Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro

Master Adobe Photoshop CC without any previous knowledge with this easy-to-follow course
Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro
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Cristian Doru Barin


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Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro

What you’ll learn

Design icons, business cards, illustrations, and characters
Clean up face imperfections, improve and repair photos
Use creative effects to design stunning text styles
Remove people or objects from photos
Cut away a person from their background
Master selections, layers, and working with the layers panel

Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training From Beginner to Pro


No previous knowledge of Photoshop required.
If you have Photoshop installed, that’s great. If not, I’ll teach you how to get it on your computer.


– MASSIVE GIVEAWAY: OVER 300 PREMIUM PSD FILES FOR MY STUDENTS!- NEW: cheat sheets for every single lecture so you can easily review the information;- the course is mostly version independent so you don’t have to use Photoshop CC, but it is recommended!;This is the ultimate Photoshop training course that will take you from absolute beginner to proficient Photoshop user in no time at all.Learn how to use Photoshop with ease while having fun!   My approach is simple: we focus on real world cases and I present the best techniques that require minimal effort yet produce maximum results. All the lessons are focused on getting the job done in the least amount of time possible. I’ll be using the latest version of the program – Photoshop CC, but I explain my workflow for all users, no matter what version you have installed. What will you learn?    Customize the program to best suit you   Get the best Photoshop versionCreate new projects and share your work   Master layers and the layers panel   Move, select, and edit layers   Work with the Pen Tool like a pro   Create and modify shapes   Design flat illustrations   Create and animate emojis   Remove skin issues and retouch portraits   Design business cards   Create app icons   Design cute characters   Manipulate and repair photos in creative ways   … and so much more!   The most important thing about this course: it’s the foundation to any designer. After you finish it, you can decide if you want to specialize in: web design, app design, graphic design, retouching, photo manipulation, and so on. You’ll have a lot of possibilities, it’s up to you to choose what you like the most.Why is this course different?   Progressive difficulty: we start slow and we build our way up   Tons of activities, exercises, and challenges   Cheat sheets you can review to refresh your memory   Quality instructor support: I respond to most questions in under 12 hours   All lectures are straight to the point – minimal effort, maximum results   Learn by working, not by memorizing!   By the end of this course you will be able to use the program with ease. You’ll feel in control as you pursue and complete more ambitious projects. Whether you are contemplating a career change, considering freelancing opportunities, or developing a personal hobby, get started today on your Photoshop journey!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Workbook & Download resources for section 1

Lecture 3 Get the Best Photoshop Version

Lecture 4 Massive PSD Giveaway! Over 300 Premium Resources!

Lecture 5 ACTIVITY: Create a Black and White Image

Lecture 6 How to get help fast – live chat with me!

Lecture 7 Use the History Panel to fix your mistakes

Lecture 8 Quickly improve images with Camera Raw

Lecture 9 Contest: Create a collage (image gallery)

Lecture 10 OPTIONAL: Speed up Photoshop

Lecture 11 Discover Panel – Find hotkeys and panels fast!

Lecture 12 AI Art – Dall-E, ChatGPT – will they replace designers?

Section 2: Get Started

Lecture 13 Introduction & Download Resources for this Section

Lecture 14 Use Photoshop’s Interface Efficiently

Lecture 15 Customize Your Workspace

Lecture 16 Create a New Project

Lecture 17 Get around Photoshop Fast

Lecture 18 Execise: Practice zooming and panning

Lecture 19 Save your Photoshop work

Lecture 20 Export Your Work in 5 Ways (as a PNG/JPEG)

Lecture 21 How to Crop and Straighten Photos

Lecture 22 This is how Photoshop saved me $9000

Lecture 23 Open Images in 6 Ways

Lecture 24 How to resize a photo (shrink & enlarge)

Lecture 25 Shrink your PNG/JPEGs without losing quality

Lecture 26 The Powerful Properties Panel

Lecture 27 Optional – Save your work to the cloud

Lecture 28 Review

Section 3: Neural Filters – One-click wonders in Photoshop

Lecture 29 Download the resources for this section

Lecture 30 This is the biggest improvement in Photoshop’s history

Lecture 31 ACTIVITY: Colorize a black and white photo

Lecture 32 Automatic Skin Smoothing

Lecture 33 Look like a model with Smart Portrait

Lecture 34 Improve your portrait & change your background

Lecture 35 Bokeh Effect: Use depth blur for a beautiful look

Lecture 36 Cut out a person and replace the background

Lecture 37 Restore old photos with neural filters

Lecture 38 Make a photo 4x bigger (GREAT quality)

Lecture 39 Get creative with your nature photos

Lecture 40 Instagram filters in Photoshop

Section 4: Learn about layer essentials in Photoshop

Lecture 41 Introduction & Download Resources for this Section

Lecture 42 OPTIONAL: What Are Layers?

Lecture 43 Start Using Layers

Lecture 44 Use the Layers Panel

Lecture 45 Select Layers

Lecture 46 Move Layers

Lecture 47 EXERCISE: Layer Dexterity

Lecture 48 Solution: Layer Dexterity

Lecture 49 Arrange Images Quickly

Lecture 50 Layer Opacity vs. Fill

Lecture 51 EXERCISE: Fast Alignment

Lecture 52 Solution: Fast Alignment

Lecture 53 Review

Section 5: Learn to work with layers like a pro

Lecture 54 Introduction & Download Resources for this Section

Lecture 55 Layer Types Explained

Lecture 56 Customize the Layers Panel

Lecture 57 How to prepare a design for printing (packaging)

Lecture 58 Identify Layers

Lecture 59 Filter Layers

Lecture 60 EXERCISE: Sort Layers

Lecture 61 Solution: Sort Layers

Lecture 62 Manipulate Layers in Photoshop CC 2023

Lecture 63 Manipulate Layers in CS4 – CC 2018

Lecture 64 Rotate layers in CC 2023

Lecture 65 OPTIONAL: Best Layer Hotkeys

Lecture 66 Use Blending Modes

Lecture 67 Lock Layers

Lecture 68 How I quickly edit a website in Photoshop

Lecture 69 Bonus: Find great packaging designs

Lecture 70 Review

Section 6: Everything you need to know about Adobe Bridge

Lecture 71 What’s Adobe Bridge and this why you should care

Lecture 72 Organize loads of photos with Adobe Bridge

Lecture 73 Rate your files – the unknown hero!

Lecture 74 Are you a beginner photographer? Start here!

Lecture 75 Optimize viewing mode and clear cache

Lecture 76 Create a beautiful PDF presentation in seconds

Section 7: Camera Raw – Edit Your Photos

Lecture 77 Camera Raw – A must-watch introduction

Lecture 78 The most important thing about editing photos

Lecture 79 Most common edits in Camera Raw

Lecture 80 How to adjust parts of a photo in Camera Raw

Lecture 81 Here’s a smarter way to adjust specific parts in Camera Raw

Lecture 82 Discover better tools to make edits in Camera Raw

Lecture 83 Raw image format vs JPEG

Lecture 84 How to quickly view lots of images

Lecture 85 My workflow in Camera Raw

Lecture 86 Contest: Improve photos in Camera Raw

Lecture 87 How to add optimized images to a website (gallery)

Lecture 88 One-click wonders in Camera Raw

Lecture 89 Bonus: How I work in Camera Raw for product photos (30 minutes)

Lecture 90 Conclusion

Section 8: Cloud Documents – The Biggest Change in your workflow

Lecture 91 What are cloud documents?

Lecture 92 Saving to the cloud vs locally (on your computer)

Lecture 93 Version history – WOW!

Lecture 94 The biggest drawback with cloud documents

Section 9: Raster Layers – The most flexible layer type in Photoshop

Lecture 95 Introduction

Lecture 96 Use the Brush Tool

Lecture 97 ACTIVITY: Soften Skin Imperfections

Lecture 98 Skin Smoothing – The Easy Way

Lecture 99 Use the Eye Dropper & Swatches

Lecture 100 OPTIONAL: Photoshop vs. Illustrator

Lecture 101 The Libraries Panel

Lecture 102 OPTIONAL: Fix the Eye Dropper

Lecture 103 Resolution vs. Image Size

Lecture 104 OPTIONAL: Change T-Shirt Color

Lecture 105 Optimize Project Size

Lecture 106 Non-destructive Editing

Lecture 107 Review

Section 10: Artboards – This is how you should use them

Lecture 108 Introduction

Lecture 109 Find out how artboards can help you

Lecture 110 The hidden value of artboards

Lecture 111 Creating and resizing artboards

Lecture 112 Duplicate artboards and using guides

Lecture 113 Exporting artboards

Lecture 114 Conclusion

Section 11: Selections 101 – Learn to use selections

Lecture 115 Selections Explained

Lecture 116 Modify Selections

Lecture 117 Rectangular Marquee

Lecture 118 Elliptical Marquee

Lecture 119 EXERCISE: Hands On Marquees

Lecture 120 Solution: Hands On Marquees

Lecture 121 Hide Pixels with Layer Masks

Lecture 122 ACTIVITY: Combine 2 Images with Layer Masks

Lecture 123 One-click sky replacement

Lecture 124 Adjusting the Sky Replacement

Lecture 125 Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand

Lecture 126 Remove a person from their background in CC 2021

Lecture 127 The Object Selection Tool in CC 2023

Lecture 128 ACTIVITY: Make an Orange Purple

Lecture 129 ACTIVITY: Change the Color of T-Shirt v2

Lecture 130 Review

Section 12: Selections 102 – Advanced selections

Lecture 131 Introduction

Lecture 132 Use Lasso Tools

Lecture 133 Pen Tool Overview

Lecture 134 Use Direct & Path Selection Tools

Lecture 135 ACTIVITY: Pen Tool Selections

Lecture 136 Quick Mask Mode

Lecture 137 Select a Color in a Photo

Lecture 138 ACTIVITY: Remove Background

Lecture 139 Save & Load Selections

Lecture 140 Select and Mask Hair

Lecture 141 Review

Section 13: Build a portfolio & get design jobs

Lecture 142 Why do you need a portfolio?

Lecture 143 How do you build your portfolio? On what platform?

Lecture 144 How should your portfolio look like?

Lecture 145 What should you post in your portfolio?

Lecture 146 Getting jobs from your portfolio

Lecture 147 Live portfolio reviews

Section 14: Shape Layers – Everything you need to know about rectangles (powerful!)

Lecture 148 Introduction

Lecture 149 Create Shapes

Lecture 150 Modify Shapes

Lecture 151 Free Transform (Ctrl+T) in CC 2023 works differently

Lecture 152 ACTIVITY: Design Web Buttons

Lecture 153 New Custom Shapes in CC 2023

Lecture 154 Use Custom Shapes

Lecture 155 ACTIVITY: Design Shapes with the Pen Tool

Lecture 156 Generate Guides from Shapes

Lecture 157 Place Images in Shapes: Clipping Mask vs Layer Mask vs Vector Mask

Lecture 158 ACTIVITY: Create a Website Layout

Lecture 159 ACTIVITY: Design a Flat Illustration – Part 1

Lecture 160 ACTIVITY: Design a Flat Illustration – Part 2

Lecture 161 ACTIVITY: Design a Flat Illustration – Part 3

Lecture 162 Contest: Create a Flat Illustration

Lecture 163 Review

Section 15: Creative Layer Styles (Effects)

Lecture 164 Introduction

Lecture 165 Layer Styles Crash Course

Lecture 166 Download & Scale Layer Styles

Lecture 167 Create Gold Text Effect

Lecture 168 Embed Text in Photos

Lecture 169 Use Global Light

Lecture 170 Create Shiny 3D Text

Lecture 171 Create Neon Effect

Lecture 172 ACTIVITY: Design an Emoji – Part 1

Lecture 173 ACTIVITY: Design an Emoji – Part 2

Lecture 174 ACTIVITY: Animate an Emoji – Part 1

Lecture 175 ACTIVITY: Animate an Emoji – Part 2

Lecture 176 Create a Fire Text Effect

Lecture 177 Review

Section 16: Work with Smart Objects

Lecture 178 Smart Objects Explained

Lecture 179 ACTIVITY: Design a Mobile App Icon

Lecture 180 Create Your Own App Icon

Lecture 181 Breaking Smart Objects

Lecture 182 Showcase Your Work Professionally

Lecture 183 ACTIVITY: Create a Realistic Mockup

Lecture 184 Unpack Smart Objects

Lecture 185 Linked Smart Objects

Lecture 186 Filters with Smart Objects

Lecture 187 ACTIVITY: Create a Business Card Part 1

Lecture 188 ACTIVITY: Create a Business Card Part 2

Lecture 189 ACTIVITY: Create a Business Card Part 3

Lecture 190 Review

Section 17: Create a Cute Character

Lecture 191 ACTIVITY: Create the Shape

Lecture 192 ACTIVITY: Add Layer Styles

Lecture 193 ACTIVITY: Finishing Touches

Section 18: Repair Your Photos

Lecture 194 Introduction

Lecture 195 Remove Skin Issues

Lecture 196 Remove Watch & Necklace from Photos

Lecture 197 Clean Up Face Imperfections

Lecture 198 Move People in Photos

Lecture 199 Enhance Faded Photos

Lecture 200 Dodge, Burn, Sponge tools

Lecture 201 Remove Red Eyes from Photos

Lecture 202 Create an Action in Photoshop

Lecture 203 Resize Lots of Images Quickly

Lecture 204 Review

Section 19: Text Layers

Lecture 205 Text Layers Explained

Lecture 206 Font Types

Lecture 207 Get New Fonts

Lecture 208 Learn Typography Best Practices

Lecture 209 Combine Fonts

Lecture 210 EXERCISE: Hands On Text Layers

Lecture 211 Solution: Hands On Text Layers

Lecture 212 Identify a Font

Lecture 213 Stay Consistent in Your Projects

Lecture 214 Glyphs Explained

Lecture 215 Review

Section 20: Improve Your Photos

Lecture 216 Introduction

Lecture 217 Make Your Teeth White

Lecture 218 Reshape Faces

Lecture 219 Create a Lens Flare

Lecture 220 Tilt Shift: Miniaturize Objects

Lecture 221 Add Glowing Lines to Photos

Lecture 222 Add Light to an Area

Lecture 223 Review

Section 21: Course Conclusions & What’s Next

Lecture 224 What’s my skill level after 10 years?

Lecture 225 Do this before you start freelancing

Lecture 226 My first $1247 from Photoshop (after 3 weeks)

Lecture 227 YouTube Thumbnail Challenge

Lecture 228 The most common mistake in design competitions!

Lecture 229 Live Stream: How hard it is to come up with a mascot (logo)

Lecture 230 Live Stream: Contest for my granola packaging

Lecture 231 Live Stream: Contest for register pop up

Lecture 232 OPTIONAL: People are mad at Adobe for Photoshop CC 2019

Lecture 233 Final Words

This course is perfect for beginner-level Photoshop users.,If you’re an intermediate or advanced user, please check out my curriculum especially the practice activities and assignments to see if this course is a good fit for you.,This course is not for students who want to learn about one particular topic in depth, for example, painting with brushes in Photoshop. Instead, this is a comprehensive course that gives you a solid foundation on all the major topics in Photoshop.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 21h 49m | 32.42 GB
Created by: Cristian Doru Barin

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