Unreal Engine 5 One Course Solution For Material

Learn how material works in Unreal Engine 5 through a node by node, step by step approach
Unreal Engine 5 One Course Solution For Material
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Unreal Engine 5 One Course Solution For Material

What you’ll learn

Use different nodes to create complicated materials
UV/Sine/Component Mask/Panner/Saturate/Lerp/World Position Offset and more
Create a master material that can be used in any project
Understand how bit maps like Base color/Roughness/Normal/Ambient Occulusion work
Create a scene from scratch
Material Blend/Vertex Painting/Decals/Paint Puddles
Create a landscape from scratch
Slope Blend/Height Blend/Auto Foliage/Run Time Virtual Texture
Dot Product/Vertex Normal/Texture Bombing/Triplanar Projection and more
Create an auto landscape material from scratch

Unreal Engine 5 One Course Solution For Material


No prior knowledge about materials needed, everything will be done from scratch
Have a computer that can run Unreal Engine 5


Learn everything you need to know for creating and unstanding what’s going on in materials for Unreal Engine 5.We will first learn the most basic stuff for creating materials in the first section, such as data types, lerp, UV to get you right on track for materials.After the first section, with everything we learned, we’ll dive deeper into materials to create our first master material. Understanding how a master material works is essential for working inside of Unreal Engine. And we do it completely from scratch. We’ll also be going over usage of different maps like base color, normal, roughness and etc.In the third section, we’ll start creat a scene using vertex painting from scratch. You’ll learn the entire proceess from planning to rendering. After this section, you should be able to create any scene that you want.In the final section, we’ll be creating an auto landscape material right from scratch. In this section, not only will you apply all the things you learned previously, but you’ll also learn how to create different masks for blending materials, auto foliage, runtime virtual texture, tiling break up techniques and all the other cool stuff.After this course, you should able to read most of the complicated graphs and follow any tutorials about materials you like.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to get help?

Lecture 3 Create First Project

Lecture 4 Why Don’t I Understand Material

Section 2: Material Graph Basic

Lecture 5 Material Graph Basic Section Overview

Lecture 6 Basic Data Types

Lecture 7 Roughness

Lecture 8 How to use lerp

Lecture 9 UV

Lecture 10 Component Mask

Lecture 11 Import A Texture

Lecture 12 Make Your Texture Move

Lecture 13 Panner

Lecture 14 Material Instance

Lecture 15 Writing Comments

Lecture 16 Section Challenge: Create A Fire Material

Lecture 17 Share Task: Share Your Fire

Lecture 18 Sine

Lecture 19 Manipulate Sine

Lecture 20 Create A Floating Rock

Lecture 21 Create A Dissolve Material

Lecture 22 Add Glow To Edges

Lecture 23 Interact With The Dirty Platform

Lecture 24 Interact With The Dissolve Mateiral

Lecture 25 Share Task: Share What You’ve Created

Lecture 26 Section Wrap Up

Section 3: Create A Master Material

Lecture 27 Create A Master Material Section Overview

Lecture 28 Intro To Master Material

Lecture 29 Full UV Control

Lecture 30 Static Switch Paramater

Lecture 31 Full Color Control

Lecture 32 Organize Paramaters

Lecture 33 Metalic Control

Lecture 34 Specular Control

Lecture 35 Roughness Control

Lecture 36 Texture Compression Settings

Lecture 37 Normal

Lecture 38 Ambient Occlusion

Lecture 39 Section Challenge1:Review

Lecture 40 Channel Packing

Lecture 41 Share Task: Share your thoughts

Lecture 42 Channel Unpacking

Lecture 43 Section Challenge2:Channel Packed Texture In Master Material

Lecture 44 Displacement

Lecture 45 Create A Project Template

Lecture 46 Share Task: Share Your Master Material

Lecture 47 Section Wrap Up

Section 4: Create A Scene

Lecture 48 Create A Scene Section Overview

Lecture 49 Planning A Scene

Lecture 50 Lightning Our Scene

Lecture 51 Emissive Material

Lecture 52 Material Blend

Lecture 53 Vertex Painting

Lecture 54 Vertex Painting For Walls

Lecture 55 Vertex Painting For Road

Lecture 56 Paint Puddles

Lecture 57 Section Challenge-Vertex Painting For Side Walk

Lecture 58 Decals

Lecture 59 Fill In Static Meshes

Lecture 60 Foliage Mode

Lecture 61 Set Up Level Sequence

Lecture 62 Camera Movement

Lecture 63 Render Our Scene

Lecture 64 Share Task:Share Your Render Result

Lecture 65 Section Wrap Up

Section 5: Create An Auto Landscape Material

Lecture 66 Create An Auto Landscape Material Section Overview

Lecture 67 Set Up Landscape Project

Lecture 68 Basic Lighting Set Up

Lecture 69 Simple Sculpting

Lecture 70 Material Function

Lecture 71 Base Color Control In Material Function

Lecture 72 Camera Depth Fade

Lecture 73 Texture Bombing

Lecture 74 Macro Variation

Lecture 75 Specular In Landscape

Lecture 76 Normal In Landscape

Lecture 77 Section Challenge: ORD In Landscape

Lecture 78 Share Task: Share Your Material Graph

Lecture 79 Specular and Macro Variation Control

Lecture 80 Landscape Layer Blend

Lecture 81 Make A Landscape In Gaea

Lecture 82 Output Landscape From Gaea

Lecture 83 Import Landscape Maps To Unreal

Lecture 84 Section Challenge 1 – Slope Layer

Lecture 85 What does “Auto Landscape” mean?

Lecture 86 Create A Slope Mask

Lecture 87 Use Slope Mask In Landscape Material

Lecture 88 Transition Slope Blend

Lecture 89 Triplanar Projection

Lecture 90 Use Triplanar Projection For Slope Layer

Lecture 91 Section Challenge 2 – Review

Lecture 92 Create A Height Mask

Lecture 93 Use Height Mask In Landscape Material

Lecture 94 More Adjustment For Height Mask

Lecture 95 Section Challenge 3-Use Height Mask With Slope Layer

Lecture 96 Share Task: Share Your Solution

Lecture 97 Runtime Virtual Texture

Lecture 98 Set Up Runtime Virtual Texture

Lecture 99 Create Runtime Virtual Texture Blend

Lecture 100 Use RVT Blend In Material

Lecture 101 Auto Foliage

Lecture 102 Landscape Grass Type

Lecture 103 Create A Foliage Mask

Lecture 104 Performance Optimization For Foliage

Lecture 105 Fade In Grass

Lecture 106 Section Challenge 4-Auto Trees

Lecture 107 Block Surrounding

Lecture 108 Post Processing

Lecture 109 Optional Challenge: Render Your Landscape Out

Lecture 110 Section Wrap Up

Section 6: Congratulations

Lecture 111 Where to go from here

Beginners who want to understand material in Unreal Engine,Learners who want to create amazing materials from scratch,Learners who want to know how to create a scene from scratch,Learners who want to create a landscape from scratch

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Udemy | English | 16h 37m | 19.41 GB
Created by: Vince Petrelli

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