Visual Studio Code for NET Developers

A guide to learn Visual Studio Code (VS Code) for highly productive editing of source code in Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code for NET Developers
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Visual Studio Code for NET Developers

What you’ll learn

Master editing the C# files and code faster to dramatically improve your productivity.
Master navigation and intellisense for C# programs.
Learn to install and use Extensions to power up the Visual Studio Code to suit your style.
Know how to work with Git and GitHub to manage your code with VS Code.
Understand the various debugging tools and options available in Visual Studio Code.
Build your own snippets to extend the programming experience even further.
Set up and install the Visual Studio Code and .NET Core SDK in your machine with clear instructions.
Steps to create your first C# project in the Visual Studio Code.
Lots of demos showing how to use the above features of VS Code.

Visual Studio Code for NET Developers


Basic knowledge of C# programming will be helpful.
Basic knowledge of Git will be helpful for the Git section, but not mandatory.


“Excellent!. This is exactly the kind of course about VS Code that I was aiming for. Extraordinary teacher. A must if you want to excel with VS Code.” – John Rendon“Good pace and material so far. Looks like a good course.” – Bunmi AkinkugbeVisual Studio Code is the #1 IDE among the programmer’s community. The usage of VS Code has increased exponentially in recent years. Companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many others use Visual Studio Code to do development in various programming languages at a large scale. You will be learning these VS Code concepts from scratch in this course.My name is Praveen, your instructor for this course! I had worked for about 10 years in Honeywell wherein I’d transitioned from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead, and so on in C# .NET development. For the last 5 years, I’ve been working in the security domain for an access control product based on .NET technology. Moreover, I’ve published more than 13 courses in Udemy and taught over 17,630 students on various .NET technologies.Topics Covered In This CourseGet started with Visual Studio Code.Create your first C# Project.Master editing in Visual Studio Code.Know how to navigate better in Visual Studio Code.Get to know Intellisense in VS Code.Use Extensions in VS Code.Learn to debug in Visual Studio Code.Master Git and GitHub usage for your C# projects.Learn Visual Studio Code Workspaces.Build Snippets in Visual Studio Code.More Reasons To Take This CourseVisual Studio Code is currently the number 1 IDE among the programmer’s community.All the big companies are moving towards using VS Code for active development.Get ahead of the curve and learn to use Visual Studio Code with ease.Facebook and Google use Visual Studio Code as the active IDE for their various product development teams.This course provides 3 hours of content along with practice activities. To help you better, it follows a step-by-step approach of using Visual Studio Code from scratch.At The End Of This CourseYou will have a strong foundation in using Visual Studio Code for C# programming.Who This Course Is For?Beginner C# programmers, who are starting out with programming. This course will provide you with a strong foundation on using Visual Studio Code for C# programming.Experienced C# programmers, who are looking to switch to Visual Studio Code from another IDE.PrerequisiteBasic knowledge of C# programming will be helpful.Basic knowledge of Git will be helpful for the Git section, but not mandatory.This course will provide significant knowledge of using Visual Studio Code for your next C# project. You will be certain to use the learned concepts with ease by following a step-by-step approach. You will be confident to instantly apply the IDE tips covered in the course.Enroll now to get started.What Do You Get When You Enroll In This Course?Lifetime access to the course and all future updates to the course content.Personalized support and answers to your questions.Udemy certificate of completion.30-Day 100% money-back guarantee.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome & About This Course

Lecture 2 Join the Official Coding Masters Group

Lecture 3 Important Message About Udemy Reviews

Section 2: Getting started with Visual Studio Code

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 Step 1: Know What is Visual Studio Code

Lecture 6 Step 2: Set Up Visual Studio Code (Windows)

Lecture 7 Step 3: Install .NET Core SDK (Windows)

Lecture 8 Step 4: Familiarize with the UI

Lecture 9 Step 5: Familiarize with the Settings

Lecture 10 Conclusion

Section 3: Create Your First Project

Lecture 11 Introduction

Lecture 12 Step 1: Create a New .NET Core Project

Lecture 13 Step 2: Add Files and Folders

Lecture 14 Step 3: Add Reference

Lecture 15 Step 4: Build the Project

Lecture 16 Conclusion

Section 4: Editing in Visual Studio Code

Lecture 17 Introduction

Lecture 18 Step 1: Set the Initial Settings

Lecture 19 Step 2: Use Keyboard shortcuts

Lecture 20 Step 3: Use Multi-cursor

Lecture 21 Step 4: Expand/Shrink Selection

Lecture 22 Step 5: Format your Code

Lecture 23 Step 6: Fold your Code

Lecture 24 Step 7: Refactor the Code

Lecture 25 Conclusion

Section 5: Navigating in Visual Studio Code

Lecture 26 Introduction

Lecture 27 Step 1: Navigate Files Quicker

Lecture 28 Step 2: Navigate Faster using Breadcrumbs

Lecture 29 Step 3: Navigate with Go-To Command

Lecture 30 Step 4: Navigate through Search

Section 6: Intellisense

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 Step 1: Know What is Intellisense

Lecture 33 Step 2: Trigger an Intellisense

Lecture 34 Step 3: Understand Supported Types

Section 7: Extensions

Lecture 35 Introduction

Lecture 36 Step 1: Know What are Extensions

Lecture 37 Step 2: Install an Extension

Lecture 38 Step 3: Change the Extension Settings

Lecture 39 Step 4: Use the Extension

Lecture 40 Step 5: Manage the Extension

Lecture 41 Productivity Tips: Extensions

Lecture 42 Recommended Extension 1: C# Extensions

Lecture 43 Recommended Extension 2: NuGet Package Manager

Lecture 44 Recommended Extension 3: SharpPad

Section 8: Debugging in Visual Studio Code

Lecture 45 Introduction

Lecture 46 Step 1: Start Your Program for Debugging

Lecture 47 Step 2: Add Debugging Settings

Lecture 48 Step 3: Take Debugging Actions

Lecture 49 Step 4: Add Breakpoints

Lecture 50 Step 5: Use Variables & Watch

Lecture 51 Step 6: Use File Watcher

Section 9: Working with Git and GitHub

Lecture 52 Step 1: Know What is Git?

Lecture 53 Step 2: Git in Visual Studio Code

Lecture 54 Step 3: Initialize Repository

Lecture 55 Step 4: Install SCM Extensions

Lecture 56 Step 5: Clone a Repository

Lecture 57 Step 6: Select the Branch

Lecture 58 Step 7: Check the Differences

Lecture 59 Step 8: Commit the Changes

Lecture 60 Step 9: Push to Remote Repos

Section 10: Snippets

Lecture 61 Introduction

Lecture 62 Step 1: Know What are Snippets

Lecture 63 Step 2: Add a Snippet

Lecture 64 Step 3: Create a User Snippet

Section 11: Course Conclusion

Lecture 65 Congratulations!

Lecture 66 Bonus Lecture

Beginner C# programmers, who are starting out with programming. This course will provide you with a strong foundation on using Visual Studio Code for C# programming.,Experienced C# programmers, who are looking to switch to Visual Studio Code from another IDE.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 15m | 1.06 GB
Created by: Praveenkumar Bouna

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