Violet Flame for Self Healing Attunement included

Using High Frequency Energy to Transmute Low Vibration, Negative Energy into Light
Violet Flame for Self Healing Attunement included
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Quinnie Rwahwire


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Violet Flame for Self Healing Attunement included

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to channel the energy of the Violet Flame through Archangel Zadkiel
You will learn different progressions for your self-healing journey using the Violet Flame
You will learn how to perform energy work through the power of intention
You will learn how to build a connection with Archangel Zadkiel
You will learn how to clear the energy in your space using the Violet Flame
You will learn how to perform a distance healing session using the Violet Flame

Violet Flame for Self Healing Attunement included


There is no prerequisite for this course. This course is open to beginner and advanced energy ealers.
A strong desire to become a powerful channel of energy by self-healing (co-healing technically)


Have you been feeling down lately? Are you having a hard time shaking off tough experiences? Does the thought of a situation automatically send you into a spiraling mood? The baggage of negative energy can be an invisible burden that is holding you back in life. A negative experience that we have in the present moment is a reflection of a negative experience we have not let go of from our past. It can feel like a cloud that is constantly circling around you. Receiving the gift of channeling the Violet Flame was a complete game-changer for me. Being someone who was constantly triggered by the smallest things, helped me gain more self-awareness about my life. I was able to use the high-frequency energy of the Violet Flame to begin releasing heavy blockages that sat within my energy centers. In co-creation with Ascended Master Saint Germain, I am now sharing the process that I used for my personal healing journey that helped me get out of my depressive episodes and relieved me in moments where I experienced anxiety. I just wanted to get better and now I want to see others take charge and responsibility for their own lives by sharing these amazing tools and instructions. This course is built for people that truly want to be self-empowered in their spiritual healing journey. It is an essential part of this course. You’ve got to do the work on yourself because the best is yet to come in your life.All levels are welcome to take this course! I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to have the support of Ascended Master Saint Germain in delivering this course. If you feel called to it in your heart, join this course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction – Violet Flame for Self-Healing

Lecture 2 About The Course

Section 2: Violet Flame Foundations

Lecture 3 The Power of Decrees

Lecture 4 Build A Connection with Archangel Zadkiel

Lecture 5 Scheduling Your Attunement

Section 3: Violet Flame Self-Healing Process

Lecture 6 21 Day Self-Healing Process

Lecture 7 Overwhelmed By Emotions

Lecture 8 The Power of Intention

Lecture 9 Deepening Your Energy Healing Practice

Lecture 10 Inner Child Work

Lecture 11 Energy Clearing Your Home

Lecture 12 Distance Healing

Lecture 13 Your Auric Field, Meridians and Endocrine Glands

Lecture 14 Final Note

Section 4: Congratulations!

Lecture 15 Congratulations! Let’s Stay Connected!

Self-empowered individuals who want to propel their spiritual journey through energy healing. All levels are welcomed. This is about growth!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 24m | 3.09 GB
Created by: Quinnie Rwahwire

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