Viral Blogging 101 Blogging Content Writing Masterclass

Step-by-step blogging & content writing guide. Go from blank page to viral blog post. Become a blog writing pro.
Viral Blogging 101 Blogging Content Writing Masterclass
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Viral Blogging 101 Blogging Content Writing Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Write viral blog posts from scratch
Brainstorm fresh blog ideas on demand
Learn the perfect formula for drafting new blog posts
Revise and edit your work like a blogging pro
Craft killer headlines
Make your writing flow
Become an expert at blog writing

Viral Blogging 101 Blogging Content Writing Masterclass


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DISCOVER THE SECRET SAUCE TO WRITING VIRAL BLOG POSTS THAT SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE. THE MOST PRACTICAL, STRAIGHTFORWARD BLOGGING COURSE ON UDEMY.Taught by a Udemy Best-Selling Blogging Instructor and Huffington Post ContributorWRITE VIRAL BLOG POSTS FROM SCRATCHLEARN HOW TO WRITE AND EDIT LIKE A BLOGGING PROGenerate Viral-Ready Content IdeasJOIN 180K OF MY HAPPY STUDENTS!!“Practical and methodical teaching bringing more clarity and confidence regarding the whole blog post writing process.“ —LAURENT, UDEMY STUDENT”Tyler breaks down his thought process right from choosing a blog post angle, one thing that most writers struggle with. It packs tons of great tips and tricks you can use to make your blog post viral.” —YUYU SALEM, UDEMY STUDENT”Tyler has a relaxed friendly style…” —DIANNE WILLIAMS, UDEMY STUDENT
“The information is shared step by step & explained in such a way that it’s easily consumed & retained. This is going to then make the new information easy to apply for my needs.” —BOBBIE OAKLEY, UDEMY STUDENT”As a seasoned copywriter and now blogger, I found Tyler’s coverage informative, well-organized, and practical. He explored points particularly relevant to writing in the online community — which I will put to immediate use.” —JACKIE, UDEMY STUDENTIn recent years, the blogging and content writing world has exploded. There’s now more opportunities than ever, but have you ever wondered what’s the secret to getting your blogs read and seen by the masses? Do you want to know the criteria for an effective, shareable blog post? How to keep the ideas flowing? How to find the time to stay up with the competition?If you have any of those questions, this course is FOR YOU. As a blogger and professional writer, I’ve written for some of the world’s largest publications (places like the Huffington Post, The Blaze, etc.) over the past several years and after much trial and error I’ve discover a blogging template that will save you tons of time and frustration.With this course, you’ll learn the keys to faster blogging, writing, and editing. In no time, you’ll know how to go from blank page to viral blog post FAST. If you’ve ever wondered what the blogging process is supposed to look like, here’s your chance! Go behind the scenes with me and see exactly how I build out my blog posts step-by-step. Watch my computer screen and discover exactly…How to brainstorm new blog postsHow to create an outlineHow to build out a rough draftHow to revise your rough draftHow to polish your postHow to craft killer headlinesAs you watch this step-by-step blog writing tutorial you’ll discover a repeatable method for writing blog posts specific to your niche and gain access to a re-usable template that you can employ time and time again. This isn’t your typical, hypothetical online writing course. This is as actionable and as practical as it gets!With my proven blog writing formula you’ll be able to churn out fresh blog posts and keep up with the competition. Never worry about publishing a “dud” again by following my step-by-step blogging template.By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly how to write clear, effective copy for your blog, website, or clients. If you’re still questioning if this course is for you, I want you to answer the following questions honestly…Do you want to (quickly) gain confidence as a copywriter, blogger, or freelance writer?Do you want to grow your platform as a writer or blogger?Do you want more people to read your content?Do you want your content to be as polished and as professional as possible?
If you just said YES, then I think you should take advantage of this opportunity to invest in yourself. This course contains the kind of practical insights you can take action on immediately. Instead of drowning under the pressure of your next assignment or project, you’ll have a proven formula to put into action.Enroll now and stop letting your competition have the advantage.”This course was so helpful. I know it seems like a simple subject but its something every blogger has to go through. No matter how much I try I just couldn’t figure out how to make my blog posts not look cluttered and confusing. I totally recommend this course, Great Job Tyler! I feel like I’m ready to start writing more engaging blog posts for my readers.” —KAREN FORGY, UDEMY STUDENT


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Choosing Your Post Topic and Post Type

Lecture 2 Picking your post topic

Lecture 3 Choosing a post type & headline – Part 1

Lecture 4 Choosing a post type & headline – Part 2

Section 3: Creating an Effective Outline

Lecture 5 Using a blog post template

Lecture 6 Defining the main idea

Lecture 7 Listing supporting details

Lecture 8 Creating a call to action

Section 4: Building a Solid Rough Draft

Lecture 9 Writing your first paragraph

Lecture 10 Transitioning to the body and connecting your points

Lecture 11 Writing a conclusion

Section 5: Revising Your Work Like a Pro

Lecture 12 Making your writing clear

Lecture 13 Making your writing flow

Lecture 14 Checking for grammar, punctuation, and typos

Section 6: Crafting a Killer Headline

Lecture 15 Headline strategies that work

Lecture 16 Choosing a headline

Bloggers,Writers,Copywriters,Freelancers,Online Entrepeneurs,Anyone wanting to improve their writing efficiency,Anyone wanting to grow a blog,Anyone wanting to start a blogging business

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Udemy | English | 1h 14m | 329.24 MB
Created by: Tyler Speegle

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