UPF Power Aware Design Verification

Unified Power Format (IEEE1801 standard) Design and Verification Techniques
UPF Power Aware Design Verification
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Robin Garg


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UPF Power Aware Design Verification

What you’ll learn

What does UPF mean and why is it required?
UPF Low Power Design
UPF Low Power Verification
Learn a new skill that will help prepare for a Job in the Semiconductor Industry

UPF Power Aware Design Verification


Fundamentals of Digital Design (Digital Electronics and Circuits)
Basic knowledge of Functional Verification and RTL Simulation
Passion to learn Power Aware UPF Design and Verification
TCL basics are good to know but not mandatory


Exhaustive course spanning across 6+ hours of on-demand video lectures.Comprises of 4 major sub-sections:Need of UPF and UPF Basics (~1 hour 1 min)+ VLSI Design Phases+ RTL Simulation Vs Power Aware UPF Simulation+ UPF BasicsUPF Power Aware Design (~2 hours 51 mins)+ Power Domains+ Supply Nets/Ports – Power Supply Network+ Supply Sets – Power Supply Network+ Power Switches+ Power State Table+ Level Shifters+ Isolation Cells+ Input Vs Output Isolation Cells+ Retention Cells+ Flat UPF Vs Hierarchical UPF+ UPF Evolution 1.0 Vs 2.0 Vs 2.1 Vs 3.0UPF Power Aware Verification (~2 hours 4 mins)+ Popular Power Saving Techniques+ Static Verification+ Dynamic Verification 1 – Controlling Power Supplies+ Dynamic Verification 2 – Simstate Modelling+ Dynamic Verification 3 – Power Coverage+ Dynamic Verification 4 – Low Power AssertionsMiscellaneous Concepts (~11* mins)+ Instrumentation Vs Instantiation+ Hard Macros and Liberty Files* New lectures might be added based upon popular user feedback and request.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Need of UPF and UPF basics

Lecture 2 VLSI Design Phases

Lecture 3 RTL Simulation Vs Power Aware UPF Simulation

Lecture 4 UPF Basics

Section 3: UPF Power Aware Design

Lecture 5 Power Domains

Lecture 6 Supply Nets/Ports – Power Supply Network

Lecture 7 Supply Sets – Power Supply Network

Lecture 8 Power Switches

Lecture 9 Power State Table

Lecture 10 Level Shifters

Lecture 11 Isolation Cells

Lecture 12 Input vs Output Isolation Cells

Lecture 13 Retention Cells

Lecture 14 Flat UPF vs Hierarchical UPF

Lecture 15 UPF Evolution 1.0 vs 2.0 vs 2.1 vs 3.0

Section 4: UPF Power Aware Verification

Lecture 16 Popular Power Saving Techniques

Lecture 17 Static Verification

Lecture 18 Dynamic Verification 1 – Controlling Power Supplies

Lecture 19 Dynamic Verification 2 – Simstate Modelling

Lecture 20 Dynamic Verification 3 – Power Coverage

Lecture 21 Dynamic Verification 4 – Low Power Assertions

Section 5: Miscellaneous Concepts

Lecture 22 Instrumentation vs Instantiation

Lecture 23 Hard Macros and Liberty Files

VLSI Semiconductor Professionals/Enthusiasts,People looking to ramp-up on Power Aware UPF Design and Verification,Folks working on UPF Power Aware Design and Verification,Professionals/Students looking to add a new skill to enhance job-opportunities

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 15m | 1.40 GB
Created by: Robin Garg

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