Ultimate AngularJS Build a RealWorld App from Scratch

Build a Single Page App with AngularJS, Angular Material, UI Router, and Firebase. Includes Angular 2 preview!
Ultimate AngularJS Build a RealWorld App from Scratch
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Ryan Chenkie


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Ultimate AngularJS Build a RealWorld App from Scratch

What you’ll learn

Create Single Page Applications with AngularJS
Use the command line to make files and directories, and to install packages from NPM
Work effectively with Angular Material
Create AngularJS directives
Wire up a real-time backend with Firebase
Apply routing to any Angular 1.x application with UI Router
Create a basic Angular 2 application with multiple components

Ultimate AngularJS Build a RealWorld App from Scratch


Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge
General knowledge of how web applications work
Web browser


This course will show you–from start to finish–how to build a real-life application with AngularJS. Angular is awesome, but it can be tricky to learn, especially if you are newer to web development. This is especially true if you’re trying to figure out how to build an actual working application in it. It can seem like a daunting task–especially since many tutorials out there don’t show how to do it from scratch.The good news is that it’s not that hard once you know how all the pieces work together. This course will teach you those pieces and how they fit together so that you can build your own real life single page web applications that persist data to a database.This course is for all levels, but you will find it especially useful if you are newer to web development. You should know some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but by no means do you need to be an expert. We’ll be using tools like the command line and NodeJS to install packages, but we’ll be seeing how to use them from scratch, so you don’t need to have prior knowledge of them.This course brings together many commonly requested AngularJS subjects that aren’t seen in a lot of other ones, including:DirectivesRoutingAngular MaterialAngular 2If you want to learn how to build a single page app with AngularJS, and want to learn it from scratch, then this is the best course you’ll find. See you in there!


Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 What We’ll Build

Lecture 2 Who is Ryan?

Section 2: AngularJS Theory

Lecture 3 The Evolving Web

Lecture 4 What is AngularJS Trying to Solve?

Lecture 5 The Good and the Bad

Section 3: Setting Up the Development Environment

Lecture 6 Tools We Need

Lecture 7 Setting Up the Project Directory

Lecture 8 Making a Hello World App

Section 4: Controllers, Scope, and Dependency Injection

Lecture 9 The MVC Pattern

Lecture 10 Digging Into Controllers

Lecture 11 What is $scope?

Lecture 12 Two-Way Data Binding

Lecture 13 More on Templating

Lecture 14 Dependency Injection

Lecture 15 What are Providers?

Section 5: Building the Structure of the Application

Lecture 16 A Crash Course on Directives

Lecture 17 The Toolbar and Classified Card

Lecture 18 Using ng-repeat

Lecture 19 Implementing Filters

Lecture 20 Hiding and Showing Parts of the User Interface

Section 6: Introducing $http

Lecture 21 Working with Remote Data

Lecture 22 HTTP Requests and Promises

Lecture 23 Switching to Services

Section 7: CRUD and User Interface Refinement

Lecture 24 Putting in the Sidenav

Lecture 25 Adding New Classifieds

Lecture 26 Editing Existing Classifieds

Lecture 27 Deleting Classifieds

Lecture 28 Filtering Data

Lecture 29 Adding Animation

Section 8: Routing with UI Router

Lecture 30 Routing Concepts

Lecture 31 How UI Router Works

Lecture 32 Switching to Controller As

Lecture 33 Refactoring the Classifieds Route

Lecture 34 Creating the New Classifieds State

Lecture 35 Setting Up Watchers

Lecture 36 Emitting Data

Lecture 37 Editing Data with Route Params

Section 9: Setting Up a Backend with Firebase

Lecture 38 Firebase Concepts

Lecture 39 Reading Data from Firebase

Lecture 40 Adding Data to Firebase

Lecture 41 Editing and Deleting Data from Firebase

Section 10: Directives

Lecture 42 Isolating Scope

Lecture 43 Setting Up the Classified Card Directive

Lecture 44 Finishing the Directive

Section 11: Angular 2 Preview

Lecture 45 About Angular 2

Lecture 46 Installing Angular 2

Lecture 47 Wiring Up a Component

Lecture 48 Multiple Components

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 49 Wrapping Up

Beginner JavaScript Developers,Web Designers of all levels,Web developers of all levels,Anyone wanting to learn how to make awesome apps with AngularJS!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 31m | 1.70 GB
Created by: Ryan Chenkie

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