Understanding Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt2

Interpret Angel and Oracle cards using the array of symbols therein, so you can step aside and let your intuition flow
Understanding Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt2
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Vivienne McAlister-Geertz (VivMcG)


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Understanding Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt2

What you’ll learn

build on your already-existing solid foundation of your library of common symbols that you can turn to as and when you need
create more symbolic meanings that resonate with you you and are, therefore, memorable
interpret symbols from the element of water, the sky and the animal kingdom
build on your already-existing knowledge of tree and flower symbolic meanings by diving even deeper
interpret angel and oracle cards intuitively
enable your interpretations of your Angel and Oracle cards to just flow, for the messages and guidance to come with ease
allow the messages you pass on, to yourself or others, to be more personal and in-depth, to have more colour and be brought to life
stop leaning and depending on your deck’s guidebook for your card interpretations which will, as a result, be generalised, not personalised
receive and pass on messages from the angels and your guides that are more meaningful, more personal, and more in-depth
use symbols to step out of your own way and allow your intuition to take centre stage in your readings
learn how to interpret new, unknown symbols on Angel and Oracle cards, calmly, using your intuition

Understanding Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt2


This course is a follow-on course to “Understanding & Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt1”. Please, therefore, ensure you have completed that course before proceeding with this course. An understanding of how to read Angel or Oracle cards, as well as some experience, is also a must. To gain experience reading Angel or Oracle cards, I recommend you, at least, follow my course “Reading Angel and Oracle Cards (Beginners)”, or the equivalent thereof.


The very best Angel and Oracle card readers let their intuition take centre stage in a reading; the messages they receive come from within, and the connection they have with the angelic and spiritual realm is direct, clear and uninterrupted. As a result, the messages they receive, and pass on, are clear, in-depth, personal, meaningful, relevant, and memorable.To enable your intuition to take centre stage, to flow with ease and grace, you need to remove any blocks that may be standing between you and your intuition, between you and the angelic and spiritual realm, between you and personal, meaningful, memorable messages of guidance and support.One primary block is feeling stuck, panicked, or blank when you turn over a card simply because you do not know the meanings behind the symbols on the card.In Understanding and Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt1, you began to address this obstacle and, through that course, you began to build the solid foundations of a Library of Symbols.In this course, Understanding and Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt2, you will not only add another 31 symbolic meanings to your library with meanings that resonate with you, you’ll also gain the confidence to, on the spot, using your intuition, determine your own, personal meanings to symbols that catch your eye when you turn over a card, symbols that you won’t have covered in this course or the previous. Further, through this course, you’ll be able to give readings that flow intuitively because, with your rounded knowledge of even more symbolic meanings and your ability to apply those meanings in readings, you’ll be able to relax and let your intuition take over.Through the combination of this course and the previous course, you’ll not just become a good and confident Angel and Oracle card reader, you’ll become a great and natural Angel and Oracle card reader with a clear connection to your intuition and to the angelic and spiritual realm.This course builds on your already existing strong foundation of symbolic meanings acquired in Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt1, because building on your already solid foundation will ensure that your intuition plays the primary role it should, in the interpretation of Angel and Oracle cards. It will ensure that you are connected to the angelic and spiritual realm and to your inner wisdom so the messages you receive or pass on to others are personal, have meaning and relevance, and are more in-depth.This is also why this course will not spoon-feed you meanings behind symbols. Throughout the sections of this course, you’ll be presented with a wide variety of possible interpretations for symbols but it’s up to you to choose what resonates with you. When you choose symbolic meanings that resonate with you, you remember them easily. Again, this will let your intuition take centre stage and the messages flow because you’re not getting in the way trying to remember a symbolic meaning that has no relevance and doesn’t make sense to you.There will be a variety and range of suggested interpretations for symbols which you can choose to accept or reject, depending on whether they resonate with you, or not. And there will be visualisations that will help you to discover your personal meaning to symbols.As author Madeleine L’Engle reminds us, “Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your mind is very limited. Use your intuition.”So begin today, to truly unleash your intuition, so you can easily, with flow and grace, pick up on the exact messages the angels are sending you through your cards. No more guesswork. No more limited interpretations using the conscious mind. Open up to receive and pass on intuitive messages that are clear, deeply personal, meaningful, relevant, and memorable.Viv xx


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Course Preparation

Lecture 2 Join the Group

Lecture 3 How to Get the Most Out of This Course

Lecture 4 Setting Your Intention

Lecture 5 Opening Up

Lecture 6 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 3: What are Symbols?

Lecture 7 What are Symbols?

Lecture 8 Symbols in Everyday Life

Lecture 9 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 4: Symbols in Angel and Oracle Cards

Lecture 10 Advancing from Interpreting Symbols to Story-Telling

Lecture 11 Advantages of Interpreting Symbols on a Card

Lecture 12 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 5: Understanding Symbols

Lecture 13 What Happens when a Symbol Catches your Eye that you haven’t Seen Before?

Lecture 14 Adding to your Library of Symbols

Lecture 15 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 6: Water

Lecture 16 Introduction to the Water Section

Lecture 17 Water

Lecture 18 Ocean/Sea

Lecture 19 Waves

Lecture 20 River

Lecture 21 Waterfall

Lecture 22 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 7: Sky

Lecture 23 Introduction to the Sky Section

Lecture 24 Sky

Lecture 25 Stars

Lecture 26 Moon

Lecture 27 Sun

Lecture 28 Moon & Sun

Lecture 29 Clouds

Lecture 30 Rainbow

Lecture 31 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 8: Specific Trees

Lecture 32 Introduction to the Specific Trees Section

Lecture 33 Oak

Lecture 34 Bamboo

Lecture 35 Cypress

Lecture 36 Cherry Blossom

Lecture 37 Apple

Lecture 38 Do You Need to be a Tree Expert?

Lecture 39 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 9: Specific Flowers

Lecture 40 Introduction to the Specific Flowers Section

Lecture 41 Lotus

Lecture 42 Rose

Lecture 43 Daisy

Lecture 44 Lily

Lecture 45 Iris

Lecture 46 More Flowers

Lecture 47 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 10: Animals

Lecture 48 Introduction to the Animal Section

Lecture 49 Butterfly

Lecture 50 Dragonfly

Lecture 51 Fish

Lecture 52 Birds

Lecture 53 Feathers

Lecture 54 Wings

Lecture 55 Owl

Lecture 56 Dove

Lecture 57 Horse

Lecture 58 Recap & What’s Coming Up

Section 11: Review and End of Course

Lecture 59 Looking Back

Lecture 60 Reviewing Your Intention

Lecture 61 Closing Down

Lecture 62 Your Review

Section 12: A little something extra…

Lecture 63 Gift: Examples of New, Unknown Symbols During a Reading

Readers of Angel and Oracle cards – beyond beginner level

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Created by: Vivienne McAlister-Geertz (VivMcG)

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