UI UX Design Patterns by University UX Instructor 2023

Go deep into User Interface design patterns and UI components + create these design patterns using the design tool figma
UI UX Design Patterns by University UX Instructor 2023
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UI UX Design Patterns by University UX Instructor 2023

What you’ll learn

UI design
User interface design
User interface design patterns
Best practices for user interface design
UX design
User Experience Designs

UI UX Design Patterns by University UX Instructor 2023


All skills and great for beginners


PART 1:Design patterns are a set of User Interface guidelines and rules that pertain to how users use products and user interface elements. Understanding these design patterns is a must for any UX or UI designer. Things like form fields, dropdown, navigation bars, tab bars, date pickers etc. We will deep dive into each user interface component and will cover best practices for the following:• Form fields• Buttons• Dropdowns• Date pickers• Radio buttons, Checkboxes & Toggles• Address Forms & Search Forms• Tab Bars & Title Bars• Accordions & Tabs• Tool Tips & Shadows• Thumbnails & Carousel • Modals & Lightboxes• Menus & Drawers• Wizards, Breadcrumbs & Pagination• Icons & PhotosUsing design patterns can be extremely helpful, mostly because they save time (money) and get us better results, faster. Which is the core philosophy of agile application development. As designers, we can leverage these patterns and use them in our daily design decision-making because these patterns and components are used every day across many user experiences and users have been accustomed to how these patterns work. These patterns are less risky than designing something from scratch or creating a brand new user interface. We don’t need to apply them exactly as they are to every problem we encounter, but rather we can build on top of them, using our experience to inform our decisions because we know that these patterns work.ATTACHED ARE THE COURSE MATERIALS AND FIGMA DESIGN FILE.Regarding the Figma fileThere are instructions in the video called “course material” and I have attached instructions as wellThere are specific course material attached to each video topic as well but you can download all of them in the class called “course material”PART 2 – FIGMA DESIGN:I have provided a Figma file that we will use as a project that you can download. We will then go step-by-step and build out the design components within live prototypes together using the design tool figmaHope you enjoy the class


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Class Structure

Lecture 2 Course Material

Lecture 3 Introduction to Design Material

Lecture 4 Form Fields

Lecture 5 Buttons

Lecture 6 Dropdowns

Lecture 7 Date Pickers

Lecture 8 Radio buttons, Check box and Toggles

Lecture 9 Address Forms and Search Forms

Lecture 10 Tab bars and Title Bars

Lecture 11 Accordions and Tabs

Lecture 12 Tool-tips and Shadows

Lecture 13 Thumbnails and Carousels

Lecture 14 Modals and Lightboxes

Lecture 15 Menus and Drawers

Lecture 16 Wizards

Lecture 17 Breadcrumbs

Lecture 18 Pagination

Lecture 19 Icons

Lecture 20 Photos

Section 2: Project Section of Class:

Lecture 21 Introduction to the Project Section

Lecture 22 Project File Upload

Lecture 23 Create – Web -Radio Buttons

Lecture 24 Create – Web – Menu Drawer

Lecture 25 Create – Web – Modals and Accordions

Lecture 26 Create -Web – Account Creation + Inline Validation

Lecture 27 Create – Web – Dropdown

Lecture 28 Create – Iphone – full screen modal

Lecture 29 Create – Iphone – Dropdown

Lecture 30 Create – Iphone – Modal, Title-Bar and Menu

Lecture 31 Create – Iphone – Tab Bar

Lecture 32 Create – Iphone – Horizontal Swiping

Lecture 33 Create – Iphone – Mobile Date Picker

Lecture 34 Thank you – Outro

User experience and user interface designers,UX Designers,UI Designer

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Udemy | English | 7h 6m | 4.35 GB
Created by: Aaron Lawrence

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