Unreal Engine 5 C Create Custom Editor Tools

Create custom editor functionalities in Unreal Engine 5 through different editor modules and slate widgets using C++
Unreal Engine 5 C Create Custom Editor Tools
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Vince Petrelli


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Last updated 12/2022



Unreal Engine 5 C Create Custom Editor Tools

What you’ll learn

Extend the existing editor menus through different modules
Explore the existing editor scripting libraries like EditorAssetLibrary and EditorUtilityLibrary
Write slate code to build slate widgets for custom editor functionalities
Create a custom editor tab for displaying slate widgets
Create materials and connect pins through code
Create custom editor hot keys to trigger custom functions
Extend Content Browser Menu
Extend Actor Selection Menu
Extend World Outliner
Add custom icons as UI elements

Unreal Engine 5 C Create Custom Editor Tools


Have experience with C++ in Unreal or at least taken one Unreal C++ course before


Learn everything that you need to know for extending Unreal’s editor and create custom menu entries, slate widgets, extend world outliner, register custom icons and much much more for boosting your effiency that your project and your team needs.In the first part of the course, we’ll focus on the actions to assets and we’ll begin with exploring the existing scripting libraries like UEditorAssetLibrary and UEditirUtilityLibrary in Unreal to help us achieve some basic quick asset actions.Then we’ll look at how to add in our custom menu entries to help us search and delete unused assets and delete empty folders when we right mouse button click a folder. With the ability like this, we’ll then dive into slate and create different slate widgets in a custom editor tab that we registered. We’ll also cover how to use EditorUtilityWidgets and create our own algorithms to help us quickly create materials from code.In the second part of the course, we’re gonna use the combination of EditorUtilityWidgets and EditorActorSubsystem to help us achieve actor batch selection, actor batch duplication, and randomize actor transform. Then we’ll use the skills and knowledge we learned to create actor selection lock through extending level editor actor menu, custom editor hot keys and extending world outliner.After this course, you will be able to create any custom editor tools that you or your team needs for better effiency when working inside of Unreal.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Some Common Questions You May Have

Lecture 3 Create A C++ Project

Lecture 4 How To Get Help?

Lecture 5 Modules In Unreal

Section 2: Quick Asset Actions

Lecture 6 Quick Asset Actions Section Overview

Lecture 7 Asset Action Utility

Lecture 8 Create A Debug Header

Lecture 9 Asset Batch Duplication

Lecture 10 Custom Editor Message

Lecture 11 Add Prefixes To Assets

Lecture 12 Coding Challenge: Remove _Inst

Lecture 13 Share Your Solution

Lecture 14 Delete Unused Assets From Selection

Lecture 15 Fix Up Redirectors From Code

Lecture 16 Optional Challenge: Batch Renaming Assets

Lecture 17 Section Wrap Up

Section 3: Extend Content Browser Menu

Lecture 18 Extend Content Browser Menu Section Overview

Lecture 19 Delegates

Lecture 20 How To Create Custom Menu Entry?

Lecture 21 Add Custom Delegate

Lecture 22 Binding Functions

Lecture 23 Search And Delete Unused Assets

Lecture 24 Coding Challenge: Fix Up Redirectors From Code

Lecture 25 Recap On Delete Unused Assets

Lecture 26 Coding Challenge: Add Another Menu Entry For Deleting Empty Folders

Lecture 27 Search And Delete Empty Folders

Lecture 28 Optional Challenge: Deleting Unused Assets And Empty Folders Together

Lecture 29 Secion Wrap Up

Section 4: Slate Widget

Lecture 30 Slate Widget Section Overview

Lecture 31 What is Slate?

Lecture 32 Smart Pointers

Lecture 33 Things We Want To Achieve With Slate Widget

Lecture 34 Spawn A Custom Editor Tab

Lecture 35 Set Up A Class For Slate Widget

Lecture 36 Sending Data To Slate Widget

Lecture 37 Set Up Basic Layout

Lecture 38 Sending Asset Data To Slate Widget

Lecture 39 Construct SListView

Lecture 40 Construct SChecBox

Lecture 41 Add In More Texts For Row Widget

Lecture 42 Construct SButton

Lecture 43 Delete Single Asset When Clicking The Button

Lecture 44 Refresh SListView

Lecture 45 Coding Challenge: Constrcut More Buttons

Lecture 46 Delete All Selected Assets

Lecture 47 Select And Deselect All Assets In The List

Lecture 48 Construct SCombo Box

Lecture 49 Listing Unused Assets

Lecture 50 Perfecting Listing Unused Assets

Lecture 51 Coding Challenge: Listing Assets With Same Name

Lecture 52 Share Your Solution

Lecture 53 Solution: Listing Assets With Same Name

Lecture 54 Sync Content Browser To Asset

Lecture 55 Add In Help Texts

Lecture 56 Section Wrap Up

Section 5: Custom Editor Icons

Lecture 57 Custom Editor Icons Section Overview

Lecture 58 Process For Adding Custom Icons

Lecture 59 The “Static” Keyword

Lecture 60 Register Custom Icons

Lecture 61 Apply Icons To Menu Entries

Section 6: Create Material From Code

Lecture 62 Create Material From Code Section Overview

Lecture 63 Editor Utility Widget

Lecture 64 Build An Editor Utility Widget

Lecture 65 Preparing For Material Creation

Lecture 66 Process Selected Data

Lecture 67 Check Is Name Used

Lecture 68 Create Material Asset From Code

Lecture 69 Supported Texture Names

Lecture 70 Create Node For Base Color

Lecture 71 Create Node For Metalic

Lecture 72 Coding Challenge: Create More Nodes For Material

Lecture 73 Share Your Solution

Lecture 74 Solution: Create More Nodes For Material

Lecture 75 Create Node For Channel Packed Texture

Lecture 76 Coding Challenge: Create Material Instance

Lecture 77 Share Your Solution

Lecture 78 Solution: Create Material Instance

Lecture 79 Optional Challenge: Create Material Instance From Master Material

Lecture 80 Section Wrap Up

Section 7: Quick Actor Actions

Lecture 81 Quick Actor Actions Section Overview

Lecture 82 Editor Actor Subsystem

Lecture 83 Actor Batch Selection

Lecture 84 Actor Batch Duplication

Lecture 85 Coding Challenge: Randomize Actor Rotation

Lecture 86 Share Your Solution

Lecture 87 Solution: Randomize Actor Rotation

Lecture 88 Coding Challenge: Randomize Actor Offset/Scale

Lecture 89 Share Your Solution

Lecture 90 Solution:Randomize Actor Offset/Scale

Lecture 91 Optional Challenge: Select/Deselect Actors By Name

Lecture 92 Section Wrap Up

Section 8: Extend Level Editor Actor Menu

Lecture 93 Extend Level Editor Actor Menu Section Overview

Lecture 94 Custom Level Editor Menu Entry

Lecture 95 Select Object Event

Lecture 96 Preparing For Selection Lock

Lecture 97 Implementing Selection Lock

Lecture 98 Custom Editor Icons For Menu Entries

Lecture 99 Section Wrap Up

Section 9: Custom Editor Hot Keys

Lecture 100 Custom Editor Hot Keys Section Overview

Lecture 101 Preparing For Custom Hot Keys

Lecture 102 Register Custom Editor Hot Keys

Lecture 103 Function Binding For Custom Hot Keys

Lecture 104 Optional Challenge: Displaying Locked Actors In A List

Lecture 105 Section Wrap Up

Section 10: Extend World Outliner

Lecture 106 Extend World Outliner Section Overview

Lecture 107 Preparing For Extending World Outliner

Lecture 108 Construct SHeaderRow

Lecture 109 Construct Row Widget

Lecture 110 FActorTreeItem

Lecture 111 Refresh Scene Outliner

Lecture 112 Construct Toggle Button

Lecture 113 Section Wrap Up

Section 11: Congratulations

Lecture 114 Extra Safe Guards

Lecture 115 Package Your Plugin

Lecture 116 Set Your Packaged Plugin As Default Engine Plugin

Lecture 117 Where to go from here?

Learners who want to learn how to extend Unreal’s editor,Learners who want to learn how to write slate code and create slate widgets in Unreal,Learners who want to have a deeper understanding of Unreal Engine,Learners who want to know how to create custom menu entries and register custom editor icons

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 14h 12m | 6.72 GB
Created by: Vince Petrelli

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