Value Investing Discover Pro Level Value Investing 2020

Learn the Secret Sauce of Value Investing From Real Professional Investors in Less Than 1 Hour!
Value Investing Discover Pro Level Value Investing 2020
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Eli Mikel, CFP®, CRPC®


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Value Investing Discover Pro Level Value Investing 2020

What you’ll learn

Value Investing Discovery In Under 1 Hour
Learn Value Investing From The Pros
Experience Value Investing In A Fun, Interesting, And Exciting Way
A Value Investing Perspective You’ve Never Heard Before!!!
A Quick Value Investing Introduction, Not A Complete End To End Tutorial
Investing Tools & Perspective Investors At Every Level Can Use

Value Investing Discover Pro Level Value Investing 2020


An Open Mind & A Strong Desire To Learn
No Other Prerequisites Are Required


Do you want to understand the secret sauce of investing from real professional investors? Here’s your chance!This course is for investors at all levels who want a quick and dirty breakdown of value investing from the perspective of the pros.You’ll learn tools you can use for the rest of your investing life.Unlike most investing courses, this course style is fun and easy to digest. “An individual’s objective in a capitalist economy is to dislocate their time from their income production, sufficient that there is zero correlation between their time spent and the amount of income they produce. This is achieved in one of two primary ways, a business and or, a portfolio. We advise on portfolios.”  -ProfessorPortfoliosCourse List:Stock Market Investing SimplifiedValue Investing OverviewSearching For CompaniesCurrent Value vs. Historical ValueCalculating Future Cash FlowApplying The Discount RateCalculating The Range of ValuesDefining RiskManaging Your PortfolioValue Investing Review (Whirlpool Example)Bonus 2020 Outlook: Surviving Next DecadeDisclaimer – This course contains the personal opinions and ideas of the course providers. The content and information contained in this course is strictly for educational purposes only. There are no recommendations, or advice of any kind. The course providers are registered investment advisors, however, the information given in this course is not to be treated as advice, nor seen as a recommendation to take any investment, or financial related actions. Individuals should find a registered investment advisor to help them make investment related decisions. The course providers are not Accountants and any tax related information is for educational purposes only. Individuals should seek the help of a Certified Public Accountant for any tax related advice. Although the course providers attempt to provide the most accurate information, there is no guarantee, or warranty that all, or any information provided is reliable, accurate, or complete. Individuals are solely responsible for all investment, financial and tax related decisions. The course providers are not responsible for any losses, or liabilities, which may arise from the use and application of the information and strategies discussed in this course.


Section 1: Stock Market Investing Simplified

Lecture 1 Stock Market Investing Simplified

Section 2: Value Investing Overview

Lecture 2 Value Investing Overview

Section 3: Searching For Companies

Lecture 3 Searching For Companies

Section 4: Current Value vs. Historical Value

Lecture 4 Current Value vs. Historical Value

Section 5: Calculating Future Cash Flow

Lecture 5 Calculating Future Cash Flow

Section 6: Applying The Discount Rate

Lecture 6 Applying The Discount Rate

Section 7: Calculating The Range of Values

Lecture 7 Calculating The Range of Values

Section 8: Defining Risk

Lecture 8 Defining Risk

Section 9: Managing Your Portfolio

Lecture 9 Managing Your Portfolio

Section 10: Value Investing (Whirlpool Example)

Lecture 10 Value Investing (Whirlpool Example)

People Who Want To Understand How The Secret Sauce Is Created,Investors Looking To Understand Value Investing Quickly

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Udemy | English | 0h 45m | 761.68 MB
Created by: Eli Mikel, CFP®, CRPC®

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