter Clone with Flutter Appwrite Riverpod Full Guide

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use Appwrite for server-side development and integration with the Flutter app.
Develop a deep understanding of Riverpod and how it can be used for state management in Flutter apps.
Develop proficiency in writing clean and maintainable code that follows best practices and can be scaled to support larger projects.
Build a complete Twitter clone app using Flutter, Appwrite, and Riverpod, with all the major features of Twitter.

Twitter Clone with Flutter Appwrite Riverpod Full Guide


Flutter & Dart Basics
No Knowledge about Appwrite/Riverpod required


Looking to master Flutter, Appwrite, and Riverpod while building a real-world mobile app? Look no further than our 9-hour course on building a complete Twitter Clone App from scratch! In this course, you’ll learn how to create a fully-functional Twitter clone app that includes all the major features of the platform, from tweeting text, images, and links to following users, displaying notifications, and much more.Using Flutter 3.7 & Appwrite, we’ll cover every step of the development process, from signing up and signing in with email and password to implementing premium features like “Twitter Blue”. Along the way, we’ll show you how to use Appwrite for server-side development and integration, and how to leverage Riverpod for effective state management.Whether you’re a seasoned Flutter developer or just have a basic knowledge, this course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a fully-functional Twitter clone app that you can customize and improve upon to fit your needs. Source Code included! So why wait? Sign up today and start building your dream app with Flutter, Appwrite, and Riverpod!Tech Used – Flutter, Appwrite Authentication, Database, Storage, Realtime, Queries, Indexes, Riverpod. Prerequisites: Flutter & Dart BasicsFeatures:Sign Up With Email, PasswordSign In With Email, PasswordTweeting Text, Image and/or LinkHashtag identification & storageDisplaying tweetsLiking tweetRetweetingCommenting/ReplyingFollow userSearch usersDisplay followers, following, recent tweetsEdit User ProfileShow tweets that have 1 hashtagTwitter BlueNotifications tab (replied to you, followed you, like your pic, retweeted)What you’ll learn?Docker InstallationAppwrite Installation, Auth, Database, Storage, Realtime, Queries, IndexesState Management with Riverpod 2.0Creating Twitter-like UI with Flutter


Section 1: Introduction, Installation & Setup

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Appwrite & Docker Installation

Lecture 3 Important Appwrite Commands

Lecture 4 Appwrite Setup for Android & iOS

Lecture 5 Setting up Flutter Project

Section 2: Authentication

Lecture 6 Architectural & Folder Pattern

Lecture 7 Login UI

Lecture 8 Signup UI

Lecture 9 Signing Up User with Appwrite Auth

Lecture 10 Providing the Class / Dependency Injection

Lecture 11 Signing Up User contd. (Auth Controller)

Lecture 12 Login User with Appwrite Auth

Lecture 13 Adding Proper Navigation

Lecture 14 Persisting Auth State

Lecture 15 Saving User Data to Appwrite Database

Lecture 16 FIXING Android Related Problems

Lecture 17 Solving Appwrite unauthorized_scope Problem

Section 3: Uploading Tweets

Lecture 18 Home Screen UI

Lecture 19 Create Tweet Screen UI

Lecture 20 FIXING User Data Storage & Retrieval Bug

Lecture 21 Create Tweet Screen UI contd

Lecture 22 Picking Multiple Images & Displaying in Carousel

Lecture 23 Storing Tweets to Appwrite Database & Appwrite Storage

Section 4: Displaying Tweets

Lecture 24 Displaying Tweets

Lecture 25 Displaying New Tweets LIVE with Appwrite Realtime

Lecture 26 Like Button Animation

Lecture 27 Like Tweet

Lecture 28 Retweeting / Resharing Tweet (Realtime)

Lecture 29 Replying to other user’s Tweets

Section 5: User Profile & Searching

Lecture 30 Searching Users

Lecture 31 Displaying User Profiles

Lecture 32 Editing User Own Profile

Lecture 33 Updating User Profile Data Realtime

Lecture 34 Following Other Users

Section 6: Notifications

Lecture 35 Sending Notifications when User Likes

Lecture 36 FIXING Like Bug

Lecture 37 Displaying & Sending Notifications

Section 7: Hashtags, Twitter Blue & Logging Out

Lecture 38 Displaying Posts By Hashtags

Lecture 39 Side Drawer UI & Navigation to Current User Profile


Lecture 41 Logging Out with Appwrite Auth

Lecture 42 Conclusion

Flutter Developers looking to build portfolio-worthy Twitter clone app that can be showcased to potential employers or clients.,Beginner Flutter Developers wanting to learn about Appwrite from Scratch,Developers wanting to understand Riverpod simply

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 1m | 6.39 GB
Created by: Rivaan Ranawat

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