Using self branding as an employee to climb the ladder

Self branding your career development, build confidence, assess your ability and develop to get your dream job
Using self branding as an employee to climb the ladder
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Using self branding as an employee to climb the ladder

What you’ll learn

Understand what the difference is between an employee and becoming a brand
Change your mindset on how you view your experience and skills and how to sell them
Gap analysis on what you have to offer and where you want to be as your ‘ideal self’
The ability to update your CV and online profile to meet your new view on yourself

Using self branding as an employee to climb the ladder




Sick of being stuck in the same job and often being overlooked for promotions? Its maybe time to think about how you present yourself and your ability to help you climb that career ladder. In the modern world years of service don’t necessarily reward loyalty with progression, job hopping is more common and with that you gain skills across multiple areas. To keep up and ensure you get where you want to be as your ‘ideal self’ you need to start branding your skills as an employee, and act like a service offering niche skills to an employer.In this course I take a no-nonsense approach, no 2-minute fluffy videos. I will tell you what I am proposing, how to use it to assess who you are just now, who you want to be in the future, and how to apply that to your professional career.You may be an introvert and think this will only apply to extroverts, in fact this will probably be more beneficial to an introvert to build their confidence and be more audacious.  In fact I myself am a introvert , and this thinking changed my career projection to where I am now. I hope you enjoy the course, and feel free to message me at any point. I aim to make your purchase a long term benefit, not just once and done.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is self-branding? Lets change your thinking of yourself

Section 2: Assessing your current ‘Brand’ and building a new one

Lecture 3 Assessing who you currently are

Lecture 4 Building your brand and self confidence

Section 3: Starting to build your ‘brand’

Lecture 5 Starting with you CV

Lecture 6 Selling your ‘brand’ in interviews

Section 4: Summary

Lecture 7 Summary

Section 5: BONUS Section

Lecture 8 Some bonus items for you!

Anyone who wants to build confidence in themselves professionally,Those who wish to diversify into new job sectors,Job seekers

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Created by: Mark Grey

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