User Experience Design Fundamentals

Design Web Sites and Mobile Apps that Your Users Love and Return to Again and Again with UX Expert Joe Natoli.
User Experience Design Fundamentals
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User Experience Design Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

Understand user experience design and why it’s important
Understand the elements of user experience
Understand how the elements of user experience work together
Understand strategy as an element of user experience
Understand the research process
Identify business goals, and user needs
Understand scope as an element of user experience
Create a functional specification
Learn how to develop content requirements
Learn to prioritize specs and requirements
Understand structure as an element of user experience
Architect information effectively
Understand organizing principles for digital media
Understand skeleton as an element of user experience
Understand navigation design
Create an effective information design
Learn to create wireframes
Understand surface as an element of user experience
Learn visual design principles
Understand contrast and uniformity
Learn the best use of color and typography
Understand A/B testing processes
Learn resources available to assist with User Experience Design Process

User Experience Design Fundamentals


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Are your web conversion rates low? Do you know whether your web site is effective at meeting your goals?  Do users get “stuck” and aren’t able to complete the tasks they want to?  Are your forms effective? How can your mobile app be improved?  It’s becoming easier and easier to create web sites and mobile apps– But harder and harder to measure the effectiveness of these applications. In Joe Natoli’s well-designed course User Experience Design Fundamentals you’ll learn how to create effective web sites, mobile sites and mobile applications that encourage conversions and leave users wanting more.  It’s not enough to simply have a web presence — you must have a web presence that’s effective to be successful.  In this dynamic course Joe will expand on Jesse James Garrett’s pioneering model of the critical elements of user experience — strategy, scope, structure, skeleton and surface. As you learn you’ll be able to apply the knowledge Joe teaches in dynamic lab exercises– and later to your own work as a developer or designer.  If you’re a designer moving into a more complex digital world or a developer who has to occasionally function as a designer as well, this course is for you. You’ll feel more confident as you make design related decisions about layout, color, information, design and typography after completing this exciting course.


Section 1: What is User Experience Design?

Lecture 1 Introduction: a UXD Parable

Lecture 2 What UXD Isn’t

Lecture 3 What UXD Is

Lecture 4 Why Should We Care About UXD?

Section 2: Understanding the Elements of User Experience

Lecture 5 The Elements of User Experience

Lecture 6 Exploring the Elements of User Experience

Lecture 7 How the Elements Work Together

Section 3: Using the Elements – Strategy

Lecture 8 The Research Process

Lecture 9 Identifying Business Goals

Lecture 10 Identifying B2B User Needs

Lecture 11 Identifying B2C User Needs

Lecture 12 Three Crucial Questions

Lecture 13 “First Use” Questions

Lecture 14 Strategy Takeaways

Lecture 15 Strategy Lab Exercise

Section 4: Using the Elements – Scope

Lecture 16 Defining Scope

Lecture 17 Functional Specifications

Lecture 18 Content Requirements

Lecture 19 Generating Effective Requirements

Lecture 20 Prioritizing Specs & Requirements

Lecture 21 Scope Takeaways

Lecture 22 Scope Lab Exercise

Section 5: Using the Elements – Structure

Lecture 23 Defining Structure

Lecture 24 Interaction Design

Lecture 25 Information Architecture

Lecture 26 Organizing Principles

Lecture 27 Roles and Processes

Lecture 28 Structure Takeaways

Lecture 29 Structure Lab Exercise

Section 6: Using the Elements – Skeleton

Lecture 30 Defining the Skeleton

Lecture 31 Interface Design

Lecture 32 Navigation Design

Lecture 33 Convention and Metaphor

Lecture 34 Information Design

Lecture 35 Wireframes

Lecture 36 Skeleton Takeaways

Lecture 37 Skeleton Lab Exercise

Section 7: Using the Elements – Surface

Lecture 38 Defining the Surface

Lecture 39 Visual Design Principles

Lecture 40 Following the Eye

Lecture 41 Contrast and Uniformity

Lecture 42 Consistency

Lecture 43 Color and Typography

Lecture 44 Surface Takeaways

Lecture 45 Surface Lab Exercise

Section 8: Takeaways and Resources

Lecture 46 Things to Remember

Lecture 47 Tools of the Trade

Lecture 48 Wireframing and Prototyping Software

Lecture 49 A/B Testing Software

Lecture 50 Content Inventory Software

Lecture 51 User Testing/Feedback Software

Lecture 52 Analytics Software

Lecture 53 Educational/Information Websites

Lecture 54 Bonus Lecture: Working with Clients and Stakeholders

Web Designers,Mobile Designers,Web Developers,Engineers,Entrepreneurs,Business Owners,Students,Anyone who wants to make more effective web sites and mobile sites

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Udemy | English | 9h 58m | 2.78 GB
Created by: Joe Natoli

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