Ultimate HR Generalist and Human Resource Management Course

Hands-on HR Certification: All HR Management topics. Employee Life Cycle, Payroll, Recruitment, Engagement, EX Design
Ultimate HR Generalist and Human Resource Management Course
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Ultimate HR Generalist and Human Resource Management Course

What you’ll learn

Important HR Management Skills for HR Generalists and Specialists, from Virtual Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Onboarding to Compensation and Payroll
Learn Important Payroll Skills: Compensation, Benefits, Indian Payroll Concepts, Payroll Components/Heads
Learn to create your own HR Career Roadmap. SWOT Analysis.
Design Thinking in HRM: Employee Experience Design Complete Guide
Complete Guide on On-boarding of New Employees : Plans, Strategies and Business Case Studies in Human Resource Management
Prepare for HR Position Interview with Interview Preparation guide and 40 Questions – Answers (Downloadable E-Book)
Structure Fixed and Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP) CTC Structures. Calculate Gross and Net Salary. Understand Provident Fund calculation concepts in detail.
Employee Salary / Payroll Calculations in Excel and Provident Fund Concept & Calculation in Excel detailed Case-Studies
Employee Engagement Best Practices : How to Frame a Buddy Program in organizations
HRM: Objectives (Organizational, Social, Personnel), Functions (Managerial, Operative, Advisory), Strategic HRM: Aligning Corporate Strategy with HRM
Get acquainted with HR Policies and Procedures in use today

Ultimate HR Generalist and Human Resource Management Course


English. Anybody willing to learn about Human Resource (HR) tools, techniques and Indian Payroll Compensation in-depth are welcome.


Are you looking for a single course with the most comprehensive HRM topics coverage? (Updated in April 2023)Beginner-friendly, step-by-step training methodology? Clear-cult tools, technologies, and practical instructions with workable files and resources?A practical, most industry-relevant curriculum in HR Management & Compensation, Benefits & Payroll to become a sought-after professional in today’s scenario? (even if you are a beginner or have up to 14 yrs of experience).Industry-relevant practical curriculum which can be applied to your work right now?This course is for you if you answered yes to any of the above questions.UNLOCK the top-notch and in-demand skills for Human Resource Management & Payroll professional success in this simple, Constantly Updated and easy to understand course from HR industry experts (NextGen HR)!This is a most recent (Updated in April 2023), Comprehensive HRM Course for beginners and mid-level professionals. Beginner to Advanced: Most important and trending HR topics covered.Top HR and Payroll Skills you acquire from this course are :- Employee Life Cycle Management: Managing end to end Employee Life Cycle from Branding to Exit in an organization, with relevant Tools, Technologies & HR metric to use for measurement of each stage. Human Resource Management: Introduction, Objectives of HRM: Organizational, Functional, Social and Personal, Strategic HRM: Aligning Organizational Strategy with HR Strategy.Design Thinking in HRM: Employee Experience Design (EX-Design): Complete Methodology and Implementation guide for a wow Employee Experience.Indian Compensation, Payroll and Benefits : Concepts, Fixed and Flexible Benefit Plan – CTC Structuring and Salary Calculations.Statutory Compliances Concepts & Detailed Calculation in Excel, such as PF, ESIC, Statutory Bonus, Leave Encashment, Gratuity, etc.HR Policies and Procedures used in most organizations today.Art of Salary Negotiation with prospective employees to acquire great talent.Effective On-boarding and retention of employees. Case studies on On-boarding impact on Employee Retention and HR department.Career Planning for HR professionals : Learn all these from an industry expert + Also set your Career Roadmap.Complete HRM Interview Preparation Guide: Prepare for your next HR Manager / HR Generalist Interview with complete guide, 40 Questions and Sample Answers. Downloadable PDF E-Guide.Employee Engagement Best Practices: How to design Buddy ProgramRemote / Online Recruitment Best Practices for successful recruitment online.Analyse your SWOT, Know different opportunities and career roadmap in HR in this course.10.  Excel Basics and Excel Formulas, Functions for HR professionalsand many more…Practical Training Curriculum:Work on Practical Assignments and use given downloadable Excel Case-Study worksheets, practice materials, etc. to gain hands-on experience. Get downloadable E-Book on Compensation & Payroll topics, with this course. ———————Learning outcomes of the course:-1. Employee Life Cycle Management:Employee Life Cycle: Introduction and its stages.Each Stage, i.e., Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Retention, Separation explained in detail : Importance, Tools & Technologies Used, Which HR Metrics to measure them.2. Introduction to HRM, Objectives of HRM, Functions of HRM: Introduction to HR Management, Objectives of HRM (Organizational, Social, Personnel, Functional).Core Functions of HRM and Strategic HR Management : Aligning organizational strategy with HR Strategy.3. Payroll, Compensation and Benefits, Statutory Compliance’s (India) : Level 1 Downloadable E-Book in Resources for this topic as a Ready to Refer quick guide!Learn important Indian Compensation, Benefits and Payroll concepts practically in Excel as well as theory.Types of CTC Structures (Fixed, Flexible Benefit Plan FBP) and how to structure CTC with step-by-step details explained on Excel.Different Payroll Terminologies and concepts, salary heads explained practically as well as theoreticallyGratuity, Leave Encashment and Statutory Bonus Concepts, Calculations and AssignmentsExcel Salary Calculation Case Studies (CTC Structuring to Net Salary) on different slabs / ranges of CTC’s for practice (based on Videos) for hands-on exposure.Understanding common Components of Payroll and Compensation Structuring in India to help you understand Offer letters and compensation packages as an HR / Payroll professional.Labour Laws / Statutory Compliance’s (Payroll): Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) detailed understanding of concepts and calculations in Excel. Professional Tax and Labour Welfare Fund. 4. Design Thinking in HRM: Employee Experience Design Complete Course: (This course was separate earlier, now added as a part of this course ‘Ultimate HR Generalist and Human Resource Managmeent’)Learn What is Design Thinking in most simplified, beginner friendly way!Key Concepts and Methodologies in human centered problem solving in business scenarios in HR Management.How Design Thinking works to help build products, solutions, processes and innovations in Human Resources, IT, System Design, Hospitality, Sales or any Domain.Understand some of the important tools in Design Thinking i.e., Empathy Mapping, etc.Get Insights on how to optimize your creative problem solving by using Design Thinking Steps : Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Testing.Apply Design Thinking for creating Great Employee Experiences in your organization by learning the EX Design with Case Studies in a simple, step-by-step manner.                         5. Your Career Roadmap:-Roles and Positions available for HR in today’s market across all levels. What role can be most suitable for you and how to decide which area to go ahead.Your SWOT Analysis. Using SWOT ANALYSIS to understand your current level of skills in HR and to plan your future skill acquisition.Road map for your HR career. Assessing what skills you have and don’t.  Helping you Creating a plan to acquire next generation skills in HR.6. Salary Negotiation with Prospective Employees:-Art of salary negotiations with employees to ensure you don’t lose important candidates.Crucial conversations/communication techniques to deal with employees during important process “On-boarding” to ensure Employee Retention.Basic People Management skills for HR during Salary Negotiation and On-boarding through Case-Study explanations.7. Recruitment:-Recruitment Process Flow and steps involved in an effective recruitment and hiring process, with case-study example.Best practices for Online / Virtual Recruitment.8. Employee Engagement & Employee Onboarding:-Best practices for Online / Virtual Onboarding of New Employees.Case Studies on Employee Onboarding. 4 C’s of Employee Onboarding and Strategies for Effective Engagement of New Employees.Complete guide on Employee Onboarding Step By Step Process and Onboarding Checklist.How to Design a Buddy Program: Framework and Implementation complete guide.Employee Experience (EX-Design) Design introduction for better engagement.9. HRM Concepts, Objectives, Functions & Strategic HRM:Human Resource Management: Objectives : Organizational, Functional, Societal and Personnel Objectives. Supporting functional areas of HRM.Strategic Human Resource Management: Alignment of Organizational Strategy and Goals with HRM Strategy and Goals.Functions of HRM: Managerial, Operative and Advisory Functions and core activities under these Functions.Processes of Management in Organization and role of HRM as an important organizational Process.19. MS-Excel Basics: Formulas & Functions for HR & Payroll Professionals MS-Excel Basics. Formulas & Functions for HR & Payroll.Join the course now and be a part of the HR & Payroll professionals Community across the world. Previous course name: Ultimate Human Resources : HR Generalist Course with PayrollKey skills: HR Management / Human Resources Management certification / Payroll Certification / HR Generalism / HRM Certification / HRM Trends / HR Compensation, Benefits & Payroll course / Employee Experience Design / Design Thinking in HR :- Highly experienced trainer : 12+  years of experience in HR, Employee Engagement, Payroll, Compensation and Training Development in India. So what are you waiting for? Enroll  now to unlock the course and get mentored by one of leading expert coach in all areas of Human Resource Management and Payroll Management.An exciting world of learning awaits you! See you in the first video.


Section 1: Employee Life Cycle Management in Human Resource Management

Lecture 1 Employee Life Cycle: Introduction and its stages

Lecture 2 How to take the Course? Guidelines..

Lecture 3 Assignment 1 Guidelines

Lecture 4 Branding in Employee Life Cycle Management: Tools, Technologies & HR Metrics

Lecture 5 Tools, Tech & HR Metrics for Branding Stage in Employee Life Cycle

Lecture 6 Recruitment in Employee Life Cycle Management: Tools, Technologies & HR Metrics

Lecture 7 Onboarding in Employee Life Cycle Management: Tools, Tech & HR Metrics used

Lecture 8 Employee Development in Employee Life Cycle Management : Tools, Tech & HR Metric

Lecture 9 Retention in Employee Life Cycle: Importance, Tools, Tech & HR Metrics Used

Lecture 10 Separation in Employee Life Cycle: Importance, Tools, Tech & HR Metrics

Lecture 11 Welcome! Introduce yourself & Download the PDF Notes – C&B, Payroll Intro

Lecture 12 Our community of HR & Payroll professionals

Lecture 13 Downloadable HR magazine pdf & Employee life cycle guide pdf

Section 2: Effective Recruitment Process explained with Case Study

Lecture 14 Recruitment Process Introduction

Lecture 15 All Steps in Recruitment and Hiring Process with a Case Study

Lecture 16 Top Trends in HRM: 2023

Section 3: Best HR Practices in Remote / Online Recruitment

Lecture 17 How to Make your Remote Recruitment a Hit

Lecture 18 Best HR Practices in Remote Recruitment – Part 2

Lecture 19 Virtual Recruitment – Assignment Answers: Downloadable PDF here

Lecture 20 The Great Resignation and its impact Downloadable PDF E-Guide.

Section 4: Case Studies in Employee Engagement & Onboarding : Implementation guide

Lecture 21 Case study #1 : Guide to 4 C’s of Onboarding – Part 1

Lecture 22 Case Study #1 Onboarding Checklist and Planning Part 2

Lecture 23 Case Study #1 Onboarding Part 3

Lecture 24 Case Study # 2 – Onboarding Challenges Part 1

Lecture 25 Case Study # 2 – Onboarding Challenges Part 2

Lecture 26 Case Study # 2 – Onboarding Challenges Part 3

Lecture 27 Downloadable materials: PDF & Excel for all lectures

Section 5: Employee Engagement: Design Buddy Program for Employee Engagement & Retention

Lecture 28 Employee Engagement Programs: Buddy Program

Lecture 29 Engaegment Program: Buddy Program: How to Implement

Lecture 30 Employee Engagement: Women’s Day ideas

Section 6: Design Thinking in HRM: A Trending Topic: Employee Experience Design for Success

Lecture 31 What is Design Thinking: Introduction

Lecture 32 Empathize Process & Empathy Mapping for Human Centered Problem Solving

Lecture 33 Defining the Problem in Design Thinking

Lecture 34 IBM’s Design Thinking Case Study-Guide

Lecture 35 Ideation Phase in Design Thinking

Lecture 36 Prototype & Testing in Design Thinking

Section 7: EX Design: Employee Experience Design – Design Thinking in HR

Lecture 37 Employee Experience Design Implementation with Example – Part 1

Lecture 38 Part 2 – Employee Experience Design Implementation Guide

Section 8: Design Thinking in HR: EX Design with Case Studies

Lecture 39 Design Thinking in HR – Introduction to EX design

Lecture 40 Design Thinking in HR – Employee Experience Design Methodology & Framework

Lecture 41 Design Thinking in HR – Employee Experience Implementation Case Studies

Section 9: Design Thinking in HR : Downloadable

Lecture 42 Learn What is Ex Design in HR: Employee Exp Design & its Components: Article

Section 10: HR Career Roadmap

Lecture 43 HR Career Roadmap Introduction, Current Roles and Opportunities in HR Industry

Lecture 44 HR Career Roadmap : Part 2

Lecture 45 HR Career Roadmap : Part 3

Section 11: Interview Guide: HRM Questions and Answers for HR Manager / HR Generalist

Lecture 46 HR Generalist Interview Questions Answers – Part 1

Lecture 47 HR Generalist Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2

Lecture 48 HR Generalist Interview Questions & Answers – Part 3

Lecture 49 HR Generalist Interview Questions & Answers – Part 4

Lecture 50 Downloadable HRM Interview Q&A EBook in PDF

Section 12: HR Balanced Scorecard: A brief guide

Lecture 51 HR Balanced Score Card : A guide

Section 13: Performance Appraisal Forms: Downloadable

Lecture 52 Performance Appraisal

Section 14: SWOT analysis for HR – self exercise to identify skills, weaknesses for career

Lecture 53 SWOT analysis Part 1

Lecture 54 SWOT Analysis Part 2

Lecture 55 SWOT Analysis – Part 3

Lecture 56 SWOT Analysis – Part 4 (Final part)

Section 15: MS-Excel for HRM & Payroll

Lecture 57 NEW – MS-Excel for Beginners: Basic Excel Functions & Formulas for beginners.

Lecture 58 NEW – MS-Excel Formulas & Functions for Beginners: Part 2

Lecture 59 NEW- MS-Excel Formulas & Functions for Beginners: Part 3

Lecture 60 NEW – MS-Excel Formulas & Functions for Beginners – Part 4

Section 16: [NEW] HR Policies and Procedures Guide

Lecture 61 Introduction to HR Policies and Procedures

Lecture 62 Important HR Policies explained

Lecture 63 Important HR Policies Explained – Part 2

Section 17: Effective Salary Negotiation Tips

Lecture 64 Tricks and Tips on Salary Negotiation with Potential Candidates

Lecture 65 Salary negotiation tricks Part 2

Lecture 66 Salary Negotiation tricks Part 3

Section 18: Intro To Payroll Software Process Flow & Outsourcing Process Flow

Lecture 67 Introduction to Payroll Software Process Flow

Lecture 68 Intro to Payroll Outsourcing Process Flow

Section 19: HRM Concepts, Strategy, Functions & Objectives

Lecture 69 Intro to Management Processes & HRM as a Management Process

Lecture 70 4 Dimensions of Objectives of HRM

Lecture 71 Functions of HRM

Lecture 72 Strategic HR Management

Section 20: Compensation, Payroll and Benefits in India – Level 1 for HR professionals

Lecture 73 Intro to Compensation, Benefits and Payroll Concepts

Lecture 74 Assignment 1 Guide

Lecture 75 How Compensation Level is Determined

Lecture 76 Functions of Payroll and Step by Step Payroll Management

Lecture 77 What is Payroll Cycle and Attendance Cycle?

Lecture 78 Intro to Post Salary Disbursement : Activities

Lecture 79 Types of Compensation Structures / CTC Structures

Lecture 80 Understanding CTC, Gross and Net Pay

Lecture 81 Payroll Components and Allowances Explained

Lecture 82 LTA Reimbursement component

Lecture 83 C & B : Compensation Benefits Types for Practical Payroll

Lecture 84 Practical Payroll in Excel – How to Structure CTC or Salary – Part 1

Lecture 85 Practical Payroll in Excel – CTC to Gross and Net Pay Calculation Part 2

Lecture 86 Practical Payroll in Excel – CTC to Gross and Net Pay Calculation Part 3

Lecture 87 Current Income Tax Slab

Lecture 88 New Wage Code 2019 Highlights – Article

Section 21: New Income Tax 2023-24 (India) Highlights

Lecture 89 New Income Tax FY 2023-24 India

Section 22: CTC Structuring and Salary Calculation – Step by Step Explained in Excel

Lecture 90 Case Study 2 : 65000 p.m CTC – Payroll in Excel – CTC Structuring

Lecture 91 65000 CTC pm in Excel – CTC Structure to Gross and Net Pay Calculation – Part 2

Lecture 92 65000 CTC pm in Excel – CTC Structure to Gross and Net Pay Calculation

Lecture 93 65000 CTC pm in Excel – CTC Structure to Gross and Net Pay Calculation – Part 3

Lecture 94 65000 CTC pm in Excel – CTC Structure to Net Pay Calculation – Part 4

Lecture 95 65000 CTC pm in Excel – CTC Structure to Net Pay Calculation – Part 5 Final

Section 23: Salary Calculation with ESIC – Practical & Provident Fund Calculations

Lecture 96 ESIC Concepts Introduction

Lecture 97 Salary Calculation with ESIC – Part 1

Lecture 98 Salary Calculation with ESIC – Part 2 (Final)

Lecture 99 Provident Fund – Detailed Calculation – Practical in Excel

Section 24: Leave Encashment, Gratuity & Statutory Bonus

Lecture 100 Let’s learn Leave Encashment – Concept & its Calculation!

Lecture 101 Leave Encashment – Concepts Article (as explained in Video + some more info)

Lecture 102 Understanding Statutory Bonus in India – Concept & Its Calculation!

Lecture 103 Statutory Bonus : Article (as explained in Video + some more info)

Lecture 104 Let’s learn Gratuity – Concepts & its Calculations..

Lecture 105 Gratuity : Concepts Article (as explained in previous video + some more info)

Section 25: Ultimate Employee Onboarding Guide for Employee Retention

Lecture 106 Effective On-boarding tips for Employee Retention – Part 1

Lecture 107 Effective On-boarding tips for Retention – Part 2

Lecture 108 Effective On-boarding tips for Retention – Part 3. Employee Retention guide PDF.

Lecture 109 Its a wrap! Congratulations on completion of course! Certification guide..

Lecture 110 Bonus Lecture

Human Resources (HR) Professionals, HR Generalists, HR Managers, HR Executives, Payroll Processors, Payroll Managers, Payroll Accountants, Finance Professionals, Compensation Managers, Students, MBA HR / Finance / MCom / Commerce / Business Management Graduates or other Beginners looking forward to upskill on HR management and Compensation Payroll Management,Anyone with keen interest in Human Resource management, Compensation, Payroll management

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Udemy | English | 10h 22m | 8.32 GB
Created by: Meghana NextGen HR

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