Unity 3D Game Kit no coding level design

Explore the Unity 3D Game Kit, a collection of assets, tools, and systems that let you easily build advanced 3D games
Unity 3D Game Kit no coding level design
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Unity 3D Game Kit no coding level design

What you’ll learn

How to build an action adventure level with triggers that open doors, move platforms, interact with enemies, hazards, and more
Create player and enemy interactions like hit count and detection radius, as well as player movement and start positioning
Learn to work with the GUI system to create start and end screens with buttons and interactions
Create collectibles with the ProBuilder and learn the programming needed to equip that object to your player
Get to know Unity’s Cinemachine and learn many elements to working with the camera system from using minimaps to camera follow triggers and more
Learn how to use the terrain system within the 3D Game Kit and with Unity’s own Terrain Toolbox
Get started with the Progressive Lightmapper and lighting post processing
Learn how to create a Prefab and create your own instance painter to build levels more efficiently and faster

Unity 3D Game Kit no coding level design


You will need a basic understanding of the Unity interface and ability to navigate around a 3D scene
Students should already have Visual Studio installed for C# scripting. Refer to our other courses if you are unfamiliar.


Want to build a playable game level with little programming? Unity 3D Game Kit is the answer, and the experts here at the School of Game Design have over 22 years of experience in both game development and teaching, that make it simple and fun to learn. Both the Unity Engine and the 3D Game Kit are completely free to download and start using to build your game development skills.This Unity 3D Game Kit comes packed with beautiful graphics, easy-to-use design tools and plenty of creative freedom to explore your inner game designer. This course is perfect for someone interested in becoming a game designer or level designer without needing to worry about building an entire game in order to create fun playable designs right now.The output from this course will be your very own fully-functional action adventure game. Create beautiful and interesting environments using the assets that come with the 3D Game KitAdd moving platforms, doors, keys / locks and other building blocks necessary for making an interesting levelAdd and tune enemies for the player to interact withAdd hazards, and obstacles for the playerbuild your terrain and skybox to make it really your ownBuild, interact and equip a shield to your player


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Your Resources

Lecture 2 What you will learn

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 3 Creating a free user account with Unity

Lecture 4 Downloading Unity Hub

Lecture 5 Install Unity App versions and start new project

Lecture 6 workspace layout

Lecture 7 Link Visual Studio to Unity

Lecture 8 project download and install

Lecture 9 scene setup in the 3D Game Kit

Lecture 10 creating a blank scene for level 2

Lecture 11 overview of the camera settings and Cinemachine

Section 3: Working with the elements that will make up your final level

Lecture 12 introduction to skyboxes

Lecture 13 terrain generation with the 3D Game Kit

Lecture 14 terrain setup with Unity Terrain Toolbox

Lecture 15 terrain creation with Unity Terrain Toolbox

Lecture 16 tree creation

Lecture 17 tree leaves creation

Lecture 18 interactables – acid moving pad

Lecture 19 interactables – door and pressure pad

Lecture 20 scene setup with prefabs – part 1

Lecture 21 scene setup with prefabs – part 2

Lecture 22 scene setup speed through

Lecture 23 painting objects with the instance painter tool

Lecture 24 creating an instance painter

Lecture 25 simple translator for moving platform

Section 4: Bonus Section | build, interact and equip a shield for your player

Lecture 26 create a collectable object with the ProBuilder

Lecture 27 adding material texture to the shield

Lecture 28 Shield Placement

Lecture 29 equip the collectable shield

Lecture 30 shield final adjustments

Section 5: Enemy and hit count setup

Lecture 31 enemy detection radius setup

Lecture 32 enemy NavMesh setup

Lecture 33 enemy damageable max hit change

Lecture 34 player max hit and checkpoint change

Section 6: Wrapping up your game

Lecture 35 trigger door to next level

Lecture 36 lighting and progressive lightmapping

Lecture 37 basic GUI setup

Lecture 38 basic setup and programming for player health UI

Lecture 39 wrap up what you learned

Beginners who want a jumpstart into game design and development with little coding and more hands on interactions,Anyone looking to build a quick fully functional game to share with friends and family

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 0m | 2.59 GB
Created by: [ School of Game Design ]

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