Unity VFX Graph Beginner To Intermediate

Learn the new Visual Effect tool from Unity and start making some awesome Magic Effects.
Unity VFX Graph Beginner To Intermediate
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Gabriel Aguiar


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Unity VFX Graph Beginner To Intermediate

What you’ll learn

Learn Unity Visual Effect Graph.
Learn Unity Shader Graph.
Learn how to create Visual Effects for Games.
Learn Real-Time VFX.

Unity VFX Graph Beginner To Intermediate


Unity: Basics
Photoshop (or similar): Basics
Blender: Basics
Graphic Tablet Helps


This course is about the creation of VFX for Games with Unity Visual Effect Graph. You will start learning VFX Graph from scratch by creating some sparks. Then we move on to an awesome Orb Explosion area of effect. With this course you will also learn: 1) How to use Shader Graph and create a master shader for game effects;2) Create a lot of original Textures from scratch;3) Make some awesome hand-painted Flipbook animations;4) Create modular and customizable VFX Graphs;5) And more.We will have a look at the workflow of this powerful node-based-tool and see how customizable and modular VFX Graph can be. Visual Effect Graph instantiates GPU particles which opens so many possibilities. You can now learn how to create fantastic Real-Time visual effects for games!What are you waiting for? Start learning now how to create Magic Spells and Special Skills for games. It will take you from a Beginner standpoint to an Intermediate level in Unity VFX Graph. Plus you will watch some cool tips & tricks and get familiar with the new Visual Effect tool from Unity.Course made with Unity URP in 2020.3.11. Compatible with 2019, 2020 and 2021 and HDRP.You will start or improve your portfolio with this course. Join now.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: VFX Graph Overview

Lecture 2 VFX Graph vs Particle System (Shuriken)

Lecture 3 Getting The Project Ready

Lecture 4 Quick Project Overview

Lecture 5 VFX Graph – Overview

Lecture 6 VFX Graph Sparks – Spawn, Motion & Bounds

Lecture 7 VFX Graph Sparks – Shape & Alignment

Lecture 8 VFX Graph Sparks – Gravity & Color

Lecture 9 VFX Graph Sparks – Set Position & World and Local Space

Lecture 10 VFX Graph Sparks – Collisions & Trigger Events

Section 3: Orb Explosion

Lecture 11 Starting the Orb

Lecture 12 Orb Texture

Lecture 13 Orb Flare

Lecture 14 Starting the Ground AoE

Lecture 15 Starting the Explosion – Sparks

Lecture 16 Would love to have your review, in case you haven’t already. Thank you!

Lecture 17 Explosion – Hemisphere

Lecture 18 Explosion – Noise Texture

Lecture 19 Master Shader Graph – Distortion

Lecture 20 Master Shader Graph – Dissolve & Color

Lecture 21 Explosion – Flare Hit

Lecture 22 Explosion – Shockwave

Lecture 23 Explosion – Ground Blur

Lecture 24 Explosion – Ground Mark

Lecture 25 Impact Flipbook – Frame 03

Lecture 26 Impact Flipbook – Frames 02, 04 and 05

Lecture 27 Impact Flipbook – Frames 01 and 06

Lecture 28 Exporting the Impact Flipbook

Lecture 29 Using the Impact Flipbook

Lecture 30 Impact Ring Flipbook

Lecture 31 Orb Particles In

Lecture 32 Orb Improvements

Lecture 33 Ground AoE Improvements

Lecture 34 Explosion Improvements

Lecture 35 Orb Explosion Variation 01

Lecture 36 Orb Explosions Variation 02

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 37 Last Few Words!

Unity users,Unreal Engine users,Game Developers,VFX Artists,3D Generalists,Programmers,Illustrators,Animators

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 16m | 2.27 GB
Created by: Gabriel Aguiar

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