Understanding Chakras

The fundamentals of Chakras
Understanding Chakras
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Jyoti Manral


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Understanding Chakras

What you’ll learn

Develop a basic understanding of chakra system in our body
Develop levels of consciousness
Develop understanding of construction of human existence
Develop basic understanding of each of the major Chakras

Understanding Chakras


Keep an open mind


Welcome to this course about Understanding Chakras and the fundamental make up of our Chakras. There is so much talk about Chakras and their functioning, the balance that they maintain in our bodies, the effect they have on our bodies and many more such discussions. At the same time, there is also a lot of misinformation about our chakra system and their functioning. This course will clarify all your doubts and provide you with a clear picture about the functioning of the Chakra system, it’s importance and how it manages our body. It will enable you to understand how the Chakra system helps in increasing our body’s vibrations and frequencies and what are the different Chakras and how they affect our existence.The course will enable you to have a basic understanding of the relationship between energy, energy bodies and Chakras. It is only when they are aligned together that we can achieve balance in our existence. You will also understand how the study of the Charka system is a scientific practice and not merely a spiritual or religious one. This course talks about the logical and rational approach to this practice, while clearing the myths that surround it. So, let us begin and try and have a more in depth understanding of our Chakra System.


Section 1: Introduction to Chakra Healing

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Breaking the Myths

Section 2: Understanding Energy Consciousness

Lecture 3 Reality : Universal and Fixed

Lecture 4 Light, Vibration and Energy

Section 3: The Human Existence

Lecture 5 The 4 aspects of Human Existence

Lecture 6 Body and Body Consciousness

Lecture 7 Mind Consciousness

Lecture 8 Ourselves as Energy

Lecture 9 Soul; The highest frequency of light

Section 4: Aligning the body, mind, energy and soul

Lecture 10 Aligning the 4 aspects of Human Existence

Lecture 11 Feminine and Masculine Energies

Section 5: Our Body Chakras

Lecture 12 How do you define the Chakras

Lecture 13 Energy Centre and our Chakras

Section 6: The Physical Chakras

Lecture 14 The Root Chakra

Lecture 15 The Sacral Chakra

Section 7: The Emotional Chakras

Lecture 16 The Solar Plexus

Lecture 17 The Heart Chakra

Section 8: The Spiritual Chakras

Lecture 18 The Throat, The Crown and the Third Eye

Section 9: The Seed Mantra

Lecture 19 The Universal Sounds and our Chakras

All those curious about understanding the functioning of our Chakra System and Energy Body

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Udemy | English | 1h 37m | 2.00 GB
Created by: Jyoti Manral

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