Unlocking Customer Insights Jobs To Be Done Method

Learn the JTBD method | Create more apealing products | Understand how customers think | Certificate
Unlocking Customer Insights Jobs To Be Done Method
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Unlocking Customer Insights Jobs To Be Done Method

What you’ll learn

Build better products and services
Drive innovative thinking and product development
Uncover your customers true motivations
Conduct revealing customer interviews

Unlocking Customer Insights Jobs To Be Done Method


Course is suitable for beginners
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Have you ever wondered why customers REALLY buy products? Spoiler: It is quite often NOT because of your products’ functionality.This course is designed to provide a hand-on and time-efficient overview of the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) methodology. By the end of this course, you will be able to implement JTBD in your organization and use it in your daily job to better understand customer needs, innovate effectively, and optimize your product or service and differentiate your offerings.This Course is Perfect for you if you:Product managers, product owners, marketing & strategy managers, analysts, researchers, designersBusiness owners, entrepreneurs and innovators that want to create better products & servivesConsultants, coaches working in the field of innovationCourse Topics:Conduct customer interviews and customer research with the JTBD methodologyAnalyse and synthesize data to unlock customer insightsDefine customer value propositions based on your insights10+ JTBD-Related Methods Covered in the Course:Interview Process, Job Statement, Job Executor, Main & Related Jobs, Pain & Gain (Needs) Analysis, Empathy Map, Jobs To Be Done Framework, Job Prioritization, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Lean StartupWhat Does the Course Include?1.5 hrs of video content, mixed between theory and practical demonstrations30 minutes of practice assignments and quizzes to further train your skillsA course handout to facilitate learning and as a reference guide for your daily workPractical templates to apply in your own projectsWhat Can You Do After the Course?You will be confident with the most important terms and tools of JTBDYou will be able to develop outstanding products and services that really fulfil customers’ needsYou will improve your innovative thinking and research skillsAfter completing the course, you can apply for a participation certificate from Responsive Strategy.Why Should You Buy the Course from Me?I am Julia Lettinger, the founder of Responsive Strategy, a strategy and digital transformation consultancy in Berlin. Since 2017, along with my colleagues, I have been assisting companies in the strategy development process, especially in the agile and digital transformation space. I have also served as the head of strategy and product strategy in two media companies.Furthermore, since 2019, I have been teaching Strategic Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as part of a teaching assignment and have been a lecturer on Udemy since 2018, with around 30,000 participants so farSo, go ahead and get the course! I look forward to welcoming you in my videos.Warm regards,JuliaPS: If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days. No questions asked!


Section 1: Welcome and Introduction

Lecture 1 What are you going to learn in this course?

Lecture 2 What is Job To Be Done (JTBD)

Lecture 3 Why is JTBD Methodology Important in Today’s Markets?

Lecture 4 Handout and tips how to work with this course

Section 2: JTBD and its Core Concepts

Lecture 5 History and Evolution of JTBD

Lecture 6 The 3 Dimensions of a “Job”

Lecture 7 Job Executor, Main & Related Jobs, Job Statement

Lecture 8 JTBD vs Design Thinking vs Lean Startup

Section 3: Interview and Research

Lecture 9 Best Practice JTBD – The Process Explained

Lecture 10 Interview Preparation

Lecture 11 Demo – Qualitative Interview

Lecture 12 Alternative Research Methods

Section 4: Analysing and Synthesizing Data

Lecture 13 Identify Pains and Gains

Lecture 14 Optional: Work with an Empathy Map

Lecture 15 Identify your Jobs To Be Done on 3 Dimensions

Lecture 16 Prioritize your Jobs To Be Done

Lecture 17 Write a Job Statement for the Most Important JTBD

Section 5: Uncovering Innovation Opportunities

Lecture 18 Integration JTBD with Value Proposition (VPC) and Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Lecture 19 Find your Innovation Sweet Spot

Section 6: Summary and Goodbye

Lecture 20 Summary and Wrap Up

Lecture 21 Congratulations!

Section 7: Next Steps to Take

Lecture 22 Bonus Lecture (Certificate & Vouchers)

Product managers, product owners, designern, marketing managers,Customer insights analysts and researchers,Consultants & coaches working in the field of innovation,Innovators that want to create better products & servives,Entrepreneurs who want to optimize their product/service fit

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 32m | 1.50 GB
Created by: Julia Lettinger

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