Ultimate Unity Overview 50 Tools and Features Explained

Learn how to make BETTER games FASTER by using all the Unity Tools and Features at your disposal!
Ultimate Unity Overview 50 Tools and Features Explained
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Ultimate Unity Overview 50 Tools and Features Explained

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use 50+ Unity Features and Tools
Make BETTER games FASTER by learning about some Tools you might not know exist!
Learn from a Professional Indie Game Developer
New Lectures added regularly as FREE Updates teaching more Tools and Features

Ultimate Unity Overview 50 Tools and Features Explained


Anyone can follow and learn
Use the Q&A Section if you have any questions, I answer all of them every single day


Hello and Welcome!I’m your Code Monkey and in THIS course you will learn how to use a lot of the features and tools that Unity has.Unity is massive so there are over 50 lectures on this course each covering a different Tool or Feature.This is a great way to quickly get up to speed and become familiar with all the Tools and Features Unity has that can make you much better at building your own games.Learn all about making Shaders in Shader Graph, 3D modelling with ProBuilder, playing Videos with the VideoPlayerLearn about Visual Scripting, Assembly Definitions, RenderTextures, GridSystem, TextMeshPro and more.In this course you will find some features that are part of the engine that you didn’t even know about which will greatly help you on your game development journey.Unity is massive so there are even more features than the ones I covered here, I’ve been using Unity for almost 10 years now and even so there’s still some I’ve never used so I need to do extensive research in order to make a lecture.This course will be updated over time with free updates as I explain more and more Features and Tools.There’s already been 3 free updates, the course launched with 30 lectures and currently has 50+!Let me know in the Q&A section which ones you’re most interested in so I know which ones to prioritize.Each lecture covers a different Tool or Feature of the engine so that means that each Lecture is standalone.You can go through the course Lecture by Lecture, or you can jump around and go to each Lecture that covers a Tool that you’re specifically interested in.But my goal with this course is also to expose you to Tools and Features that you might not be familiar with so if you take the approach of jumping between each lecture, make sure you watch the ones you missed in the end.There might be a feature that you simply don’t know about that would help you immensely.About me, I’m a Professional Indie Game Developer with several successful games published on Steam covering a wide range of genres, I’ve been Programming for over 20 years and using Unity for almost 10.Also a couple of years ago I started a YouTube channel making Free Video Tutorials to share the knowledge I have accumulated to help you learn how to make YOUR OWN games.If you’d like to try out my learning style before purchasing the course you can watch the over 500 Videos available for Free on the YouTube channel.If you feel confused or lost at any point in the course make sure you post your questions in the Q&A section.I am there every single day answering every question to help you with whatever issues you may have.This course will be updated over time with free updates as I explain more and more Features and Tools. There’s already been 3 free updates, the course launched with 30 lectures and currently has 50+!Alright so go ahead join me on the course and let’s learn how to use everything that Unity has to offer in order to make BETTER games FASTER!- Code Monkey


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Section 2: Tools and Features

Lecture 2 Unity Version

Lecture 3 Unity Hub

Lecture 4 Unity Editor Basic Windows

Lecture 5 Unity Editor Layout

Lecture 6 Render Pipelines

Lecture 7 Package Manager

Lecture 8 2D – 3D

Lecture 9 Visual Scripting

Lecture 10 Post Processing

Lecture 11 Ambient Occlusion URP

Lecture 12 Text – TextMeshPro

Lecture 13 Prefabs

Lecture 14 UnityPackage

Lecture 15 Grids

Lecture 16 RenderTexture

Lecture 17 VideoPlayer

Lecture 18 Shader Graph

Lecture 19 TrailRenderer

Lecture 20 Microgames

Lecture 21 ProBuilder

Lecture 22 Render Pipeline Objects

Lecture 23 Assembly Definitions

Lecture 24 Resources

Lecture 25 Game Object Icon Gizmos

Lecture 26 Pivot Center – Local Global

Lecture 27 Script Execution Order

Lecture 28 Hierarchy Buttons

Lecture 29 Logs

Lecture 30 NavMesh

Lecture 31 Visual Studio Solution with Packages

Lecture 32 PlayerPrefs

Lecture 33 Visual Scripting in Unity 2021

Lecture 34 Shader Graph changes V10

Lecture 35 Input Manager (Legacy) Vs Input System (Package)

Lecture 36 Input System

Lecture 37 Find Class Names and Namespaces

Lecture 38 Animation Vs Animator (Legacy, Mecanim)

Lecture 39 Animation Window

Lecture 40 Animator

Lecture 41 Animator Blend Trees

Lecture 42 Animation Avatar

Lecture 43 Animation Rigging

Lecture 44 ProBuilder Cut Mesh

Lecture 45 RawImage Vs Image, Sprite Vs Texture

Lecture 46 UnityWebRequests – Contact External Servers

Lecture 47 UI Effects – Outline, Shadow, Position as UV1

Lecture 48 Ragdoll

Lecture 49 4 Steps to solve NullReferenceException

Lecture 50 JSON and JsonUtility

Lecture 51 Addressables

Lecture 52 Addressables Remote

Lecture 53 Cloud Content Delivery

Lecture 54 Dynamic Resolution

Lecture 55 Build Size Report

Lecture 56 Unity Authentication

Section 3: What’s Next?

Lecture 57 What’s Next?

Anyone who uses Unity,Anyone interested in learning how to use all the Unity Tools to make better games,Anyone is already familiar with Unity but wants to improve further,Anyone interested in learning from a Professional Indie Game Developer

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Udemy | English | 9h 1m | 4.60 GB
Created by: Code Monkey

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