Visual Effects in Unity Particle Systems Beginners Guide

Learn advanced Particle Systems and Visual Effects Creation in Unity. Beginner to Intermediate
Visual Effects in Unity Particle Systems Beginners Guide
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Aqsa Nadeem


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Visual Effects in Unity Particle Systems Beginners Guide

What you’ll learn

Visual Effects for games
Unity particles system
Vfx in Unity
Beginner to intermediate guide for creating visual effects in unity

Visual Effects in Unity Particle Systems Beginners Guide


Any recent version of Unity Installed


RequirementsUnity: BasicPhotoshop: BasicDescriptionThis course is about the creation of VFX for Games with Unity Particle System. You’ll start learning how to create Healing Spells, Portals, Projectiles, Force Field and more visual effects for games. It will take you from a Beginner to an Intermediate level in Game VFX. After completing this course you will be confident enough to create the visual effects for your games.Who this course is for:VFX BeginnerUnity BeginnersParticle System BeginnersProgrammersIllustratorsGame DesignersWhy is this course different from others?This course is different because you will make everything using the particle system and we are going to create all of our effects from everything inside unity. We will use unity’s internal meshes to create your effects and you will not have to import anything outside of unity such as 3d meshes, if you are not familiar with any 3d software it will not be a problem.I will show you how to create amazing effects using unity’s built-in materials and shaders with very little use of Photoshop for creating some of the textures.One more amazing thing about this course is all the effects that you will learn will be made in Unity’s built-in render pipeline that can also be created with HDRP and URP so are not bound to create your effects in just a specific render pipeline.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome Video

Lecture 2 Introduction to Particle System

Lecture 3 Introduction to the remaining components of Particle System

Section 2: Creating Fire

Lecture 4 Creating a low Poly fire

Lecture 5 Create a Fire Using Texture

Lecture 6 Creating smoke Effect

Lecture 7 Creating an Explosion Effect

Lecture 8 Anticipation, Climax and dissipation

Section 3: Healing Spells and portals

Lecture 9 Creating a Healing Spell

Lecture 10 Creating variations of Healing Spell

Lecture 11 Creating Portals

Section 4: Creating projectiles

Lecture 12 Creating a Projectile

Section 5: Weather Effects

Lecture 13 Creating Clouds

Lecture 14 Creating Rain

Lecture 15 Creating Lighting and fog

Section 6: Making Confetti, Stars Warp Drive and Force Field

Lecture 16 Creating a Confetti

Lecture 17 Making a Stars Warp Drive Effect

Lecture 18 Making a Force Field

Section 7: Area of Effect

Lecture 19 Area of Effect

Lecture 20 Area of Effect – ll

Lecture 21 Area of Effect – lll

Lecture 22 Area of Effect – lV

Section 8: Final Effects

Lecture 23 Creating Sparks

Lecture 24 Creating Hit Effect

Lecture 25 Final Remarks

Beginner’s to Unity Visual effects in Particles systems

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 4m | 1.35 GB
Created by: Aqsa Nadeem

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