Unity Game Development Build 2D 3D Games

Learn Unity game design & 2D & 3D game development & make your own C# games in Unity 3D
Unity Game Development Build 2D 3D Games
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Unity Game Development Build 2D 3D Games

What you’ll learn

Build 2D Unity games & work with sprites
Build 3D Unity games
Write programs in C#
Apply for Jr. Game Developer jobs as a Unity 3D developer

Unity Game Development Build 2D 3D Games


Must have a Mac or PC for Unity game development
No prior coding experience required or experience in Unity 3D


Unity Game Development Academy by Devslopes
This is the most comprehensive course on Unity 3d on the Internet. We are avid game developers and were tired of all the junk out there – teaching students how to make 3D cubes without real world game development.
This Unity course is for absolute beginners & for seasoned programmers!
This course will take you down a guided learning path. You’ll learn to code in C# and then go on to build 2D & 3D games.
Not only will you build games, but you will learn how to do it the way the pros do. We’ll even cover advanced topics like lighting, cinematics, and multiplayer.
Here are some of the things you will learn:
Installation & setupPhysicsPathfindingBasic artificial intelligenceLightning & lightmappingCamera animations & cutscenesCharacter animationsScripting, scripting, scripting!Materials & skyboxesSound FX & musicMultiplayer over LAN & InternetParticle FXMelee & ranged battle systemsTower Defense GameAdventure GameZombies!And a ton more….
And don’t forget about our FREE chatroom where you can get live help, interact with the community, and find people to start your own game studio.
Now is the time to learn how to code and build Unity 3d games the Devslopes way!


Section 1: Intro to Unity course

Lecture 1 Unity 3D Course overview

Lecture 2 Downloading & installing Unity 3D (macOS)

Lecture 3 Downloading & installing Unity 3D (Windows)

Lecture 4 Zombie Roller: Your First Unity 3D Game

Lecture 5 Unity 3D pricing plans

Lecture 6 Unity 3D Computer System Requirements

Lecture 7 BIG discount on Bitgem 3D assets on this lecture

Section 2: Learn to code in C# in Unity 3D

Lecture 8 C# variables in Unity 3D

Lecture 9 C# numbers in Unity 3D

Lecture 10 C# conditionals in Unity 3D

Lecture 11 C# arrays & loops in Unity 3D

Lecture 12 C# functions & methods in Unity 3D

Lecture 13 Object oriented programming & inheritance in C# for Unity

Section 3: Haunted Zombie Rush – Unity 3D game

Lecture 14 Intro to Haunted Zombie Rush in Unity

Lecture 15 3D Game Assets for your games in Unity

Lecture 16 Unity 3D interface overview

Lecture 17 Project creation & importing assets into Unity 3D

Lecture 18 Working with lighting & materials in Unity 3D

Lecture 19 Altering shaders in Unity 3D

Lecture 20 Switching build platforms in Unity 3D

Lecture 21 Moving objects in Unity 3D

Lecture 22 Coroutines & wait times in Unity 3D

Lecture 23 Inheritance & reusability in Unity 3D

Lecture 24 Importing & animating a character model in Unity 3D

Lecture 25 Unity 3D rigidbody & adding force with physics

Lecture 26 Working with audio in Unity 3D

Lecture 27 Detection collisions & using assertions in Unity 3D

Lecture 28 Game state & singletons in Unity 3D

Lecture 29 Creating a 2nd camera & how to make UI in Unity 3D

Lecture 30 Exercise – Extending your Unity 3D Game

Lecture 31 Switching to a better code editor (VS Code)

Section 4: Devslopes Defender 2D Game in Unity 3D

Lecture 32 Intro to Devslopes Defender Unity 3D game

Lecture 33 The 2D Game Assets for your games in Unity

Lecture 34 Importing sprites & grid snapping in Unity 3D Part 1

Lecture 35 Importing sprites & grid snapping in Unity 3D Part 2

Lecture 36 Animations & 2D colliders in Unity 3D

Lecture 37 Game manager singleton & spawning in Unity 3D

Lecture 38 Enemy pathfinding in Unity 3D

Lecture 39 Generics & singletons in Unity 3D

Lecture 40 Data encapsulation, spritesheets, & buttons in Unity 3D

Lecture 41 2D Raycasts, tags, and placing towers in Unity 3D

Lecture 42 Projectiles, colliders, and more tower placement in Unity 3D

Lecture 43 Registering enemies & distance-based attacks in Unity 3D

Lecture 44 Shooting projectiles at enemies in Unity 3D

Lecture 45 Killing enemies & other animations in Unity 3D

Lecture 46 More UI & finishing touches in Unity 3D

Lecture 47 UI Labels & buttons for GUI in Unity 3D

Lecture 48 Building your Unity 3D game logic part 1

Lecture 49 Building your Unity 3D game logic part 2

Lecture 50 Adding sound FX to your Unity 3D game

Lecture 51 Spawning random enemies in your Unity 3D game

Lecture 52 Exporting your game as a standalone platform in Unity 3D

Lecture 53 Unity 3D Devslopes Defender Assets

Section 5: Legend of Devslopes Fantasy Game in Unity 3D

Lecture 54 Intro to Legend of Devslopes in Unity

Lecture 55 Prepping the Unity project & building the level

Lecture 56 Importing character assets into Unity

Lecture 57 Creating the character animation controller in Unity

Lecture 58 Animating the player in Unity

Lecture 59 Enemy pathfinding & navigation in Unity

Lecture 60 Rigidbody and weapons in Unity

Lecture 61 Implementing enemy attack systems in Unity

Lecture 62 Implementing player health in Unity

Lecture 63 Enemy health & player attack in Unity

Lecture 64 Heads up display / UI in Unity

Lecture 65 Particle systems in Unity

Lecture 66 How to create spawn points in Unity

Lecture 67 Game manager singleton in Unity

Lecture 68 Adjusting animations in Unity

Lecture 69 Creating ranged arrow attacks in Unity

Lecture 70 Health powerup feature and logic in Unity

Lecture 71 Speed powerup feature and logic in Unity

Lecture 72 Creating a game menu in Unity

Lecture 73 Legend of Devslopes finishing touches in Unity

Lecture 74 Legend of Devslopes Assets

Section 6: Devslopes Devcraft Game (MineCraft Clone)

Lecture 75 Intro to Devcraft game

Lecture 76 Creating your first plane of cubes

Lecture 77 Create Multiple Voxels

Lecture 78 Creating multiple chunks of Voxels

Lecture 79 Adding Dimensions

Lecture 80 Setting up textures for mobile

Lecture 81 Camera setup for our character

Lecture 82 Adding movement to your character

Lecture 83 Building and destroying blocks

Lecture 84 Character Spawning

Lecture 85 Rotating your character

Lecture 86 Fixing a few bugs

Lecture 87 Adding Audio

Lecture 88 Building your game to Android

Lecture 89 Building your game to iOS

Section 7: Beginner & Advanced Lighting in Unity

Lecture 90 Intro to lightning

Lecture 91 Creating particle effects in Unity

Lecture 92 Working with skyboxes & directional lights in Unity

Lecture 93 Using point lights to create mood in Unity 3D

Lecture 94 Working with spot lights & subtle light changes

Lecture 95 How to use cookies in lighting in Unity

Lecture 96 How to bake lighting & support mobile games in Unity

Lecture 97 Lighting Assets

Section 8: Cinematics & Animations in Unity

Lecture 98 Intro to Animation & Cinematics in Unity 3D

Lecture 99 Unity 3D animation editor

Lecture 100 Unity cutscenes, cameras, & animation events

Lecture 101 Animation curves, camera management, & character cinematics in Unity

Lecture 102 Cinematics Assets

Section 9: Skeletons VS Zombies MOBA With Multiplayer in Unity

Lecture 103 Intro to Skeletons VS Zombies

Lecture 104 Pathfinding with Navigation Mesh in Unity 3D

Lecture 105 Camera controls for MOBA in Unity

Lecture 106 Point & click movement with pathfinding in Unity

Lecture 107 Animations & fireball particle effect in Unity

Lecture 108 Shooting fireballs/bullets in Unity

Lecture 109 Intro to Unity 3D multiplayer

Lecture 110 Network Manager & spawn points

Lecture 111 Networking & player movement in Unity

Lecture 112 Networking projectiles in Unity

Lecture 113 SyncVars & keeping game data synchronized across the network in Unity

Lecture 114 Rpc & calling client functions from the server in Unity

Lecture 115 Unity Multiplayer Service & online matchmaking in Unity

Lecture 116 Unity 3D Multiplayer Assets

Beginners with no coding experience or Unity 3D experience,Programmers with no C# development experience,Game developers who want to learn Unity,Anyone who wants to learn Unity game development but doesn’t know where to start

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 35h 15m | 2.73 GB
Created by: Mark Wahlbeck

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