Vegas Pro 16 Video Editing

Easy, fast, professional video production with Vegas Creative – Vegas Pro!
Vegas Pro 16 Video Editing
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Vegas Pro 16 Video Editing

What you’ll learn

Understand the different versions of Sony Vegas Pro
Install Sony Vegas Pro
Configure Sony Vegas Pro settings for optimal performance
Perform beginner to advanced video production from end to end
Render and upload Sony Vegas Pro video projects on social media sites
Backup Sony Vegas Pro video projects to prevent data loss

Vegas Pro 16 Video Editing


A modern computer with Windows OS version 7, 8, or 10
Internet, 2.8 GHz + CPU, 4 GB+ RAM, 1 GB+ VRAM, and lots of disk space
Ideally a digital video camera (iPhone will do) for shooting videos!


If you’ve been dreaming about starting your own business, becoming the next big YouTube star or fashion blogger, creating online training courses, or simply sharing your family videos on social media sites… video editing is a crucial skill you must learn.Having high quality videos can literally make or break your success!As the founder & leader of a 15-year-old creative services company, I’ve seen it all, and I can assure you that Sony Vegas Pro 15 is the most intuitive, easy to learn, and effective of all video editing software on the market. There’s a reason why so many businesses, marketers, music video producers, and film & TV producers are using Sony Vegas Pro. It’s easy & powerful!You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to get started!Unlike other courses that only teach you how to use Vegas Creative’s – Vegas Pro 16 without telling you the best way to buy it, install it, and configure it for best performance… this course was designed with complete beginners in mind, and will quickly & easily teach you a complete, end to end video editing process using the most recent version of Sony Vegas Pro including:Ensuring your computer is powerful enough for video production   How to choose which Vegas version to buy so you get the right features at the best price   How to install Vegas Creative’s Vegas Pro 16 for free   Optimizing the Vegas Creative’s Vegas Pro settings for best performance   How get video files from different kinds of cameras onto your computer   How to organize media on your computer disk   How to create a new project, add multiple videos, perform basic video editing, and add titles   How to efficiently render & publish your Vegas Creative’s – Vegas Pro video projects to multiple social media sites   A simple way to back up your Vegas Creative’s – Vegas Pro video projects to prevent losing workOnce you’ve mastered those fundamentals, we’ll move on and discover how to enhance your videos with a wide variety of industry standard video editing techniques, filters, and effects. I’ll show you things like:How to stabilize shaky video   How to use fast or slow motion   How to show multiple video clips at the same time, often called “picture in a picture”   How to color correct color clips so they look their very best   Brightness & contrast   Cropping, zooming, & panning   Adding music tracks   Removing audio   Audio enhancement & replacement   Green screen   Lower thirds   And much more! With my 15 years as a creative services professional, my intuitive teaching style, and my proven reputation as a top instructor… you can buy this Vegas Creative’s – Vegas Pro course with complete confidence that you’ll be confidently achieving your video editing goals, faster that you ever thought possible!Click the “Take This Course” button, and I’ll meet you inside!


Section 1: Welcome to Sony Vegas Pro!

Lecture 1 About the Course

Lecture 2 About Me

Section 2: Install Sony Vegas Pro

Lecture 3 Sony Vegas Pro computer requirements

Lecture 4 Choose the right Sony Vegas Pro version

Lecture 5 Leverage “Movie Studio” to save money!

Lecture 6 Install Sony Vegas Pro 16 Suite for free!

Lecture 7 Configure Sony Vegas Pro Settings

Lecture 8 Purchase Vegas Pro 16 Suite and save big!

Section 3: Basic Sony Vegas Pro Skills

Lecture 9 Explore the Sony Vegas Pro UI – Part 1

Lecture 10 How to organize your media files

Lecture 11 Copy files from cameras to computer

Lecture 12 Create a new project and add media

Lecture 13 Perform your first simple edits

Lecture 14 Add a simple transition between video clips

Lecture 15 Trim the ends of video clips

Lecture 16 Add a music track and video fades

Lecture 17 Add text titles

Lecture 18 Render and publish to social media sites

Lecture 19 Backup your Sony Vegas Pro project

Section 4: Intermediate Skills

Lecture 20 Add multiple video clips to timeline

Lecture 21 Video effects – overview

Lecture 22 Stabilize shaky video (v15)

Lecture 23 Stabilize shaky video (v16)

Lecture 24 More lectures coming soon!!!

Beginners who want to learn video production quickly & easily,Aspiring YouTube stars or bloggers,Small business owners,Entrepreneurs,Online course creators,High school & college students

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 40m | 484.70 MB
Created by: Bryan Lamb

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