Unleashing the Mac OS X Terminal for Absolute Beginners

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the Mac terminal and Bash environment specifically designed for novice Mac users
Unleashing the Mac OS X Terminal for Absolute Beginners
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Jason Taylor


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Unleashing the Mac OS X Terminal for Absolute Beginners

What you’ll learn

Use the Mac Terminal app with confidence
Write simple bash scripts
Customize the bash shell environment
change permissions on files and folders when needed
Create, move, rename, delete and modify files with ease using the Terminal

Unleashing the Mac OS X Terminal for Absolute Beginners


Only basic computer skills is needed
Admin rights required for software installs (optional)
Admin rights required for security section of the course


OverviewThis is a comprehensive course designed to show how to use the Terminal app in Mac OS X and many Bash shell commands, many overlap with Linux or other *nix variants.The course currently covers the following:Setup and installation of tools used in this course (outside the Terminal app)How to navigate while in the Terminal (file and directory oriented)How to manage files and directories (create, edit, delete, etc)Temporarily elevating to admin rights when neededChanging permissions on files and foldersWriting simple Bash scriptsEach one of these concepts is demonstrated in a methodological, step-by-step manner so you can follow along for easy learning.Course OutlineIntroduction provides an overview for the course.Installation provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup Terminal and all the related tools for the course.The Basics provides the first look at several core or foundational commands. While learn how to get around, manage files and even some simple ways to use the output of commands.After the basics are covered, we dive into permissions related concepts by assuming admin user while we change permissions on files and folders.Finally, we cover some more Advanced topics like writing a Bash shell script and customizing the Bash environment.Course FeaturesPresentations provide audio/video training of conceptual ideas in each major area or introduction of new concepts.Screencasts provide a video of the instructor’s computer system with any actions, commands, or screens displayed and narrated. There are several hours of screencat video content — it makes up the vast majority of the course. Any command line based screencast will include a command listing in the lecture downloads.At the end of each section is a document lecture with a listing of commands or a brief tutorial regarding the video content covered during that section.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome: Goals and Approach

Lecture 2 The Command Line and Bash Shell

Section 2: Terminal Setup

Lecture 3 Setup Overview

Lecture 4 Locating the Terminal

Lecture 5 Terminal Settings

Lecture 6 Install TextMate 2

Lecture 7 Configure TextMate 2

Lecture 8 Installation and Setup Instructions

Section 3: Basic Commands

Lecture 9 Basic Commands Overview

Lecture 10 Getting Around with pwd, cd and ls

Lecture 11 Cleaning Up with clear and Exiting the Terminal

Lecture 12 Echo….Echo…

Lecture 13 Where are Commands with which and How to Use Them with man

Lecture 14 Reviewing Files with cat, less and nano

Lecture 15 Using TextMate from the Terminal

Lecture 16 Access Files and Directories with the open Command

Lecture 17 Create, Move, Rename, and Delete Files

Lecture 18 More Tricks with touch

Lecture 19 Creating and Deleting Directories

Lecture 20 Sending the Output of a Command to a File (Output Redirection)

Lecture 21 Chaining Commands Together with Pipes

Lecture 22 Basic Commands Reference

Section 4: User, Groups and Security

Lecture 23 Security Overview

Lecture 24 Execute Commands as Admin (root) with sudo

Lecture 25 Changing File Ownership with chown and chgrp

Lecture 26 Recursively Changing Ownership

Lecture 27 User, Groups, and Security Commands Reference

Section 5: Advanced

Lecture 28 Advanced Overview

Lecture 29 Bash Scripting

Lecture 30 Bash History

Lecture 31 Bash Profile and Customizing the Bash Environment

Lecture 32 Advanced Commands Reference

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 33 Conclusion

Lecture 34 Bonus: Exclusive Student Discounts

Anyone wanting to take their Mac understanding to the next level,Programmers, developers, software engineers needing to learn the Terminal to use command-centric tools like NodeJS, npm, Bower, Ruby, Compass, Maven, and many others,Any Mac user unfamiliar with the command line or Terminal app

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Created by: Jason Taylor

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