UnTappedFX Keep it Simple

Day trading and investing techniques to follow Banks.
UnTappedFX Keep it Simple
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Jay Mac


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UnTappedFX Keep it Simple

What you’ll learn

Simple Structure
Simple SND Zones
Simple Price Action
Simple Confirmation
Simple system

UnTappedFX Keep it Simple


Basic Forex knowledge required


In-depth knowledge of order flow and supply and demand concepts as they relate to day trading on the financial markets is provided to students in this course. Through simple  in-depth lectures and hands-on exercises, students will learn how to analyze real-time market data to spot potential trading opportunities. Students will get a thorough understanding of market dynamics through the course’s coverage of topics like market mechanics, price action analysis, and order book analysis. By the end of the course, students will have developed the abilities and knowledge necessary to make knowledgeable trading choices based on order flow and supply and demand analyses. In conclusion, this course is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a comprehensive understanding of financial markets and market mechanics. Through hands-on learning with real-time market data, participants will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed trading decisions based on order flow and supply and demand analysis. The course offers a practical approach to trading, and attendees will leave with the confidence and know-how to develop a successful trading strategy. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, this course offers valuable insights that will help you navigate the markets with greater confidence and ease.


Section 1: Introduction to structure

Lecture 1 Structure 1

Lecture 2 Structure 2

Lecture 3 Structure 3

Section 2: Supply and Demand Zones

Lecture 4 SND INTRO

Lecture 5 SND 2

Section 3: Confirmation

Lecture 6 Putting it all together

Section 4: Indicator

Lecture 7 MTF Indicator

Section 5: Live Trading

Lecture 8 Live 1

Lecture 9 Live 2

Beginners, Intermediate

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Udemy | English | 2h 7m | 1.32 GB
Created by: Jay Mac

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