Unlocking the Meow Mastering CatHuman Communication

for Pet Training
Unlocking the Meow Mastering CatHuman Communication
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Unlocking the Meow Mastering CatHuman Communication

What you’ll learn

Learn to teach your cat tricks
Interpret the various vocalizations for pet communication
Better understand the cat’s needs and wants.
Learn to modify cat behavior

Unlocking the Meow Mastering CatHuman Communication


laptop or smartphone and internet


Unlocking the Meow: Mastering Cat-Human Communication for Pet TrainingDescription: In this course, you will learn about the behavior of cats and how to train them to be better companions.We will cover topics such as understanding cat body language, choosing the right rewards and punishments, basic obedience training, and more.You will also learn how to use positive reinforcement and clicker training to teach cats tricks and other behaviors.After completing this course, you will have a better understanding of cats’ behavior and be able to train your cat with confidence.Objectives:1. Develop an understanding of cat behavior and body language.2. Learn how to choose the right rewards and punishments for cats.3. Understand basic obedience training methods.4. Learn how to use positive reinforcement and clicker training to teach cats tricks and other behaviors.5. Develop an understanding of how to read cats’ cues and respond appropriately.Students will learn how to interpret the various vocalizations, body language, and behaviors of cats in order to better understand their needs and wants. They will also learn how to use this knowledge to enhance pet training practices, such as shaping behaviors and introducing new activities.The mission of Pursuing Wisdom Academy is to equip learners with knowledge and skills that will lead to a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships with others, and the world around them. We strive to create an academic environment that encourages personal growth and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Learning Objectives

Section 2: Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language

Lecture 3 Introduction To Your Cat’s Body Language

Lecture 4 Your Cat’s Ears Are A Way To Understand Them

Lecture 5 Your Cat’s Tail Is Telling You Something

Lecture 6 Your Cat’s Fur Can Tell You Something About Them

Lecture 7 Your Cat’s Overall Posture Says A Lot About How They Are Feeling

Lecture 8 Your Cat’s Vocalizations Have Meaning

Lecture 9 Your Cat’s Eyes Can Tell You A Lot About Them

Lecture 10 Your Cat’s Scent Has A Meaning

Lecture 11 A Summary On A Cat’s Body Language

Section 3: Understanding Cat Behaviors Before Training

Lecture 12 Introduction To Cat Behaviors

Lecture 13 Learn The Signs of a Happy and Healthy Cat

Lecture 14 Learn The Importance of Playtime

Lecture 15 Talking To Your Cat Will Strengthen Your Bond

Lecture 16 Why Cats Need a Safe Space

Lecture 17 The Importance of Showing Your Cat Love and Affection

Section 4: Rewarding Your Cat

Lecture 18 Understanding A Cat’s Rewards and Punishments

Lecture 19 Choose The Right Reward For Your Cat

Lecture 20 Small Rewards: Why They Are Important

Lecture 21 Your Cat’s Food and Treat Preferences

Lecture 22 Make Treats Unpredictable, Here’s Why

Lecture 23 Create Variety When Rewarding Your Cat

Lecture 24 Reward Your Cat Contingent On Their Performance

Lecture 25 Why Reward Consistency Is Key When Training

Section 5: Punishing Your Cat

Lecture 26 Punishments: The Dos and Dont’s

Lecture 27 Understanding Why Cats Misbehave

Lecture 28 Praise Them When They Start A Desirable Behavior

Lecture 29 Why Is Physical Punishment Counter Productive? Here’s Why.

Lecture 30 Manage Your Cat’s Environment To Prevent Undesirable Behaviors, Here’s How

Lecture 31 Use Time-Outs As A Punishment Tool

Lecture 32 Use Verbal Corrections To Correct Misbehavior

Lecture 33 Distract Cats When They Do Something Undesirable

Section 6: Basic Training For Cats

Lecture 34 Introduction To The Training Basics

Lecture 35 Introduction To Clicker Training

Lecture 36 Buy A Clicker!

Lecture 37 Strategically Pair Treats With Your Clicker

Lecture 38 Start Training!

Lecture 39 Introduce Cues To Your Cat

Lecture 40 How To Reward Good Behaviors

Lecture 41 Practice Practice Practice!

Lecture 42 Its a Process, Be Patient, Training Takes Time

Lecture 43 Tying Clicker-Training With Positive Reinforcement

Section 7: Advanced Training

Lecture 44 Introduction To Advanced Training

Lecture 45 The Five Steps To Teaching Your Cat Tricks!

Lecture 46 Introduce Cues When Training, Especially Advanced Training!

Lecture 47 Understanding Cat Patterns To Unlock Their Full Potential

Lecture 48 Advanced Train With Me!

Section 8: Scenarios For Rewards and Punishments

Lecture 49 Scenarios To Reward

Lecture 50 Scenarios To Punish

Section 9: Wrapping Up Training Your Feline Friend

Lecture 51 Trying a New Approach If Necessary

Lecture 52 Conclusion

pet trainers looking to expand their understanding of animal communication and behavior,Pet owners looking to train their cats.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 1m | 1.68 GB
Created by: Crystal Tummala

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