UX Research for Apps Usercentric from Concept to Launch

How do you design apps that connect with customers and get them excited? Find it with this complete UX research toolkit.
UX Research for Apps Usercentric from Concept to Launch
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UX Research for Apps Usercentric from Concept to Launch

What you’ll learn

Use the tools of UX research to understand customer needs
Conduct user-centered design and feedback sessions
Analyze and screen app concepts
Apply post-launch user feedback tools to UX design
Prioritize app features to determine what to build (and what not to build)

UX Research for Apps Usercentric from Concept to Launch


No specific skills or tools are required: just an open mind!
You may have a background in UX design…or not (either is OK)
You may be involved in a developing an App (or not)
You may have a background in research (or not)
You may practiced some of the techniques previously (or not)


What is the key ingredient that makes apps successful? They start with a laser focus on what users need. This course teaches you the tools and techniques needed to help you step into the shoes of customers – allowing you to shape concepts that connect and design products that stick. Learn the professional secrets of conducting crucial user research quickly and inexpensively. Following a 6-step approach you will learn how to: Shape a concept Screen app ideas Conduct primary research (IDIs, surveys) Create customer journeys, personas and empathy maps Use participatory design to refine and prioritize Use Voice of the Customer research post-launch There are dozens of techniques, tools and apps discussed. Taught by veteran digital strategist and UX design researcher Dr. Todd Greenwood, this course is appropriate for anyone who is planning to build a mobile tech solution: app entrepreneurs, UX designers, and programmers. Along the way, Todd will highlight success stories and research that were used to develop some of the most successful apps like AirBnb and the research that should have been done for…well, the failures whose designers thought they could skip it. This 35-lesson course is hands-on, with a wealth of cost-effective techniques for gathering and analyzing survey data and qualitative insights. You’ll know when to DIY and when and where to find companies (many research solutions have recently emerged in the mobile space) that you can call upon to help.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Research for User Design

Lecture 2 The UX Research Design Model

Lecture 3 Your Team and Your Situation

Lecture 4 Examining Objectives

Section 2: Shaping the Concept

Lecture 5 Shaping the Concept

Lecture 6 Thinking Divergently

Lecture 7 Gathering Empathy

Lecture 8 Surveying Inexpensively

Lecture 9 Quick Competitive Audit

Lecture 10 App Definition Statement

Lecture 11 Willingness to Pivot

Lecture 12 Idea Screening

Section 3: Know Your Customer

Lecture 13 Knowing Your Customer

Lecture 14 Interviewing Stakeholders

Lecture 15 Doing Ethnography

Lecture 16 Writing Great Surveys

Lecture 17 Conducting IDIs

Lecture 18 Empathy Mapping

Lecture 19 Creating Personas

Lecture 20 Mapping Customer Journeys

Section 4: Define Your Product

Lecture 21 Defining Your Product

Lecture 22 Benchmarking Competitive Products

Lecture 23 Creating with Users

Lecture 24 Grouping and Prioritizing

Lecture 25 Scenarios and Storyboards

Section 5: Prototyping and Testing

Lecture 26 Testing Paper Prototypes

Lecture 27 Testing Content and Creative

Section 6: Prepare for Launch

Lecture 28 Planning for Evaluation

Lecture 29 Beta Testing

Lecture 30 Remote Usability Testing

Lecture 31 Split Testing

Section 7: Post Launch Insights and Analytics

Lecture 32 Post Launch Insights and Analytics

Lecture 33 App Analytics

Lecture 34 Satisfaction Surveys

Lecture 35 Final Thoughts

UX designers,Entrepreneurs,UX researchers,Product managers,Digital strategists,Students,Anyone who wants to know how to get into the minds of customers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 15m | 5.36 GB
Created by: Todd Greenwood

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