Understanding CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility , CSR in the world & India, sustainability, CSR reporting and Business Plan
Understanding CSR
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Understanding CSR

What you’ll learn

Clearly understand what CSR is about
Understand the differences between CSR, CSRD, CSV, ESG, and SDGs
Comprehend the differences between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Have a clear snapshot of CSR peculiarities in the world
Learn about the legal framework of CSR around the world
Have a deep immersion in the legal framework of CSRD
Have a deep immersion in the legal framework of CSR in India
Learn how to use CSR to increase your competitive advantage
Learn how to make an impactful CSR report
Learn how to include CSR in your Business plan with a case study

Understanding CSR


No specific requirement is necessary. Only the need to make clear in your mind the topic of CSR and have a deep understanding of it.


Has CSR become a buzzword? We hear about CSR more and more. In the past, it used to be an additional thing companies included in their activities and communicational strategy. With the rising-up of sustainability in the global demand of goods and services, it continues to be an important tool to increase your competitive advantage, and it is also becoming a legal condition to run a business in many countries. It is the case of Europe, with the CSRD, or India. But it’s the same in many other countries. So it is now necessary for corporations, entrepreneurs (big or small), managers, employees and researchers develop a good base of knowledge on CSR.So what is the problem now? When we come across the word CSR, we fall into a sort of confusion. Does it mean Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Sustainability Reporting? What is the difference between CSR and ESG? What about SDGs? Is there any relation between CSR and SDGs? What is CSRD? There is a lot to talk about, and understand when we come across this topic. This course wants to make clear the unclear! You will understand what CSR exactly is. By taking this course, you will get deep knowledge of CSR, talk about it without any problem, and make the best use of it.This course is for you, whether you are a businessman, a researcher, a teacher, a student, a future or upcoming entrepreneur, or simply you are interested in CSR and sustainability in general. And you do not need specific basic knowledge to follow this course.Finally, you need to link CSR and your strategy to get a competitive advantage. CSR, if correctly and strategically used, can become a great ally of your business, being it a start-up, small, medium, or big company. In the upcoming decades, managing your CSR activities can be crucial to meet the needs of your shareholders and stakeholders.This course will give you the knowledge for a clear understanding of CSR and its differences and relations with ESG, CSV and SDGs. You will understand how CSR is around the world. You will have a deep analysis of the legal framework in Europe (CSRD) and in India. You will learn how to improve your competitive advantage thanks to CSR, and how to make a great report as well as how to include it in your business plan with the support of a case study (Google CSR report).Hoping this course will be useful and enriching for you,Best regardsDario RuggieroEconomist, Sustainability, SDG and CSR expert


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Premise

Lecture 2 What is CSR

Lecture 3 From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Lecture 4 CSR in the world

Section 2: The European perspective – The CSRD

Lecture 5 What is the CSRD

Lecture 6 Who – the companies involved in the CSRD

Lecture 7 What – the content of the CSRD

Lecture 8 How – the standards of the CSRD – Part I

Lecture 9 How – the standards of the CSRD – Part II

Section 3: The Indian perspective

Lecture 10 CSR in India

Lecture 11 Who – the companies involved in CSR in India

Lecture 12 What – the content of CSR in India – Part I

Lecture 13 What – the content of CSR in India – Part II

Lecture 14 How – the procedures of CSR in India

Section 4: CSR, strategy, business plan and reporting

Lecture 15 The role of SDGs in CSR

Lecture 16 CSR and CSV

Lecture 17 CSR and Competitive advantage

Lecture 18 CSR How to make your Report – Part I

Lecture 19 CSR How to make your Report – Part II

Lecture 20 CSR and Business Plan

Section 5: Articles and News

Lecture 21 Focus SDG 2

The main goal of the course is to make you have clear understanding of CSR, master and make the best use of it

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Created by: Dario Ruggiero

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