UIPath RPA Tech Primer

Increasing your tech skills increases UiPath RPA success!
UIPath RPA Tech Primer
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Bryan Lamb


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Last updated 11/2022



UIPath RPA Tech Primer

What you’ll learn

Flowchart fundamentals
RPA target basics (Web, PDF, Excel, Text, Database, File System)
Programming concepts: data types
Programming concepts: variables, lists, and strings
Programming concepts: data tables
Programming concepts: flow control
Programming concepts: operators
Programming concepts: object oriented design

UIPath RPA Tech Primer


A modern windows computer with Internet connection
Basic job experience at a small, medium, or large company
Be familiar with the roles that MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word, websites, and software applications fill in daily business life


Many of us use computers every day to accomplish business tasks, but we lack the confidence to stray beyond the specific things we’ve been trained to do.Creating automation with abc RPA tool like UIPath will definitely require you to level-up your skills so you have full command of your environment, and you can imagine better, more efficient solutions for any problem you face.For a human to provide the most value in an RPA environment, he or she must have a combination of business AND technical skills so they can use an RPA tool like UiPath to help automate processes across multiple system boundaries including email, documents, databases, websites, mainframes, and APIs.If you’ve primarily been doing manual computer work and you find technical concepts like databases, APIs, and basic programming to be intimidating… this course is for you.In this course I’ll provide you with technical skills and entry-level UiPath demos that will allow you to more confidently create software robots including:A flowchart overviewOverviews of common automation targets (web, DB, API, folders & files)Entry level .NET programming conceptsData types & data structures, operators, control flow (if/else, loops, etc.)The goal of this course is to help you become more confident using your computer to create software robots with the RPA tool like UiPath.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 About the Course

Lecture 2 About Me

Lecture 3 Why do we need a tech primer?

Lecture 4 System awareness & understanding

Lecture 5 But… I already know all this!

Section 2: Flowchart Basics

Lecture 6 Overview

Lecture 7 Flowchart Fundamentals

Lecture 8 Flowchart best practices

Lecture 9 Flowchart tool demo

Lecture 10 RPA tool flowchart features

Section 3: Windows File System Basics

Lecture 11 Overview

Lecture 12 Ideal view settings

Lecture 13 Disk basics

Lecture 14 Folder basics

Lecture 15 File basics

Lecture 16 Screenshots

Lecture 17 Command line basics

Lecture 18 Absolute vs. relative path

Lecture 19 Use a batch file to reduce clicks

Lecture 20 RPA tool vs. batch file

Lecture 21 Takeaways

Section 4: Setup & Preview Tools

Lecture 22 Install Visual Studio

Lecture 23 Install UiPath Studio

Lecture 24 Create a simple web page

Lecture 25 Create a simple desktop app

Section 5: Website Basics

Lecture 26 Web technology overview

Lecture 27 HTML – tags

Lecture 28 HTML – attributes

Lecture 29 Website structure

Lecture 30 CSS – look & feel

Lecture 31 Bootstrap

Lecture 32 Summary

Section 6: Web Selectors

Lecture 33 Overview

Lecture 34 UiPath recorder disclaimer

Lecture 35 Setup sample files

Lecture 36 Selector basics

Lecture 37 Selector challenges

Lecture 38 Dynamic selectors

Section 7: Programming Basics

Lecture 39 Overview

Lecture 40 A simple program

Lecture 41 Intro to Functions

Lecture 42 Functions demo – programming

Lecture 43 Functions demo – UiPath

Lecture 44 Intro to variables

Lecture 45 Variables demo – programming

Lecture 46 Variables demo – UiPath

Lecture 47 Intro to Object oriented programming

Lecture 48 Object oriented programming demo

Lecture 49 The .NET framework

Section 8: Intro to Databases

Lecture 50 Overview

Lecture 51 Databases in business systems

Lecture 52 What is a database

Lecture 53 Setup database tools

Lecture 54 Create a database

Lecture 55 UiPath database interaction

People who use computer frequently but don’t feel confident about their technical skills,People who use websites but have no idea how they were created or how we can automate them,People who have never dealt with variables and data types & structures like int, decimal, string, list, etc.,Anyone who has never had to read & write data to files using computer programming techniques,Anyone who wants to improve their chances of getting and keeping a white collar job in the near future

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 28m | 2.38 GB
Created by: Bryan Lamb

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