Up Running with ServiceNow

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Up Running with ServiceNow
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Up Running with ServiceNow

What you’ll learn

Understand what is possible with ServiceNow
Get a Personal Developer Instance up and running!
Successfully navigate the platform

Up Running with ServiceNow


A general understanding of IT principles
A computer with internet access


Are you just starting out in the world of ServiceNow? Are you having a hard time getting up and running with the platform? Maybe your company is transitioning to ServiceNow from another tool, or maybe you’re interested in starting your career as a ServiceNow developer? Whatever your case may be, this course will get you get up to speed on the ServiceNow platform. Hello, my name is Mark Miller and I’ll be your instructor for this course. I have over 6 years of experience on the platform and have worked on 50+ ServiceNow projects.Explaining ServiceNow in a clear and concise manner has always been a goal of mine. Unsatisfied by ServiceNow’s own attempt to explain their platform, I set out to create this course, which will do just that.What can it do? What are the benefits of using the platform? Why might a CIO choose ServiceNow over their internal team of application developers? These are all questions we’ll explore in this course. We’ll also look at 6 use cases which leverage the ServiceNow platform, we’ll cover how to get your very own ServiceNow instance up and running for free, we’ll explore the ServiceNow docs and community, and introduce the user interface and navigating the platform. We’ll end the course by touring the Incident, Problem, Knowledge, and Service Catalog applications. Thanks and I hope to see you in the Up & Running with ServiceNow course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Navigating Udemy

Lecture 3 A Note on ServiceNow Releases

Lecture 4 So What Is ServiceNow?

Lecture 5 Concepts & Terminology

Lecture 6 Obtaining a Personal Developer Instance

Lecture 7 ServiceNow Resources & FAQs

Section 2: Use Cases

Lecture 8 Incident Management

Lecture 9 Change Management

Lecture 10 Configuration Management

Lecture 11 Orchestration

Lecture 12 Service Portal

Lecture 13 Custom Business Applications

Section 3: Getting Started

Lecture 14 Obtaining a Personal Developer Instance (PDI)

Lecture 15 Navigating the Product Documentation

Lecture 16 Leveraging the Community

Lecture 17 Discovering the Developer Site

Lecture 18 Adventuring with Additional Resources

Section 4: Up & Running

Lecture 19 Introduction to the User Interface (UI)

Lecture 20 Navigating Lists

Lecture 21 Navigating Forms

Lecture 22 Creating and Maintaining Reports

Lecture 23 User Administration & UI Configuration

Section 5: Touring the Platform

Lecture 24 Incident

Lecture 25 Problem

Lecture 26 Knowledge

Lecture 27 Service Catalog

Lecture 28 Bonus: Next Steps

Those who are new to the ServiceNow platform,Those who are interested in what ServiceNow can do

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 0m | 1.31 GB
Created by: Mark Miller

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