UnMarketing Critical Thinking Skils For Kids

Learning to decode the marketing language and make smart buying decisions.
UnMarketing Critical Thinking Skils For Kids
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UnMarketing Critical Thinking Skils For Kids

What you’ll learn

Analyse marketing communications used to prompt customers take desired actions.
Make better buying decisions and avoid impulsive purchases.
Decode marketing strategies of supermarkets.
Recognise powerful features of the selling language.

UnMarketing Critical Thinking Skils For Kids


No pre-requisites, except of curiosity to learn how marketing communications are designed.


The importance of teaching financial literacy to kids is recognised by many parents. As children grow up, they naturally become more exposed and involved in family shopping – whether groceries, gifts, items for home, school supplies, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to educate them about tricks used by sellers so they learn to make independent buying decisions and manage money effectively from young age.In this business course children 8+ learn to critically analyse ads, product claims, powerful features of the selling language and colour perceptions used in marketing communications.Special focus is given to supermarket marketing and strategies behind positioning products on the shelves, the floor plan, and management of the customer traffic, as well as encouragement of impulse buying. All this information is important for young buyers to help them confidently navigate the shopping environment. The kids will also have an opportunity to research marketing strategies of their local supermarket using the knowledge from the course. Understand what worksKids will learn how to recognise and analyse marketing communications often used to prompt customers take the desired action, such as ads, product labels, packaging, colours, selling words, etc.Make smart decisionsChildren will also learn about financial literacy in the shopping environment, which will help them make better buying decisions and avoid impulsive purchases.Note: The course is intended for purchase by adults who handle the enrolment and supervision of kids learning.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Section 2: How Marketing Communications Are Designed

Lecture 2 Lecture

Section 3: How To Analyse Claims

Lecture 3 Lecture

Section 4: More Examples of Marketing Effects

Lecture 4 Lecture

Section 5: Supermarket Shopping Tricks

Lecture 5 Lecture

Lecture 6 Your Local Supermarekt Research

Section 6: Useful Tips

Lecture 7 Lecture

Children 8+ and adults.

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Created by: Julie Medeiros

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