Ultimate Crypto Web3 Course from DeFi to NFT allinone

Understand all Crypto buzzwords in a structured way with detailed animation to explain complex concepts!
Ultimate Crypto Web3 Course from DeFi to NFT allinone
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Calvin and Marcus from BitcoinTwins Lab


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Ultimate Crypto Web3 Course from DeFi to NFT allinone

What you’ll learn

Understand all crypto-related buzzwords in a structured way
Identify and avoid common crypto scams
Able to independently verify crypto investment opportunities without blindly trusting anyone
Equip the essential knowledge base to learn new crypto information in the industry

Ultimate Crypto Web3 Course from DeFi to NFT allinone


No specific prerequisite. You will learn everything you need to know


Most updated content for 2023Nearly 5 hours of course video + more than 200 pages of course powerpoint slides + smart contract solidity source code of a simple bankBasics of MoneyWhy do we need money?Functions of MoneyCharacteristics of MoneyEvolution of MoneyCommodity Money (Non-Metal)Commodity Money (Metal)Banknote (Representative Money)Banknote (Fiat Money)Digital Payment (Fiat Money)HyperinflationBitcoin as a MoneyCan Bitcoin fulfill 3 functions of money?Medium of ExchangeUnit of AccountStore of ValueDoes Bitcoin possess all characteristics of money?DivisiblePortableDurableFungibleLimited in SupplyAnti-CounterfeitWhy do we need Bitcoin?Hedge against inflation due to money printingBe your own bankAnti-CensorshipOrigin of BitcoinWho created Bitcoin?How Bitcoin works under the hood? (What is Blockchain)Transaction forms the basis of BitcoinPrivacyAccess ControlAsymmetric CryptographyBroadcast TransactionsTransaction VerificationDouble-spending ProblemHow centralized financial system solve it?How to choose a judge?Hash FunctionCreate a blockConsensus Mechanism / MiningWhat is 51% attack?Bitcoin ExplorerOverview of Cryptocurrency and Web3What is Cryptocurrency?Digital Currency vs Digital PaymentWhy there are so many cryptocurrencies?What is Web3?Why we need Web3?Web2 Tech Giants monopolistic powerIt is still early days for Web3What is Ethereum?Bitcoin can do payments onlyEthereum is a Smart Contract PlatformEthereum TransactionAccount ModelGasEthereum Virtual Machine (EVM)EIP and ERCWhat is Smart Contract?Basics of Computer ScienceBytecodeDetail explanation on a Solidity-based banking smart contractHow to check smart contract source code in EtherscanHow to use Crypto?How to login in Web3?What is wallet?Hot Wallet vs Cold WalletStep-by-Step guide to use MetaMaskGet test ETH from faucetSend ETH from Account 1 to Account 2How to check EtherscanConnect hardware walletHow to buy and sell Crypto?Centralized Exchange (CEX)Order book in CEXDecentralized Exchange (DEX)Publicly-traded Crypto FundCrypto ATMPros and cons of different methodsWhat is DeFi?StablecoinAutomated Market Maker (AMM)Liquidity Mining / Yield FarmingImpermanent LossPrice Impact and SlippageMEV – Front-running and back-runningLending PoolDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)Step-by-Step guide on how to use DEXWhat is NFT and Metaverse?NFT CategoriesDigital CollectiblesDigital ArtsMetaverse Land and ItemsOn-chain naming (ENS)MembershipHow to mint NFT?use GojuoNFT as an exampleWhat is OpenSea?Myths about NFTAre NFT images stored on blockchain?Can anyone issue NFT?Clone a famous NFT project and re-issue?MetaverseBlockchain Scalability ProblemEthereum is becoming more and more congestedTransaction fee is risingEthereum is way slower than the incumbentsLayer 1 / Ethereum KillerEVM ecosystemEthereum Upgrades (ETH 2.0)Proof of StakeLayer 2 (L2)Optimistic RollupZero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup


Section 1: From Basics to Advanced

Lecture 1 Basics of Money

Lecture 2 Bitcoin as a Money

Lecture 3 How Bitcoin works under the hood (What is Blockchain)

Lecture 4 Overview of Cryptocurrency and Web3

Lecture 5 What is Ethereum

Lecture 6 What is Smart Contract

Lecture 7 How to use Crypto

Lecture 8 How to buy and sell Crypto

Lecture 9 What is DeFi

Lecture 10 What is NFT and Metaverse

Lecture 11 Blockchain Scalability Problem

Newbie,Industry practitioners who want to understand crypto in a more cohesive way

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 51m | 1.52 GB
Created by: Calvin and Marcus from BitcoinTwins Lab

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