Use GoHighLevel as an Affiliate Marketer or Influencer

I bet you’ll learn something new about affiliate marketing while learning the HighLevel software step-by-step!
Use GoHighLevel as an Affiliate Marketer or Influencer
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Use GoHighLevel as an Affiliate Marketer or Influencer

What you’ll learn

First steps to successfully set up your HighLevel account as an affiliate marketer or influencer
Why the best affiliate offers to promote are the ones with lifetime recurring commissions
How to promote your affiliate offers and communicate with your users through GoHighLevel
Additional GHL resources like submitting GHL feature requests and signing up as a GHL affiliate

Use GoHighLevel as an Affiliate Marketer or Influencer


The desire to learn how affiliate marketing benefits you and your audience (none, small, or large).
No coding or strong technical experience required as long as you can follow directions.
You need a computer (not just a mobile device) with the Chrome browser (as recommended by GHL but not required).
The ability to register for an affiliate marketing account (or already have one). Most people with a bank account are able to, including USA and international.


Start or grow your affiliate marketing business with the GoHighLevel (GHL) online software.This course will take you from no GHL account to a GHL master in a very short time. All you have to do is start with the provided GHL Snapshot (you’ll learn what that is in the course), making it quick and easy to hit the ground running.You can move your ClickFunnels or MailChimp templates to HighLevel, and it can also replace more than a dozen other paid tools.Use GHL so you can focus on your content, communications, and conversions instead of fighting with technology tools, whether you’re a new affiliate marketer or an old pro.Influencers are affiliate marketers, too! They focus on social media to generate conversations and traffic. GHL Funnels are the perfect replacement for Linktree / Link in Bio. Capture visitors’ contact information through a GHL Form or Survey to grow your own email or text marketing list.You can be an affiliate for almost any product or service, helping other people find great offers while living the affiliate marketing lifestyle.Cliff has been an affiliate for dozens of advertisers for over a decade. He’ll offer a few affiliate marketing tips and go in-depth with the HighLevel SaaS software (i.e. nothing to install on your computer). Your GHL account will be set up for long-term success.You’ll learn to do all of these with just the GHL software:Manage your social media profiles by posting new content and replying to DMsDirect traffic to your funnels (sometimes called landing or bridge pages)Use forms to build your email listKeep unlimited contacts organized and segmentedSetup automations to deliver exclusive signup bonuses, send check-in messages, and comply with unsubscribe requestsSend one-on-one or bulk communications via text, email, and voiceThe potential benefits of a successful affiliate marketing business:Develop a personal brand and online following to become an Influencer.Cultivate great relationships with like-minded people who aren’t willing to settle for an unappealing “normal” life.Make hundreds of dollars each month within just a few months and thousands monthly within 1-2 years, depending on how eager you are.Help good businesses succeed while getting free accounts, swag, and promos of your own.Scale your affiliate marketing business while traveling the world without increasing your own business’ expenses.Work hard for a short time to enjoy the long-term benefits, such as a flexible schedule and freedom from financial stress.The HighLevel software can replace some or all of the functionality delivered by these popular tools:Calendly, Zoho, Acuity Scheduling (Squarespace), YouCanBookMeClickFunnels, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, GetResponseConstant Contact (SharpSpring), Shopify, DudaWix, Weebly, Leadpages, Unbounce, InstapageKajabi, Thinkific, PodiaJotForm, Typeform, WufooPipedrive, Follow Up Boss, Nextiva, Keap, Insightly CRM, Thryv, Nimble, Podium, GatherUp, Birdeye, VendastaCallRail, EZ Texting, SimpleTextingPlus, GHL has unlimited usage. Never pay per funnel, website, or number of CRM contacts again!The instructor, Cliff, is always willing to hear both positive and negative feedback so that we can all keep getting better.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Get started with affiliate marketing

Lecture 2 Affiliate networks you may want to sign up for

Lecture 3 Signup for an affiliate network if you aren’t yet because it’ll take a few days

Section 3: GoHighLevel’s list of features

Lecture 4 Overview of GHL functionality

Lecture 5 Signing up for GHL

Lecture 6 Full GHL walkthrough (excluding Forms and Sites)

Lecture 7 GHL’s Forms and Sites (the most commonly used features for affiliate marketing)

Section 4: GHL Tips and Tricks

Lecture 8 Import any ClickFunnels link

Lecture 9 Submit feature requests to the GoHighLevel team

Section 5: Deep Dive into Snapshots (get one free)

Lecture 10 Deep Dive into Cliff’s GHL Snapshot for Affiliates

Lecture 11 Your own Snapshot’s linked Subaccounts can stay mostly in sync!

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 12 Wrap Up (thanks for taking this course!)

Affiliate marketer (beginner or experienced) interested in making their affiliate business easy to manage through online software.,GoHighLevel is a general purpose online software. This course will teach you how to set it up in a way to be successful with affiliate marketing.,This is not a done-for-you, fully automated, set-it-and-forget-it type of affiliate program.

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Udemy | English | 2h 9m | 2.07 GB
Created by: Clifford Paulick

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