Ubiquiti UniFi Network Protect using Dream Machine Pro

A complete setup for the UDM pro with UniFi Network and UniFi Protect
Ubiquiti UniFi Network Protect using Dream Machine Pro
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Maher Haddad


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Ubiquiti UniFi Network Protect using Dream Machine Pro

What you’ll learn

Configure the UniFi Dream Machine Pro from scratch
Configure and manage UniFi Network
Configure and manage UniFi Protect
Be able to run a complete Ubiquiti UniFi network and cameras

Ubiquiti UniFi Network Protect using Dream Machine Pro


Basic networking skills is required


Most of network engineers work nowadays on Ubiquiti products. With UniFi Dream Machine Pro, our life has became much easier when it comes to configuring network devices. Additionally, the UDM Pro can give us possible to install to our customers cameras and manage them using UniFi Protect (in additional of UniFi Access and UniFi Talk)For this reason, I have decided to build up a complete course to show you everything that you can do on the UDM Pro as per the UniFi Network and UniFi Protect.That means we are going to work with Routing, Switching, VLAN, Firewall, Wireless, QOS as per the network part, then I will do a complete section speaking about how to install camera surveillance using UniFi Protect.This course will be based on LABS – so if you wish to follow this course you should have a UDM Pro, a UniFi Switch, a UniFi AP and a UniFi camera.Finally, if you wish to master the configuration on UDM Pro and to become a Ubiquiti expert, I highly advise you to enroll in this course so you will have a complete knowledge of configuring the UDM Pro device.I look forward to see you in my course.


Section 1: Setting up UDM Pro

Lecture 1 UDM Pro Initial Setup

Section 2: UniFi Network

Lecture 2 UniFi Network – Device Adoption

Lecture 3 Unifi Network- Basic Devices Configuration

Lecture 4 UniFi Network – Guest Network

Lecture 5 UniFi Network – Threat Management and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Lecture 6 UniFi Network – Firewall

Lecture 7 UniFi Network – WAN Failover

Lecture 8 UniFi Network – Connect Remotely to the Controller

Lecture 9 UniFi Network – UDM SE Appliance

Section 3: UniFi Protect

Lecture 10 UniFi Protect – Initial Setup

Lecture 11 UniFi Protect – Camera Settings

Lecture 12 UniFi Protect – Liveview and Timelapse

Lecture 13 UniFi Protect – Roles

Lecture 14 UniFi Protect – Notification

Lecture 15 Unifi Protect – Connect Remotely

Anyone interested to learn how to configure UDM Pro

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 44m | 3.03 GB
Created by: Maher Haddad

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