Video Production for Content Creators A Beginners Guide

A simple course to teach ANYONE the basics of Video Production as a Content Creator
Video Production for Content Creators A Beginners Guide
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Video Production for Content Creators A Beginners Guide

What you’ll learn

Learn about the mindset elements of being a content creator
Learn about the different aspects involved in video production
Gain technical knowledge on how to use cameras, microphones and software required for video production
Build a framework for future learning

Video Production for Content Creators A Beginners Guide


No prior experience needed


Hello and welcome to my course!This course is designed for new video content creators; people who are planning to start or have recently started or even those who are just curious about video production in general.This course will teach you about how to develop your production workflow from pre-production to post production, how to use video production equipment like cameras, microphones and software and also what kind of mindset is necessary to be a successful video content creator.Following are the classes in this course:1. Mindset of a Content Creator2. Gear and Equipment3. Production Workflow and Key Questions4. Intro to Cameras5. Exposure6. White Balance7. Focus8. Picture Profiles9. Lenses and Filters10. Microphones11. Lighting12. Tips on Recording Yourself13. Audio Recording and Processing14. Basics of B-Roll15. Video Editing Software16. Video Editing Tips17. Color Correction Basics18. Rendering and Publishing19. Importance of Analytics20. End Note and Class ProjectWhile designing this course, I have tried to keep things simple so that anyone with little or no experience of video production can easily digest and understand what they are seeing. My hope is that after taking this course, my students will have a solid foundation into how videos are made and a roadmap for further learning in the future.Thank you for taking the time to check my course out and I hope to see you all in class!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Mindset of a Content Creator

Section 2: Production Equipment and Workflow

Lecture 2 Gear and Equipment

Lecture 3 Production Workflow and Key Questions

Lecture 4 Intro to Cameras

Lecture 5 Exposure

Lecture 6 White Balance

Lecture 7 Focus

Lecture 8 Picture Profiles

Lecture 9 Lenses and Filters

Lecture 10 Microphones

Section 3: Lights, camera, action!

Lecture 11 Lighting

Lecture 12 Tips on Recording Yourself

Lecture 13 Audio Recording and Processing

Lecture 14 Basics of B-Roll

Section 4: “Fix it in Post”

Lecture 15 Video Editing Software

Lecture 16 Video Editing Tips

Lecture 17 Color Correction Basics

Section 5: Upload!

Lecture 18 Rendering and Publishing

Lecture 19 Importance of Analytics

Section 6: Class Project

Lecture 20 End Note and Class Project!

Video content creators,Social media influencers,Web video producers

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Udemy | English | 1h 49m | 1.85 GB
Created by: Ameer Dagha

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