Unity Level Design Abandoned House

Make a scene inspired by ‘The Last of Us’
Unity Level Design Abandoned House
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Pete Jepson


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Unity Level Design Abandoned House

What you’ll learn

Level Design
Post Processing Volumes
Sculpting terrains
Texturing terrains
Level lighting
Baking lightmaps
How to record videos from within Unity

Unity Level Design Abandoned House


Basic understanding of the Unity Game Engine
At least 10GB hard drive space


In this course I will be showing you a professional workflow for creating a level from a blank scene through to completion that is inspired by the video game: “The Last of Us”.We will be using free props and models collected from various places online and I will be showing you how you can modify them in Substance Painter to make props fit within an environment that meets your vision.We will be covering the following:Terrain sculptingPainting terrain texturesArranging flowers, grass, ivy, rocks and treesLevel layout of an abandoned houseRe-texturing assets in Substance PainterCreating decals in Substance PainterLighting and baking lightmaps in UnityUsing post processing volumesAdding environmental soundsRecording video within Unity for your portfoliosBy the end of this course you will have developed the skills needed to build your own levels for your own games.I look forward to seeing you in the courseMusic by Jason Shaw: from freemusicarchive


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Install Unity

Lecture 3 Unity Overview

Section 2: Downloading Assets

Lecture 4 Install Assets

Lecture 5 Installing assets in latest versions of Unity

Lecture 6 Saving Prefabs

Section 3: Sculpting the Terrain

Lecture 7 Sculpting the Terrain

Lecture 8 Adding the Sea

Lecture 9 Baking a lightmap

Lecture 10 Painting mountain textures

Lecture 11 Painting snow

Lecture 12 Post Processing

Lecture 13 Adding fencing

Lecture 14 Painting the grass base

Lecture 15 Back garden fencing

Lecture 16 Adding trees

Section 4: Exterior layout

Lecture 17 Garden props

Lecture 18 Download props

Lecture 19 Painting mud

Lecture 20 Adding ferns

Lecture 21 Adding flowers

Lecture 22 Painting grass

Lecture 23 Adding more grass

Lecture 24 Adding rocks

Lecture 25 Distant grass

Lecture 26 Painting mud patches

Lecture 27 Cabin props

Lecture 28 Downloading props for cabin

Lecture 29 Installing ivy

Lecture 30 Ivy Editor

Lecture 31 Adding ivy to central tree

Lecture 32 Ivy on the cabin

Lecture 33 Ivy on front garden

Section 5: Interior layout

Lecture 34 Doors and windows for the house

Lecture 35 Props for the outside of the house

Lecture 36 Interior props

Lecture 37 Dining room layout

Lecture 38 Kitchen layout

Lecture 39 Adjustments

Lecture 40 Bedroom layout

Lecture 41 Bathroom layout

Lecture 42 Outside ivy

Lecture 43 Ivy for the side of the house

Lecture 44 Ivy for the back of the house

Lecture 45 Adding a wind zone

Section 6: Editing Objects and Textures

Lecture 46 Editing the sink in Blender

Lecture 47 Creating a bathroom mirror

Lecture 48 Texturing the mirror in Substance Painter

Lecture 49 Setting up the sink and mirror in Unity

Lecture 50 Texturing the fridge in Substance Painter

Lecture 51 Texturing the washer in Substance Painter

Lecture 52 Texturing the microwave in Substance Painter

Lecture 53 Texturing bathroom props in Substance Painter

Lecture 54 Setting up kitchen props in Unity

Lecture 55 Texturing other props in Substance Painter

Lecture 56 Creating decals in Substance Painter

Lecture 57 Setting up decals in Unity

Section 7: Lighting

Lecture 58 Light sources

Lecture 59 Interior lighting downstairs

Lecture 60 Interior lighting upstairs

Lecture 61 Preparing for light baking

Lecture 62 Adjusting lighting

Lecture 63 Cabin lighting

Lecture 64 Baking final lightmap

Lecture 65 Lightmap results

Section 8: Final Elements

Lecture 66 Outdoor sounds

Lecture 67 Post Process volumes

Lecture 68 Adding colliders

Lecture 69 Recording videos

Section 9: Completion

Lecture 70 Project completed

If you are passionate about game design and want to create your own levels then you will love this course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 16h 33m | 24.56 GB
Created by: Pete Jepson

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