UX Design Masterclass

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of User Experience Design.
UX Design Masterclass
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Rob Cowie


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UX Design Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Understand the unchanging truths about Design and use them to improve the quality of your solutions.
Make use of a framework that enables Business and Design to work together effectively.
Design your career by understanding the various roles and how to progress to the next level.
Know the 30 most often used tools in the Design Toolkit.
Apply real-world project and research learnings to your design process.
Complete a design project using the tools in the Design Toolkit.

UX Design Masterclass


No design experience necessary.


Take your career to the next level with this User Experience Design Masterclass, covering everything I’ve learned in 25 years as a Designer.Whether you’re looking to get started in Design, change disciplines within Design or invest in your career growth, this is the course for you. Some of the topics covered include Designing your Career, Design Truths and Myths, Business and Design, Sustainable Design, Measuring UX, the ROI of UX, the Laws of UX, Behavioural Economics, Stakeholder Management, and Presenting your Solutions.We’ll look at Design Research – practical examples of research surprises, where research might’ve helped, where it did help as well as research for validation and research for inspiration.We’ll also take a deep dive into the Design Toolkit and learn about the design tools available to you and how to use them – focusing on the ones that you will be most likely to come across in your day to day work.Finally, I’ll give you your own Design Project to work on – putting everything you’ve learned into practice.The focus is on learning practical, real-world design skills that you can start using right now. Join me as I attempt  to cram 25 years of knowledge and experience into this course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 What we’ll be covering

Section 2: All about User Experience

Lecture 3 Why UX?

Lecture 4 What is UX?

Section 3: Design Truths

Lecture 5 Design Truths One

Lecture 6 Design Truths Two

Lecture 7 Design Truths Three

Lecture 8 Design Truths Four

Lecture 9 Design Truths Five

Section 4: Design Myths

Lecture 10 Design Myths One

Lecture 11 Design Myths Two

Lecture 12 Design Myths Three

Lecture 13 Design Myths Four

Section 5: Business and Design

Lecture 14 Business and Design

Section 6: Real world projects

Lecture 15 Four projects and what I learned

Section 7: Designing for the Environment

Lecture 16 Sustainable Design

Section 8: Design Research

Lecture 17 Research Surprises

Lecture 18 Research Would’ve Helped

Lecture 19 Research Helped

Lecture 20 Research for Validation

Lecture 21 Research for Inspiration

Section 9: Design Thinking

Lecture 22 A Design Thinking Approach

Section 10: The Design Toolkit

Lecture 23 A/B and Multivariate Testing

Lecture 24 Analytics

Lecture 25 Benchmarking

Lecture 26 Competitor Studies

Lecture 27 Focus Groups

Lecture 28 Intuitive UI Design

Lecture 29 Longitudinal Studies

Lecture 30 Diary Studies

Lecture 31 Multichannel Studies

Lecture 32 Omnichannel Studies

Lecture 33 Surveys

Lecture 34 Tree Testing

Lecture 35 Remote Testing

Lecture 36 Getting Feedback

Lecture 37 Competitor Analysis

Lecture 38 Heuristic Review

Lecture 39 Brainstorming

Lecture 40 Mental Models

Lecture 41 Card Sorting

Lecture 42 Contextual Enquiry

Lecture 43 Personas

Lecture 44 Customer Journey Mapping

Lecture 45 Customer Experience Cycle

Lecture 46 Human Centred Observation

Lecture 47 Hypothesis Evaluation

Lecture 48 IDEO Concept Development

Lecture 49 Information Architecture

Lecture 50 Prototyping

Lecture 51 R-W-W Evaluation

Lecture 52 Usability Testing

Section 11: Measuring UX

Lecture 53 Measuring User Experience

Section 12: Return on Investment

Lecture 54 The ROI of UX

Section 13: Stakeholder Management

Lecture 55 Stakeholder Management

Section 14: Presentation Skills

Lecture 56 Presenting your Work

Section 15: Laws of User Experience

Lecture 57 Laws of UX One

Lecture 58 Laws of UX Two

Section 16: Behavioural Economics and Design

Lecture 59 Behavioural Economics One

Lecture 60 Behavioural Economics Two

Section 17: Designing Your Career

Lecture 61 Your Design Career

Lecture 62 Junior Designer

Lecture 63 Designer

Lecture 64 Senior Designer

Lecture 65 Design Lead

Lecture 66 Design Director

Lecture 67 Senior Specialist

Section 18: Design with Confidence

Lecture 68 Impostor Syndrome

Section 19: Your Design Project

Lecture 69 Your Design Project

Section 20: Conclusion

Lecture 70 What we learned

Those looking to get started in Design, change disciplines within Design or invest in their career growth.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 26m | 3.15 GB
Created by: Rob Cowie

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