Unleash your math potential with ChatGPT

Harness the power of advanced AI to understand the precision and logic of mathematics
Unleash your math potential with ChatGPT
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Unleash your math potential with ChatGPT

What you’ll learn

Using ChatGPT
Registering with OpenAI to use ChatGPT
ChatGPT prompt engineering, especially as it relates to math
How to learn about mathematics from AI
How ChatGPT can help you with your homework
Why ChatGPT gets things wrong and how to know when to doubt its response
How ChatGPT can find errors in your logical reasoning
How teachers can use AI to teach math
How to use a virtual maths tutor

Unleash your math potential with ChatGPT


Interest in using AI to help learn math


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the Potential to Reshape How Math is Taught and LearnedArtificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming various aspects of our lives, and education is no exception. Particularly in the domain of mathematics, AI presents unprecedented possibilities that can revolutionize the way math is taught and learned.Personalized Learning Experience: AI large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT can tailor educational content to individual learners, adapting to their unique learning style, pace, and areas of interest. This personalized learning experience can lead to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.Practice and Feedback: AI systems can generate an almost infinite number of practice problems, providing instant, step-by-step feedback. This allows learners to test their understanding, learn from mistakes, and improve their problem-solving skills more effectively than traditional learning methods.Accessible Tutoring: AI can act as a personal tutor, providing 24/7 assistance and explanations. It can democratize access to quality math education, overcoming constraints like availability of teachers, geographic location, or financial barriers.Interactive Learning: AI can make math learning more interactive and engaging. From solving complex equations to creating math jokes, puzzles, and even bedtime stories about math, AI brings a fun element into math education that can motivate learners.Real-world Applications: AI can help learners understand and apply math to real-world scenarios, fostering a more practical and applied understanding of mathematical principles.Lifelong Learning: As an always-accessible resource, AI encourages continuous, lifelong learning. It allows individuals to learn at their own pace, making it easier to balance learning with other life responsibilities.Teaching Aid: AI doesn’t replace teachers, but rather enhances their capabilities. It can free teachers from repetitive tasks, giving them more time to focus on fostering critical thinking, guiding discussions, and providing personalized support to students.Unleash the Power of ChatGPT for Math MasteryJoin this enriching journey through mathematics where you will learn how to make use of cutting-edge AI technology โ€“ ChatGPT. Led by expert educator Mike X Cohen (that’s me!), this course will equip you with the skills to learn, practice, understand, and communicate complex mathematical concepts effectively and enjoyably.Whether you’re a student looking to solidify your understanding, an aspiring data scientist, or a professional seeking to hone your technical skills, this course offers something for everyone.Unique Aspects of This CourseAI-Assisted Learning: This course takes a pioneering step in the field of education by integrating AI technology, specifically ChatGPT, into the learning process. ChatGPT assists in comprehending complex concepts, practicing problems, and providing a different perspective on mathematical theories.Understanding, Not Rote Learning: Rather than focusing on rote learning, this course aims to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, encouraging critical thinking and analytical skills.Interactive and Dynamic Content: The course offers a dynamic learning experience with interactive modules and real-world examples. It’s designed to cater to different learning styles and paces.Math Communication Skills: This course goes beyond calculations, emphasizing the importance of effective mathematical communication. It guides you on how to articulate mathematical ideas, translate equations into English, and create precise definitions of mathematical terms.Unique Instructor: Mike X Cohen is a seasoned educator who brings his experience from a successful research career and a unique approach to teaching mathematics. His commitment to student understanding sets this course apart.Applicable Across Disciplines: Whether you’re a student, a data scientist, an engineer, or a lifelong learner, the skills you’ll acquire in this course have broad applications. The course content goes beyond pure mathematics, touching on practical applications in fields like physics, economics, and statistics.Fun and Engaging: Math is fun! (No, really, it is. Well, it can be. I promise. Really.) The course includes additional sections on math jokes, puzzles, and bedtime stories about maths. Learn and laugh at the same time.Ethics of AI in Learning: The course addresses critical issues concerning the role of AI in education, its accuracy, accountability, and potential future developments.This course is a unique blend of traditional mathematical understanding, innovative AI technology, and the joy of learning math. It’s not just a math course; it’s an adventure into the world of mathematics with ChatGPT as your guide.Course SectionsIntroductions: Get started with a comprehensive overview and learn how to navigate Udemy effectively.Skill 1: Use ChatGPT: Familiarize yourself with ChatGPT, its various versions, and how to guide it to assist you in understanding and solving mathematical problems.Skill 2: Understand concepts: Dive into quadratic equations, explore examples, analogies, and leverage ChatGPT to gain varying perspectives and levels of detail.Skill 3: Practice, practice, practice! Develop your problem-solving strategies, learn to generate new problems, and acquire time-management skills.Skill 4: Communicate Mathematics: Learn to communicate mathematical ideas effectively. ChatGPT will assist you in explaining terms, equations, and clarifying your explanations.Skill 5: Check your Math Reasoning: Learn how to use ChatGPT as a tool to verify your solutions, identify errors, and guide you through problem decomposition.Skill 6: Translate the World into Math: Get a grip on translating real-world problems from physics, economics, and statistics into mathematical language.Skill 7: Self-study and Lifelong Learning: Use ChatGPT to identify knowledge gaps, design self-guided learning trajectories, and have fun discovering random topics in mathematics.Extra: Nerdy Math Fun with ChatGPT: Enjoy maths humor, puzzles, and engage in philosophical queries about mathematics and its existence.Ethics, Future of AI-assisted Learning: Delve into the implications of AI in education and its potential future roles.In this course, you will not just learn facts; you will learn skills. This unique approach to teaching maths and technical subjects is bound to make you a master in any subject you pursue.Created by Mike X Cohen, a former neuroscience professor with a strong commitment to help students understand complex topics, this course provides you a unique and engaging way to learn maths. And all with the help of AI.Enroll today and let’s explore the wonderful world of maths together with ChatGPT by your side!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 You will learn skills not facts

Lecture 2 Master Udemy in 6 minutes!

Section 2: Skill 1: Use ChatGPT

Lecture 3 What (or who?) is a ChatGPT?

Lecture 4 ChatGPT versions and costs

Lecture 5 Accessing ChatGPT

Lecture 6 Hello ChatGPT ๐Ÿ™‚

Lecture 7 Prompt engineering 1: general tips

Lecture 8 Prompt engineering 2: special for math!

Lecture 9 Guide ChatGPT to write a math blog post

Section 3: Skill 2: Understand concepts

Lecture 10 ChatGPT can help you understand math

Lecture 11 Example of quadratic equation

Lecture 12 Explanations, examples, and analogies

Lecture 13 Specifying levels of detail and length

Lecture 14 Explanations from different perspectives

Section 4: Skill 3: Practice, practice, practice!

Lecture 15 Endless practice to hone your math skills

Lecture 16 Generate new problems (and solutions!)

Lecture 17 Custom-tailor difficulty level

Lecture 18 Find out common exam questions

Lecture 19 Develop problem-solving strategies

Lecture 20 Advice on study skills and time-management

Section 5: Skill 4: Communicate mathematics

Lecture 21 Speak (and write) math fluently

Lecture 22 Make math look beautiful with LaTeX

Lecture 23 Define and explain math terms

Lecture 24 Explain equations in English

Lecture 25 ChatGPT can clarify and rewrite your explanations

Section 6: Skill 5: Check your math reasoning

Lecture 26 Can ChatGPT catch and correct math mistakes?

Lecture 27 How to tell if ChatGPT is “hallucinating”

Lecture 28 Trying to investigate ChatGPT’s mistakes…

Lecture 29 Step-by-step solution check

Lecture 30 Problem decomposition

Lecture 31 Exercise explanation

Section 7: Skill 6: Translate the world into math

Lecture 32 Translate sentences into equations

Lecture 33 Physics word problems

Lecture 34 Economics

Lecture 35 Statistical hypotheses

Section 8: Skill 7: Self-study and lifelong learning

Lecture 36 Finding popular resources on a topic

Lecture 37 Discovering the rhythms of math

Lecture 38 Design a self-guided learning trajectory

Lecture 39 Mathematical tip-of-the-tongue

Lecture 40 Identify gaps in knowledge or courses

Lecture 41 Discover random topics

Section 9: Extra: Nerdy math fun with ChatGPT

Lecture 42 Can ChatGPT make math jokes?

Lecture 43 Math limericks and haikus

Lecture 44 Math puzzles & riddles

Lecture 45 Create bedtime stories about math

Lecture 46 Fantasy dialogs between mathematicians

Lecture 47 Unsolved math problems from history

Lecture 48 0=1

Lecture 49 Does math exist? And other philosophical queries

Section 10: Ethics, future of AI-assisted learning

Lecture 50 Why learn ___ when we have ChatGPT?

Lecture 51 Will ChatGPT make everyone more stupider?

Lecture 52 Will ChatGPT replace teachers?

Lecture 53 Accuracy and accountability

Lecture 54 How I used ChatGPT for this course

Section 11: Bonus section

Lecture 55 Bonus material

Math students, ranging from middle school to university,Aspiring data scientists, statisticians, or anyone who works with data,Teachers who want to know how they and their students can use AI in mathematics

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 19m | 4.18 GB
Created by: Mike X Cohen

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