Unix For Beginners

Absolute beginners to Unix – Learn the basic Unix Commands
Unix For Beginners
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Unix For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Define Unix
Know of different types of Unix
Know the parts of Unix
Know how to use a Unix Terminal
Know how to use some basic Unix commands
Know how to create new directories
Know how to delete directories
Know how to switch directories
Know how start and exit a Unix Shell
Know how to clear a Unix Terminal

Unix For Beginners


Just a modern web browser is required.


This is a very basic absolute beginners introductory course to Unix. The course introduces you to how to use a Unix terminal and commands . You will be exposed to terminologies like Unix Kernel, Unix Shell and Terminal. The only material you will need for this course is a modern web browser and the course is less than one hour long. The course is structured in the following way: Introduction to UnixFlavours of UnixParts of UnixThe KernelThe ShellUnix TerminalBasic Unix CommandsSummary Unix is an operating system that is known for multi user and multitasking. It was created in the 1960’s by group of engineers who worked at AT&T Bell research labs. UNIX has become kind of open source with different companies ,organisations and even individuals creating their own versions from the open source versions. Although there are different flavors of Unix they also share common similarities hence knowing one flavor of Unix makes it easy to learn or pick up another variant of the operating system fairy quickly. Some of the popular variants of Unix operating system available include Solaris, Red Hat, Fedora ,Ubuntu,and Linux. There are several more this is just a brief mention of the varieties available. some of these variants can be installed both on servers and desktops or workstations. Unix operations are usually done using UNIX commands through a Unix terminal ,however there are some variants of Unix that has a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) like Microsoft windows operating system In this course we will be using a free web based Unix terminal to perform some very basic Unix commands to get you acquainted with Unix Operating system. Taking this course will give you a basic Unix skill that you can develop further. Welcome to the course .


Section 1: Basic Introduction to Unix

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Unix

Lecture 3 Flavors of Unix

Lecture 4 Parts of Unix

Lecture 5 The Unix Kernel

Lecture 6 The Unix Shell

Lecture 7 Unix Terminal

Lecture 8 Basic Unix Commands to navigate directories

Lecture 9 Useful Unix Commands

Section 2: Unix File Management

Lecture 10 Listing files and directories

Lecture 11 Creating and deleting files

Lecture 12 Creating directories

Lecture 13 Deleting directories

Lecture 14 Clearing Terminal

Lecture 15 Understanding Path Names

Lecture 16 Checking current Directory

Section 3: Setting Up Local Unix Environment

Lecture 17 Linux Distributions

Lecture 18 What is VirtualBox

Lecture 19 Virtualbox Terminology

Lecture 20 Supported Operating Systems

Lecture 21 Download and install virtualbox

Lecture 22 Download Ubuntu Image

Lecture 23 Installing Ubuntu – Part 1

Lecture 24 Installing Ubuntu – Part 2

Lecture 25 Installing Guest Additions

Section 4: Executing Unix Commands on Ubuntu (Linux)

Lecture 26 Executing basic Unix (Linux) commands – Part 1

Lecture 27 Executing basic Unix (Linux) commands – Part 2

Lecture 28 Executing basic Unix (Linux) commands – Part 3

Lecture 29 Executing basic Unix (Linux) commands – Part 4

Lecture 30 Unix (Linux) File System

Lecture 31 Creating new user account

Lecture 32 Logging into Unix

Lecture 33 How to grant admin privileges

Lecture 34 Listing all users

Lecture 35 How to change password

Lecture 36 How to delete users

Lecture 37 More user account related command

Lecture 38 More useful commands

Lecture 39 Thank You

This course is for anyone who has never been exposed to Unix

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Created by: Skill Tree

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