Ubuntu Desktop for Beginners Start Using Linux Today

Heard about Linux but not sure how to get started? This is the course for you! Start using Linux TODAY.
Ubuntu Desktop for Beginners Start Using Linux Today
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Cody Ray Miller


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Ubuntu Desktop for Beginners Start Using Linux Today

What you’ll learn

Install Ubuntu Desktop
Create a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox
Navigate the Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Install Software Applications
Run Windows Programs Inside Linux
Use the Terminal for Advanced Operations
Fix Common Issues in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Desktop for Beginners Start Using Linux Today


Students will need a basic understanding of either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X, but not both. Only a very basic understanding of either OS is required. No prior experience with or knowledge of Linux is required.


Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world. Whether you’re interested in Ubuntu as an IT professional or just wanting to experiment with a new operating system, you’ll love Ubuntu Desktop!
Let’s be honest; technical books are boring. Sure, you could learn about Ubuntu Desktop from some long-winded encyclopedia, but why waste all that time?
Udemy’s video content delivery system will have you working inside Ubuntu Linux in a matter of minutes!
If you want to increase your IT skills, this course is a great place to start. So, don’t be left behind!
Inside, you’ll learn how to:
Install Ubuntu DesktopUse VirtualBox for installing Linux inside Windows/Mac OSNavigate the Graphical User Interface (GUI)Install programs with Ubuntu Software CenterRun Windows programs inside LinuxUse the terminal for advanced operationsTroubleshoot basic system issues
All course updates are 100% FREE. Buy this course one time and you own it for life. Not only that, but you will also gain lifetime access to me as your personal instructor. Have a question about Ubuntu? Just ask! You, as my student, will always be my #1 priority.
Wait, are you still reading this?! The course comes with a genuine 30 day, no hassles, money-back guarantee. So, there is absolutely nothing to risk here. Enroll today!


Section 1: Introduction & Installation Guide

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Introduction to Ubuntu

Lecture 3 Downloading Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Lecture 4 Preparing Installation Media for Physical Installs

Lecture 5 Downloading VirtualBox

Lecture 6 First Look at Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS

Lecture 7 Creating a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox Users ONLY)

Lecture 8 Installation

Lecture 9 Installing Guest Additions (VirtualBox Users ONLY)

Lecture 10 VirtualBox Settings

Section 2: The Basics

Lecture 11 Getting Around in Ubuntu Desktop

Lecture 12 Using the Launcher

Lecture 13 System Settings: Overview

Lecture 14 Development Codenames

Lecture 15 Using the Software Center

Lecture 16 Installing Programs with Debian (.deb) Packages

Lecture 17 Working with Compressed Archives

Lecture 18 Automatic Software Updates

Lecture 19 Desktop Workspaces

Lecture 20 Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 21 Closing Unresponsive Programs with ‘xkill’

Section 3: Multimedia Applications

Lecture 22 Playing DVDs

Lecture 23 PlayOnLinux

Lecture 24 iTunes on Ubuntu?

Lecture 25 iTunes Alternative: ‘atunes’

Lecture 26 Banshee Media Player

Lecture 27 Video Editors

Lecture 28 Photoshop & GIMP

Section 4: Using the Terminal

Lecture 29 Introduction to the Terminal

Lecture 30 Getting Around with the Command Line

Lecture 31 Security Basics (sudo)

Lecture 32 Terminal Options

Lecture 33 An Important Note on Editing the ‘hostname’ File

Lecture 34 Installing Programs with APT

Section 5: Fixing Problems & Basic Troubleshooting

Lecture 35 A Quick Thought

Lecture 36 Installing Proprietary Graphics Drivers

Lecture 37 Network Issues

Lecture 38 Additional Resources

Lecture 39 Problems at Boot (GRUB)

Lecture 40 Resetting a Lost Password

This course is designed for complete beginners to Ubuntu, Linux, and VirtualBox.,Advanced Ubuntu/Linux users are discouraged from enrolling in this course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 23m | 2.12 GB
Created by: Cody Ray Miller

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